Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Want The Terrorists To Win

I want the terrorists to win. You betcha. I want them to win… well... wait, are they running for anything? Are they playing a game or something? Something that one would expect could be won? Oh, it doesn’t matter. The point is, I want them to win. I want terrorists to win because I don’t have a problem with suicide bombings, beheadings, religious zealotry or the rest of the wonderful things they bring to the world. Losing friends and loved ones to acts of terrorism would be no biggie for me. And I am not alone in this. The accusations you've been hearing in the press are all true. Many, many other people in this country share the unconventional desire to see the terrorists win. And they my peeps!

Oh, by the way, I am also a Democratic operative who feels guilty that my party held back information on Mark Foley for political gain.

I also know for a fact that terrorists around the world are sitting by their TVs and radios with fingers crossed, waiting for today's US election results.

And, as I write this, I am basking in the afterglow of a three-way with Naomi Watts and Scarlett Johansson. (Sorry, no links there. But I can tell you what the order was: First, NW and SJ with me watching; then me and both of them together; then me and NW, then me and SJ. Sigh.)

It sure is fun to make shit up, isn’t it? All the more so when there’s an election at stake, and the unquestioning masses will eat up every syllable of nonsense you spout, no matter how ridiculous or unsubstantiated. Not to suggest that you, dear reader, were ever fooled by any of my fabrications.

As I post this, the polls for the midterm elections are just opening on the East Coast. I voted already, so I will get to skip the lines.

Today’s elections aren’t a referendum on terrorism. I’m not sure they’re a referendum on anything, but if they are, a good guess (or suggestion) would be the unchecked criminal mismanagement inflicted upon the United States (and, indeed, other parts of the world) by our leaders over the past few years.

The worse possible outcome of today would be that, based on the results at the polls, some elected official might end up believing that Americans really aren’t that bothered by all that crap. That the message has not been loud and clear: Enough is enough. Hit the road, all you crooked sons of bitches! Your kind aren't welcome here anymore.


Anonymous said...


Bird said...

hey bogs - i am so TOTALLY with you on this one -

i really, really, really, really want the terrorists to win. yeah. as a liberal, that's my only thought - night and day. i pray and light candles, and keep a mantra going in my head, "please, please, please let the terrorists win. pretty please. i'll do anything. please, please, let the terrorists win."

and now i go forth to vote. i hope there's a little checkbox for "terrorist" on my ballot. i didn't see one on my sample, so maybe i'll have to write it in.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

hi! i just got back from my basement where ive been waterboarding the shit out of some innocent that was just playing dress up with a belt of dynamite sticks! bogs, i dont need the link...i watched you and naomi and ScarJo with my fly on the wall spyware! too bad i cant sell it for personal finacial gain...maybe i can. did you wear the cut offs? /howl

let's see how many innocent wimmen and children i can kill today by casting my vote *rubs paws together* hoooooo i cant wait! now where are those car batteries...

grrherherhaha boyed i DID vote after all.

guess which vote gave me the greatest pleasure?

the one against Eminent Domain the scourge foisted upon us by a bunch of lib judges. *always looking out for the little guy* no wait? you want to tear down my homestead of 60 years to build a strip mall? hey! its for the greater good. taxes trumps all! *snort!*


Jack K. said...

Liberals and eminent domain?

You lost me there dawg.

I do love satire.

I do love irony.

I do love ironic, satire.

I did love the mind blowing vision of bogs and his love triangle. It's a good thing I am typing this. It is difficult to talk when your tongue gets hard.


I had already cast my vote and bragged about on my blog when I received the call all America has been waiting for. None other than W hisself exhorting me to vote Republicant. Too late, man, I had already had Rush try to corrupt me. Besides, had I thought about it or read bog's blog first I might have been tempted to write in terrorist.

Not a chance. That would have been a vote wasted. You gotta put 'em where they count.

Who stated during the Viet Nam era that we should just declare victory and come home? Oh, yes it was the Smothers brothers.

Who stated, "If they want this country so bad give them the keys and let them see what they can do?"

Methinks that might have been how the USSR broke up. Gorbachev(sp) listened to Reagan and gave him the keys in the form of the Berlin wall falling.

Or not.

Aunty Belle said...

Dawg, youse hilarious!! And right.

Looky, libs, this is the way you is:
ya' wants good stuff, but ya want others to pay fer it.

YA want a "fair" world where "fair" means you can redine the word "Fair" as you go.

Ya want live free, but ya doan wanna make no sacrifice fer livin' free.

Ya' s so prissy that ya worry about Abu G...yeah, as if they's innocent folks in theah...

ok--war means killin those who avow they's gonna kill ya first...who attack ya--survival is a matter of who is the fastest draw. Most humane war is the one whar' ya gits in does the dang job and leaves no cancer cells behind to regrow, then git on home. Wait 50 years fer some other idiot to brandish his sabre. Go knock him down daid. Train yore folks to recognize a snake when they sees one--and ter stomp it daid.

--but libs wanna preverve their fariy tale, pretend world AT ALL COSTS, even the death of a zillion innocents so ya'll can pretend youse above fightin' and killin'--ya' kill babies ev'r day; ya ghoulish lip smackin' over yankin' Terri Schiavo's tubes was macabre.

Ya'll will legalize killin' so ya can fornicate at will, but ya won't kill a rapin' thug terrorist? Pretty "fair" huh?

See? THe difference is not who is killin' and whose hands are bloodless-- all our hands is bloody.

I'ts jes' that libs is addicted to innocent blood. The guilty blood ain't good to 'em, ain't pure enough. Libs would let the guilty go free, while satiating they selves on innocent blood. Gag.

Hellpig said...

we had the same Initiative about immenent domain,the Dems in Washington have been stealing land for years and today it stops....WHHHHHHHOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO

and if we are lucky Bagdad Jim McDemrott will be ousted as well

Sanford B. Hines said...

Bogs, you want the terrorist to win? I thought they already did win in 2004 with King Bush. King Bush can fuck my dogs machine.

Bogs, are you not afraid of a vistit from the SS with a thread mentioning you want the terrorist to win? Remember that 16 year old girl that had a visit?

You could expect a visit from the SS in about five fucking months.

Thanks You?

Pete Bogs said...

k9 - that will be the new Pamela and Tommy Lee or Paris Hilton tape, I think... Bogs Bangs Babes!

I don't think emminent domain is a liberal phenom... I wish it were on my ballot; I would vote against it... hell, I was mad when cleared the shrubs where the rabbits live nearby here so they could widen the road... one's home is one's home...

aunt b - I can think of a sacrifice the Republicants should have made - skipping Bush's second expensive inauguration right after Rummy made his comments about us going to war with the army we have... where was the sacrifice there... that was just one example of a pattern of indifference...

Pete Bogs said...

ps - how about the sacrifice of making permanent tax cuts for the rich, and during wartime?

btw, aunt b, how'd your girl Ronda do today? I imagine we're stuck with her... I'm not fonda Ronda...

sanford - I did think about the CIA on the way home today... I don't think I've said anything that bad, yet...

Hellpig said...

Bogs the domain issue is a Liberal thing where I live,but you are right probly only because they are in power,I am certain a repub would steal my land too

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs, ..sugar, I pleads ignorance: Who is Ronda?

Sweet Shoat--I 'spect youse right--gubmit of whatever stripe these days will steal yore land--read up on ole' Wendell Berry --that wily poet--a people that loses its land ain;t got no option but to let gubmint be its daddy--cause wif out land, ya' cain;t feed yore self--when gubmint owns most of the land, youse a ward of the state and nuthin' about freedom will be remembered.

Peaches said...

"unchecked criminal mismanagement"

beautifully coined!!

Good luck America.

Good luck the rest of us!!!

Bird said...

k9 - i set the jaded, cynical part of me aside and voted. and california has a emminent domain item on the ballot as well- which i voted against. by the way - it was conservative judges who pushed that damn eminent domain crap through before. weren't no libs behind it here. that's just bullshit conservative spin trying to rename the gig saying it was libs. horse puckey!

but according to the projections, the terrorists have won the house.

of course, we know that projections are meaningless - we'll have to wait and see what the light of day brings.

AB - you crack me up. the liberals' "ghoulish lip smackin' over yankin' Terri Schiavo's tubes was macabre." ????? hah! i love how you have completely turned that story around. you must surely be a spin master for the conservative republicans. it was, afterall, the conservative republicans who took what should have been a private, family matter and played willy nilly with it, jettsoning sound science, medical expertise, and the legal findings of one court after another. it was the conservative republicans who turned ms. schiavo's last days into a freak show. yup - that was the conservative republicans who did that - not the libs. i'd say something nasty to you, but i want to be polite guest here at bogs'.

but i'm thinking this evening of a scene from the john wayne movie, McClintock. john wayne, as McClintock, takes a gun away from some stupid yahoo who is stirring up trouble for no reason. John Wayne says: "Mister, someone ought to punch you in the jaw. But i won't. I won't. Like hell i won't." and of course JW socks the fella in his jaw.

so - soembody ought to gloat if the dems take back the house. but i won't. i won't.

like hell i won't.

Hellpig said...

Bird the House means Georgie will get to break in his brand new rubber VETO stamp which he will use frequently,evil has a new face and it is Nancy Pelosi,Bin Ladens newest video shows him dancing in a cave with a picture of Pelosi in a Girab..

In closing I will say "GOD BLESS AMERICA" which I am sure Pelosi will try and outlaw in January

Pete Bogs said...

I'm still not buying emminent domain as a liberal thing... no one I know supports it... perhaps it began with libs historically, but that's not a reflection of today...

hell - Nancy has said her main mission would be to dismantle the culture of corruption in the House... I, for one, am gonna hold her to it... don't worry - you will still be able to hold onto your faith... no one can take that from you...

Jack K. said...

When the "brotherhood of congress" refuses to investigate the wrong doings of the executive branch it is time for a pit bull to get in there and make it happen.

I suspect Speaker Pelosi will be such a pit bull.

Isn't it interesting when a man makes such aggressive statements he is lauded, but when a women does the same thing she is debased and discounted with some comment about monthly cycle?

I say, You go Nancy, you go!

Surprise of the day: The Governator was re-elected. Go figure.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - at least it keeps him out of movies... lol

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

i look forward to the new utopian society!

eminent domain was voted down everywhere and that is good for everyone. including rabbits.


Pete Bogs said...

k9 - ditto on the utopian society... flying cars and dome homes for everyone, starting in January...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

my timing is impeccable. this is THE moment to be an unemployed artist. maybe i can get a grant from the NEA for a dung covered painting of delay and foley!
my mind is reeling from the possibilities.


Hellpig said...

I put one of my houses on the market this morning hopefully will sell before the bottom falls out of the market,depending on how fast it sells I might do same with 2nd house and then just rent a waterfront apt..being an only child I will still have parents properties to retire on although my 2 houses will net me close to 600k I am remaining optimistic and hoping for the evaluated price of 680k...well at 42 I am 3 years from retirement it was a good 15 years none the less thank you George Bush for the 300% increase in my housing market

Pete Bogs said...

hell - the economy was thriving under Clinton, but without the huge Bush deficit...

of course, war, corruption and the like don't matter if you can get a good price on your house...

Hellpig said...

Actually that is a myth Clintons economy was not thriving,and corruption runs just as deep through the left as it does through the right and as for the WAR again CLINTONS fault as proven by countless articles and studies on the subject you cannot re-write history Bogs although the left trys daily.And hell yeah my interests come first over all others it is survival of the fittest and I didn't risk my life every year for the past 15 years to let some MOTHER FUCKER steal it from me,i'd sooner blow his fucking head off with my .50 cal Desert Eagle and start over after my 7 years in prison(only 7 because I live in Wash. and the Libs will let me out early)