Monday, November 13, 2006

Graphic Discontent

Movie ratings in the US didn't always include specifics about a movie's content. Now that they do, even those specifics can be extremely... nonspecific.

For example, what the hell are "thematic elements?" How does one judge the appropriateness of a movie for a kid, for a relative who's easily offended, or even for oneself with that kind of designation? You're not going to see that movie, young lady. No daughter of mine is going to be exposed to thematic elements!

Then there are "disturbing images." Today's torture-oriented horror flicks certainly have a lot of those. But just what constitutes a disturbing image? It could be someone being dismembered, no doubt. It could also be an obese old person naked or George Bush winning an election. Or any image of Julia Roberts.

A seemingly new edition to the list of film ingredients is "graphic nudity;" the "graphic" part being the recent phenomenon. When I first saw this listed I was intrigued. You mean there's a whole new level of nudity out there yet for me to discover? A graphic level? Va-va-voom. I mean, if you liked nudity, you're gonna love graphic nudity.

Well, turns out the graphic kind was really just plain old full-frontal nudity with a new name. So disappointing. Almost as dissappointing as when the nudity turns out to be a guy. I mean, Jesus, who needs to see that? It's sick and degrading.


Hellpig said...

So does that mean "Graphic Sex" is 2 homos bumping uglies,I think the whole rating system is just a way to keep some poor loser employed,they already rate movies,games ,music CD's, what next books? the ratings department should be abolished completely

Jack K. said...

Whenever you don't have anything else to do and you want to impress folks that you are doing your best to make improvements, come up with new words.

It's all a big bullshit.

Bogs, you gotta lighten up a bit. Granted the thought of male full frontal nudity is a bit much for you and me, there may be some folks out there who would enjoy it.

Maybe we need to join forces and come up with a new list of words to rate things. What do you think?

Pete Bogs said...

graphic sex is probably some prude's opinion... people always talk about too much "sex" on tv, but what they mean is bare-shouldered people kissing under sheets...

Bird said...

thematic elements?

oh, how i wish i could put that label on some of my students' papers.

WARNING: this paper includes thematic elements (and they all make sense together!)

Pete Bogs said...

jack - you're interfering with my double standard! ;-)

bird - you actually know what that means?

Bird said...

thematic elements? of course. don't you?

well, ok, i sorta, kinda know. i am inferring. and making it up as i go. hahahaha!

but really a theme is a theme - i didn't know it had elements - i thought elements in a movie added up to a theme, not that the elements are thematic. does that make any sense?

probably not. but what can you expect? i've been reading student papers all day - they are not thematically, elementally, grmmatically, spiritually, ethically, positively, absolutely, undeniably nor reliabily


and neither is the concept of thematic elements.