Monday, October 23, 2006

A Real Mess

The legendary Skid Row may soon lose the demographic that made it famous, as police have started cracking down on vagrancy, loitering and all manner of vague infractions in that area of Los Angeles.

Homeless advocates are, of course, up in arms over a new sidewalk sleeping ban there.

Personally, I'm just astounded to find out Skid Row is a real place. I had always attributed the phrase to "father folklore." You know, things your father said when he was upset that your room was messy.

According to Dadspeak, depending on the day, your room could resemble "Skid Row," "a flophouse" or "a pigsty."

Just what the hell are those things? I don't think anyone who was born in the second half of the 20th century and/or raised in a suburban setting really knows.

No matter how many times some of us may have heard those expressions, they never had any tangible meaning to us. Mainly because they were extremely ridiculous exaggerations.

As for the real Skid Row, the now-criminal homeless of the area will just find someplace else to go. You can tell someone to "Beat it," but they don't just disappear; they set up box in another part of town. You know, like the Flophouse Quarter, or the Pigsty District.

Perhaps the police can threaten to ground for two weeks anyone caught violating the new ordinance? I'm not messing around, mister.


Jack K. said...

Interesting concepts flophouse district and pigsty district.

It is unfortunate that we don't do more to serve these folks.

I think I need to write a posting about this.

It is a sad state of affairs.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - that sounds good... I wrote at least one previous post on this:

Food, Felonious Food

Hellpig said...

I am deeply offended at the use of the word "PIGSTY" please remove the word or I will start riots and kill innocent non-pig believers

Behead those who insult pigs


Jack K. said...

Who could hate pigs? They make great bar-b-que.

Woot, woot, snerx.

Jack K. said...

Thanks for reminding me of the previous posting.

It is amazing how our society chooses to deal with problems of our own making.

More thought is necessary and then some action.

Bird said...

Skid Row is a metaphor as much as a real location...

every town has its "skid row."

here's a snipper from:

"Skid Row or Skid Road was a common name in 19th century America for logging roads paved with logs or timber. The claim that the original Skid Row was in Seattle is false—the earliest known use is from the Adirondack region of New York. The metaphorical sense stems from the wild and wooly logging camps found along such roads."

Those wild and wooly logging camps included lots of drinking and womanizing.

Portland has a notoroious Skid Row area too. I think perhaps in San Franciscio Skid Row is the Tenderloin district (another metaphor - I think the area was first a butcher's or meatcutter's district and then shifted to prostitution(tender loins).

Blue said...

While the word pigsty is used in Oz - the most common term for a messy room is 'brothel' as in 'your room looks like a brothel'

Expands the options available and is at the very least weatherproof.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - interesting... so LA is making false claims about having the original Skid Row... I do understand that in the Tenderloin District you can get your loins treated tenderly... there's no better place to get your meat smoked or cured for a few bucks... lol

blue - thanks for that OZ lingo lesson! I shall add the expression to my repertoire! ;-)

native said...

skid row was a terrible band from cali. what's up pete?

Pete Bogs said...

native - yo! Sebastian Bach is now on the Gilmore Girls... it's a decent show, but with him on there (and Bon Jovi's stint on Ally McBeal), the 80s hard rockers have surely lost their edge...

alas, when I was young and hearing about my messiness, there was not yet a Skid Row band...

Peaches said...

Just take a look at the statistics (I am sure it is true in USA as well) from the Salvation Army and other helpers of the homeless.
When I was a young and callow thing I went to the big city. I used to sit in the parks and talk to the drunks and the homeless to 'educate' myself, to take the fear out of those who were "seen" out and about under trees.

Now I am far more fearful of those in power than I would ever be of a drunk in a park.

I admire you posting on this and all the other 'conscious raising' topics. YOu are indeed the social conscious of blogland, if not USA and the world, Pete.

Good stuff.

Peaches said...

If given a choice pigs would always prefer to live in clean and well grassed areas. They are extremely clean by nature and only 'dirty' in one spot. IF that one area is close to where they eat and sleep it is not their fault.

I love pigs. They are clever. But the sow does have a tendency to trample her piglets if they have no way to get away after birth.
But..but they are sooo delicious as well.
slurp, wipe, drool!

Pete Bogs said...

peaches - many thanks... I don't eat pigs myself, but I wouldn't mind roasting hellpig over an open flame... lol