Friday, October 20, 2006

Confessions Of A Democratic Operative: Part 2

Emily’s death was attributed to a serial killer who had murdered a number of other coeds in the area around that time, so I was in the clear. Still, Soros thought it was a good idea for me to lay low for a bit. Everyone at UNC was understanding that, in grief over my loss, I needed to get away from things for a while. So, I was able to leave town without raising suspicion.

“What the fuck did you think you were doing?” Soros bellowed as he knocked me to the ground. “That was sloppy and stupid, kid. Very stupid! What if you never knew she’d found out? Do you know what that could do to this entire operation?”

Still fuming, but not without pity, Soros sent me to St. Kitts for a couple weeks of R & R. But the holiday didn’t last long, as soon I got a call about a high-ranking Republican lawmaker, Senator “Smith,” who was staying at a resort there with his wife.

Allegedly, their trip had been illegally funded by a high-powered DC lobbyist, whom the senator would also presumably be talking “business” with during their stay. I was to get whatever info I could on the senator’s activities, paying special attention to anything that could be used to later bribe or discredit him.

I was given very little information about the man, other than a rumor that his marriage was on the rocks, and he’d allegedly “treated” his wife to the trip as an attempt to stabilize the union – at least for the rest of his term in office.

I’d also been told Mrs. Smith was an alcoholic. That weak link in the chain, so to speak, seemed like a good entry point for me.

A snapshot of Mrs. Smith was faxed to me at the hotel. Before long I spotted the Smiths and some other people (the lobbyists, I assumed) together in the hotel. Later I passed right by the couple in the hall, and they even said hello to me.

I knew that the senator would occasionally be busy with his lobbyist contacts, and during that time his wife would be on her own. I made an educated guess on how she might keep herself occupied, and one evening found her at the hotel bar, martini in hand.

Mrs. Smith was a fairly attractive woman who looked younger than she probably was. I think she had had some "work" done.

I sat down at the bar, leaving one empty seat between us. She glanced over a few times between sips. It seems almost obligatory that strangers alone at a bar, male or female, will break the ice sooner or later and start chatting. She made the first move.

It was the usual stuff: Are you enjoying your stay? Are you here alone? Me? Yes. You? Yes. I mean no. I mean, my husband is here but he’s not here. He’s off doing some dull thing or other. I commented that it was unfortunate she was alone, adding that “such a beautiful woman” never should be.

She demurred, but thanked me.

I ordered her another martini. Then another. She seemed to get cold feet about the conversation after a while, lest her husband or someone else get the wrong idea. I said I understood, but that I enjoyed talking to her, and that her husband was a lucky man.

She thanked me again, as she almost fell off the barstool while trying to get to her feet. I insisted she at least let me walk her back to her room, offering her a steady arm. With some hesitation, she accepted.

At her door, while she fumbled for the key with her back to me, I took the opportunity to run my hand up the back of her thigh (she was wearing a short skirt or a skort). Her hand froze, the rest of her shuddered, and I could hear her exhale softly.

I was invited in, and though her husband could return at any moment, I accepted. The invitation was what I had intended; I might not have another opportunity to gain access to the senator’s room and any potentially damaging materials therein. The Democratic Party was counting on me.

“I won’t be a minute” Mrs. Smith said as she slipped into an adjoining room. I nodded, and quickly went about snooping. Drawers, luggage – I rifled through it all. Suddenly, BINGO! Some photos of Senator Smith, his wife and their lobbyist friends enjoying a boat cruise together. I hastily stuffed two of them into my sock as the light in the next room went out.

Mrs. Smith returned to the room wearing a sheer black robe and not a stitch else (think the “life drawing” scene in Titanic, just before Kate Winslet dropped her robe). She sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned me over.

The previously modest and cautious Mrs. Smith, wife of a respected GOP Congressman, had somehow disappeared.

“I want to see your cock,” she brazenly commanded. I gladly complied, taking off everything except my socks, all the while keeping an eye on the time.

"Come closer," she said, letting the robe slip from her shoulders. "I want you to touch me… here." She guided my hand.

Just then came the sound of muffled voices and other commotion at the door. Impulsively, I headed out the open window and onto the ledge. The third story ledge. I had left my gear in the room, and as I peeked back in I saw Mrs. Smith cramming it under the bed.

I stepped away from the window. I could hear Mr. Smith enter the room. Mrs. Smith said she was glad he was back, and couldn’t wait for him to return, hence her state of undress.

I looked around, desperate for a way out of this, angry at my own hasty exit. I was just a college student, not James Fucking Bond. What did I know? I spotted a tree near the corner of the building that I could probably reach and climb down, and gingerly made my way over to it.

No sooner had I reached the ground, relieved, when a hotel clerk who'd just gotten off work came round the corner and spotted me in my sans attire condition.

After an awkward pause I said, “Umm, which way to the nude beach?”

“Sir,” he replied incredulously, “it is one o’clock in the morning.”

At least I had gotten the photos. And I’d begun to earn my keep as a Democratic operative.

To be continued…


Sanford B. Hines said...

Bush Is Tourcher. He did not get Bin laden. He let a murderer of thousands escape Tora Bora so that he and the Republican party could gain control of power and not let it from thier hands.

Hellpig said...

Bogs there needs to be a double agent that is a righty posing as a lefty a girl perhaps one that lures you and turns your world upside down and then you fall in love and die in a horrible plane crash..........but your the writer not me well done enjoyed it very much.....

Back in seattle for a few days to organize my affairs then on holiday for a month or so......

Bird I gonna have to go with the Tigers and stay in the American League...sorry fun while it lasted :)

Jack K. said...

Man, you sure learned some things didn't you?

The question all America might be asking, "Did you get a hummer for all of your efforts?"

At least you got some of your mission accomplished. Didn't you?

Directions to the nude beach, Bond would be proud of you.


Pete Bogs said...

hell - thanks... I could write that, but it would be fiction...

jack - there's no telling what I might have gotten had the hubby not come back to the room so soon...

sanford - how this works is, you read the post, then you make comments related to that post...

Sanford B. Hines said...

How can Bush when the war when he has already lost it for the US People?

Thanks to Bush?

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs, I done spoke wif Soros, an' he doan speak that-a-way, bellowin', I mean--he talks in raspy whispers so ya gotta lean in close ter heah him.

Anyway, sugar, Georgie has the moola so after St. Kits, git the ole fella ter send ya on ter the new hideaway in St. Lucia (After he got UNESCO to declare it a UN heritage site in 2004) an' make him spring fer the reserved villas of the Jalousie whar' his Dem and Rep flunkies is treated ter fun and games. (UNless the new Le Paradis is ready).

Sweet Shoat, whar' ya headed? Somewhar' warm?? Stay outa St. Kits and St. Lucia--St. Barth's is better--shure better music.

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - get Soros mad and he'll shout you down faster than a drill sargeant... this was many years ago... I haven't been down there to the Caribbean in a while...

Jack K. said...

Perhaps a raspy voice is the result of many years of having to shout like a drill sergeant?


btw, sArgeant is a town in MN. tee hee.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - perhaps! keep in mind, the events described in this post happened 15 years ago... he may have lost his voice a bit since...

Hellpig said...

Aunty B not sure where those places are? but it is a toss between UK and Mexico UK I have access to Amsterdam and the goodies there...or Mexico where for the money you are treated like a king a six foot 300lb king where I can eat my weight in shrimp for $5.00

Bogs your troll problems seem to be best affected by ignorance?

The Flabbergasted Heathen said...


I mean, I know you're not Bond Bogs, but that was a smooth line!

Bird said...

now wait a second bogs - you left your gear in the room and you were sans clothing looking for that nude beach -
so how the heck did you get the pictures? where the heck did you stash them? hmmm... maybe we don't really want to know.

are there conventions for operatives? do dem and repub operatives extend professional courtesies to one another?

what did mrs. smith think of your you-know-what?

hell - by rights i should root for the cards (they are the underdog and they are birds),but my heart is with motown. though i was not too pleased with them last night - now how the heck did they let that happen? they are the better team.

we'll see what happens today.

i am already daydreaming about next season though. wonder who the giants' manager will be.who will stay and who will go. there'll be trouble no matter what.

Pete Bogs said...

bird -

"Suddenly, BINGO! Some photos of Senator Smith, his wife and their lobbyist friends enjoying a boat cruise together. I hastily stuffed two of them into my sock as the light in the next room went out."

"I gladly complied, taking off everything except my socks, all the while keeping an eye on the time."

as for what she thought of the package, she didn't get a chance to tell me... her mouth was full at the time...

Jack K. said...

Another mystery solved. In the socks. My, my, my.

A mouthful. My, my, my.

Bird said...


i should read more carefully, obviously.

and i teach reading?


the future of america is seriously at stake.