Monday, September 18, 2006

I Blame Popeye

Well blow me down! Spinach is suddenly vegetable non grata in the US. What once was a symbol of strength in the diet has become the source for a strong case of E. coli.

Can it really all be over for me and spinach manicotti, spanakopita and Quiche Florentine? I mean, I really eats me some spinach! Ug-ug-ug.

If we stop eating spinach, don’t the terrorists win or something?

A couple of years ago some people died and hundreds were sickened after contracting hepatitis A from scallions at a Chi-Chi’s Mexican restaurant. All of the sudden, green onions disappeared from menus everywhere. Even the few little pieces they put on your rice at Taco Bell vanished.

Turns out the reason for that outbreak was that the Mexican farms on which the onions were being grown were using Mexican (don’t drink the) shit-water to water them. Mmm-mmm.

The tainted spinach in question actually comes from California, so maybe some illegal migrant workers have been crapping on spinach plants to seek revenge on los gringos Americanos for our increasingly stringent immigration policies.
¡Coméis mierda, gringos!

Once the E. coli
problem is addressed (i.e. the appropriate illegals have been executed), like scallions, spinach will slowly begin to creep its way back onto our plates. Not literally, of course. They haven't discovered that food-borne disease... yet.


Bird said...

hahahaha bogs - this is pretty funny.

i, however, shall continue to be strong to the finish

cause i gets me spinach

not prewashed and bagged, but fresh (dirt still on it) from my organic produce farmer - i know where my food comes from. of course, who knows if the workers who picked the spinach washed their hands -but i wash the spinach.

i used to think washing food was a waste of time (though i did - i was, afterall, brought up good) - how much bacteria does a rinse eliminate I wondered.

but my doc tells me that it's not so much the soap in handwashing that fights off germs - it's the actuall RINSING (at least a full 30 seconds).

so perhaps it's the rinsing that does the trick with food.

so we should all rinse our fruits and vegies for a good 30 seconds

one one thousand.
two one thousand
three on thousand.
beats buying canned vegies any day.

(still waiting for the post of a sexual nature. you're getting closer - this post's on food - that's can be kinda, um, sensual.)

Pete Bogs said...

boyed - I think if we bathe the actual farm workers, boil the water we use to grow the plants and wash the veggies in iodine we'll be just fine...

I will be talking about "the sex" later in the week, so I'll just have to keep your legs, er, fingers crossed until then... ;-P lol

Anonymous said...

It would be good if more republicans would eat much more spinach at this period in time. That would be nice to watch.

Thank you.

Crashtest Comic said...

Spinach has ALWAYS given me the shitz...

Anonymous said...

I used to eat about 2 or 3 pounds each week. I have the problem of not going to the bathroom for 2 or 3 days. Its a very bad feeling when it finally happens. I almost passed out I was so stuffed up. It felt good to have it out of me. I try to each more acid in my diet that way it will not happen again. It seems like it is working now. Since I have been eating spinach I feel much stronger. My muscles are growing so much. I can feel them grow. I feel so strong. Everytime I lift a wieght it gets llighter and lighter. Becuase of this I feel much safer in my own environment although I try not to leave my room.

Thanks you.

Crashtest Comic said...

I hope there are alien nations monitoring this conversation--& telling the universe about your great shit.

Pete Bogs said...


Anonymous said...

I think it may be very possibe that this ecoli disease may be a failing consiracy reaching into the deepest depths of the US Gov. And who is in charge of the US Gov? Bush, thats who. This is the first step of the simple manipulation of the free trade environment that is so much enjoyed by the US. Where is the Gov. when there is an outbreak? They are not there. They have let down the people. How long has it been? It all comes down to money and the control, manipulation of the masses. Or maybe the mexicans tainted the greens.

Thanks to you Bush.

Anonymous said...

Im sick and tired of just waiting around here for this disease problem to be fixed. This makes me very upset. I need this vegitation in order to survive. It is what I have based my whole way of living on. This is so unfair, very unfair. This has been taken away from me. When will it be solved? Why is it taking so long? When will it end? I have no idea what I will do now that I do not have this source of vegitation to digest. I miss it so much. I crave it like I crave beer. How long has it been? Will I be informed when I can digest spinach again?

Thanks you?

Anonymous said...

What the fuck? YOu dont know Gene, you dont know gene. Im not gonna tell you about gene. Were not going to get in to any to do with gene. This is the last time this is said. I need my medicane/

Anonymous said...

Im still here. I will have to leave soon to crap out a hourse load of stuff. I can aleady smell it. It is very strong.

God byye>

Jack K. said...

A conspiracy from the bowels of the Government. Perish the thought. Consider the neo-con leadership.

btw, I believe spinach is rich in iron. I have also been led to believe that iron can contribute to constipation. If these beliefs are accurate, is there a connection here that anon might want to consider?

Just some thoughts.

Serve others, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart. (as much as you can. lol)