Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Fate Worse Than Death

A female suicide bomber who failed to complete her mission has been sentenced to death by hanging in Jordan.

Her accomplices in the act – the bombing of a hotel in normally peaceful Jordan that killed 60 people – are either dead or were never caught.

This case was unusual in that suicide bombers are typically male, and typically “successful” in their missions. And it finally showed us what some women are really wearing underneath those burkas.

I think death may have been the wrong sentence for this woman. Instead, the court should have sentenced her to nakedness.

Some cultures have historically punished people by banishing them – sending them out into the world with nothing and forbidding anyone from giving them food, shelter or any kind of assistance.

I think they ought to drop this woman off in the middle of the country somewhere without a stitch of clothing and apply the same “no assistance” rules. Given her culture's emphasis on "modesty," that may be a fate worse than death.

Ah, fuck it – just hang the bitch.


Bird said...

Oh hell Bogsie.

Yes, let's make an "example" of this woman. Let's treat her with all the inhumanity we can muster. and teach her what?

That we who oppose terrorism can alsso behave inhumanely?


Note: Zarqawi (top guy of the organization that planned this hotel bombing) was granted amnesty in 1999 by Jordan. Hmmmm....

Yet you want to strip this woman and throw her to the wolves? (Yes, I am aware that since 1999, we've had a sea-change and Mr Z was killed in a raid not too long ago. And no, we needn't grant this woman amnesty just because at one point in time, the mastermind was granted such.)

Also of interest is this quote from the news article you link to:

"The verdict comes almost a month after Jordan's parliament passed a new anti-terrorism law which the government wanted to fast-track after the hotel bombings.
But the law has triggered concern from experts, with the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and counter terrorism, Martin Scheinin, saying it could damaging human rights.

"The law gives considerable powers... with regard to detention, search and arrest that effectively negate the right to privacy, freedom and movement and the presumption of innocence," Scheinin said."

This woman can be dealt with justly without resorting to brutal and inhumane tactics (of which the death penalty is one as well as your plan, bogs).

You may be about to lose your "liberal" qualifications my friend. You're spouting nonsense here I think - gut reactions based on emotion rather than reason -though you certainly have the right to vent on your own blog, of course.

Justice is neither turn the other cheek, nor eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - my liberal creds aren't going anywhere... I have always and will always play devil's advocate... I am a death penalty opponent, except for Saddam Hussein... that part was tongue in cheek, which you cannot see over the Internet... but it was also expressing my anger at people who do or even attempt these things... I have nothing but hatred for them, as I said on my 9/11 blog... I don't wish to make an example of her, I merely wish to punish her for her own actions... I don't think the death penalty is a deterrent in the US, or anywhere else... and with these folks as radical as they are - inviting death as human bombs - it's just irrelevant... I am in no way suggesting she be thrown to the wolves, or anyone who wants to take advantage of her... on the contrary, people should be required to stay clear of her... as far as the humiliation, I think it's a small price for someone of her ilk to pay, the suicide bomber bitch... I am typically a human rights champion - anti-torture, pro-choice, pro-gay, etc. - but I don't feel bad about embarrassing someone who, had I been at the wrong place, might have blown me to bits... I would recommend the same punishment for any terrorist, male or female... this one just happened to be female...

btw, stop by tomorrow for some sex (blog)

PS: Islam and (speaking of human rights) China are two subjects I am pretty outspoken on... am when I am speaking of them, I am speaking of their radical elements, not them in general, nor their race, where applicable... we all have our "offenders" of choice, and those happen to be mine...

The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

She wanted to die for Jihad. Sure, she wanted to take the infidel with her, but wouldn't we just be giving her what she wanted in the first place?

Pete Bogs said...

flab - what she ostensibly wanted to was to kill others alongside herself... unless the gallows pole collapses and kills some passersby, that's not going to happen... please read my comments to bird above...

Aunty Belle said...

BAwgs...c'mon over to the FRONT porch ter tell us what youse thinkin' constitutes manliness...we wimmen needs yore insightt.

(yep--hange the woman--she knew what she was doing.)

Anonymous said...

I think that all women should realize their true place in civilization. By far they are at the most considered second class citizens in most countries on earth. This can be seen in how women are treated and how they are paid for work they do. things these days are too complex. It was far easier when woman just stayed at home and had kids and cooked stuff. It would be good if president bush could go back to texas and stay there. He should be tried for treason. He is a war criminal. You can not trust him. He will tear out your heart if you give him a chance. He is death in the name of peace and religion. He is fucking out of his mind. He thinks there is a super being up in the clouds or up in outer space that he talks to every day. He should be convicted of being an asshole also.

Thanks you?

comb filters are best.

Pete Bogs said...

anon - where are you when I do the Bush blogs? spinach and lobsters on planes have nothing to do with the Commander in Chimp... I pick the topics here... lol... and get a real name, why don't you? I think you are abusing the privilege of anonymity, which is meant for the occasional post...

Anonymous said...

They are watching me.

Bird said...

blog sex.

now what can that be?

will it be interactive? will it have graphics? what kind of music video will acompany it?

candlelight? moonlight? computer glare?

who will participate?

one thing i know - it'll be incredibly safe - no diseases and no impregnation.


Anonymous said...

I just heard that you are an enemy of the Bush government? Is that true? You are a leftwing Blog?

Has the devil ever been here?

Thanks you?

Jack K. said...

Just lurking for the moment.

infinitesimal said...


fed up
and migrainy
but not forgetting my first friend here.

still around

just fed up

that anon is a nutjob.


infinitesimal said...

I hope anon has had the medication refilled by now.