Friday, September 15, 2006

Catch Them With Their Pants Down

When I was in high school there was a "teacher evaluation week," when officials from the school board sat in on classes to evaluate the teachers’ performance. Teachers were notified in advance, so on the day my senior year English teacher was to be evaluated, she uncharacteristically wore a business suit and complimented students on answers we gave to her questions.

If people know their skills (or the conditions at their facility, for another example) are going to be evaluated by important people, they make an extra effort to ensure everything is fine and dandy. It’s human nature. But it’s also self-serving, as it gives the “examiner” a picture that’s anything but the status quo.

This post is not about my senior year English teacher, whom I liked. This is about Sen. Bill Frist’s (R-TN)
comments on his
recent visit to the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, aka Gitmo, in Cuba.

Frist said conditions at the facility were excellent, and that prisoners’ healthcare was “better than many Americans get.” Acknowledging problems with American healthcare, are we, Bill?
And Frist knows from healthcare; he’s a physician, one with the amazing ability to detect brain activity in comatose patients via video.

If what he said about Gitmo healthcare is true, and I have my doubts, why not send some of it this way? Do the people in charge there hate poor Americans more than they hate terrorists/terror suspects?

How stupid is First to think we’re so stupid as not to know that, whatever he saw in Gitmo, it was a sanitized, stage-managed, limited-access affair, as is always the case when important visitors pass through anywhere?

Whether it’s a daycare center, a restaurant, a school or a prison, no one charged with assessing its quality will ever receive an accurate reflection of the situation by doing a scheduled, limited visit. That’s just rational thinking.

Which probably explains Frist’s comments regarding Gitmo.


Jack K. said...

Pete, you can bet the order went out to have the rocks turned over so they can sun on the other side.

We used to have a saying in the Army prior to inspections, if it moves salute it, if it doesn't move paint it.

I wonder if that applies at Gitmo?

Anonymous said...

Bush wants to torcher.

Crashtest Comic said...

Truly the greatest post I've ever read!

CROAK said...

This is very important post.
I belong to a group in Australia called 'GETUP'. We are arguing and lobbying for David Hicks' release. Because he has been detained for nearly 5 years (WITHOUT TRIAL) his mental state is deteriorating. The guards at Gito say that he may be suicidal (deerrr) and so have stripped him of his clothes and put him in solitary confinement.

Tell me again about human rights, the example USA/ Aust are setting?

This is unbelievable.
So your post has come at a very opportune time.

Again and again I say:"Pete you are right on!"

The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

I wonder if the US govt has ever considered sending someone to Gitmo undercover. It would give them both a true picture of the facility and a wonderful intelligence opportunity.

Not that I'm volunteering or anything...

Hellpig said...

It amazes me after five years the left still supports terrorists and feels their suffering and would deny the American people to do so....

The LEFTARDS are against any type of border control,any type of surveillence,any type interrogation any type of free speech...what exactly are the left for besides aid and comfort to America's enemy?

This is not directed at you personally Bogs just your flawed leftwing rhetoric.

P.S. do some none partisan research about GITMO everything you stated is incorrect

Anonymous said...

Bush wants to kill. That is very clear. He is the new world Hitler. All he thinks about is money and killing. It would be a good idea if he were to become a lawyer and then he would be hated by all human organisations.


Pete Bogs said...

hell - I only stated what Frist said... the rest is conjecture, but educated conjecture... people always put their best foot forward when inspectors come around, even if it's a lie... this was neither left wing nor right wing... this was a simple statement that Frist can't really believe he saw a typical day at Gitmo... nor can we...

and, as you will note, I said that if the healthcare is better there than here, they should send it back this way... I don't want them getting better than I get... I have no love for the bad guys... did you read my 9/11 post?

Bird said...

this is a working weekend for me, and in search of a break, i came here - looking for your sex post.


not yet, eh?

(and yes bogs, any post with anything having to do with sex gets lots of comments - last post i had with 30+comments was my do me list.hahahaha!) i think i'll go check on the eortica vs. pornography post and the "how to suck peppermint from a strange man's mouth" post. hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

That reminds me.

"Facial Gay Expression" at the bathroom I had to experience.

Anonymous said...

Hello, mom, are you here? I will wait.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - I was aware of this... if you visit some of the bloggers who post erotica regularly, you'll see they get like 75-100 comments per post!!!

I think BogsBlog needs to go blue!

anon - show yourself! do not hide any longer...