Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bad Apples Go After Low-Hanging Fruit

You've gotta hand it to those terrorist types - they really go for variety in picking their targets. Whether it's skyscrapers, planes, trains, tourist attractions or markets full of innocent people, they cover them all and then some.

Terrorists don't always just kill outright, of course. Some of them take hostages and hold them for ransom, while others they hold for an indeterminate amount of time before doing horrific things. For his own sake, I hope the Iranian football (soccer) star who was just kidnapped ends up in the former camp.

Forget judges and politicians - let's take that athlete guy we're always hearing so much about. He is a key "player" in ending our struggle against the infidels from without and within the Middle East.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Meanwhile, a British tourist visiting Jordan was shot dead by a gunman for being... well, as far as anyone call tell, for being a British tourist. Half a dozen other people, mostly foreign tourists, were also injured in the attack before the gunman was subdued.

A couple of points here for Islamist terrorists to consider:

No one with a brain in their head will ever consider any of your causes "legitimate" as long as you kill indiscriminantly. In other words, you can't continue to think, tourists, athletes, aid workers, bus drivers, myself - it's all good. It ain't!

You're not helping your cause, nor the struggle of Muslims around the world, by continuing to yell "Allahu akbar!" ("God is great!") in the furtherance your horrific acts. It ties the act directly to your faith and shines a bad light on you and others with the same beliefs. See? Not good.

The most important point I want to make is, there is a better way.

Look at Northern Ireland. Terrorism has waned there in recent years, people are talking and the IRA has ostensibly disarmed "forever." Yeah, they probably have a cache of weapons hidden somewhere, but I hope not. The point is, that's an area where longstanding differences of faith, national identity and sovereignty (wow, I could be talking about the Middle East here) all played a part in "The Troubles," but things aren't quite so troublesome there anymore.

So, follow that example. Sit down in a pub somewhere and talk it out over pints. Oh yeah, I forgot, alcohol use is sinful and therefore strictly forbidden. (Too bad the same can't be said for killing.) Anyhow, go do whatever it is you do, do it together, and listen to each other. This insanity has gone on far too long. Unless you really want it to continue?

Everyone else, it takes two to tango. You've got to come to the table, too. Just leave your egos, weapons (and booze, etc.) at the door or the dance will never be a warm, friendly, slow one.

I am not
naïve, just hopeful.


Jack K. said...

Methinks the folks in the Middle East have been at this much longer than the Irish. (How's that for an excuse?)

I, too, am amazed that by the mere statement of God is great and the tug on the trigger of some killing device will get someone into heaven.

Too bad they can't send back a message. It would probably repeat the lines of that dear little old lady in the film Cold Turkey, "It's all a big bullshit!"

On the other hand, if you believe the message fed to you by your favorite preacher (regardless of religion) you will do anything to improve your condition. (Another excuse?)

I don't think you are naive. People will have to want to come to the table, and right now divisiveness seems to be the order of the day. For more proof of the madness among us in the form of religious concern check out CBN news. This should scare the hell out of you, and not just for the message they are sending.

"When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?"

Pete Bogs said...

true, they’ve been at it longer in the Middle East… all the more reason to end the conflict…

CBN is especially in that Robertson can continue to spout his crap for as long as he wants…

CROAK said...

Interesting post. I thought you were going to tie in the terrorism caused by 'coalition of the willing' as well. I was a bit disappointed you didn't, now that Abu Ghrab (remember?) is now back in Iraqi hands.
No mention of Guantanomo Bay either.

One of the people in Jordan who was injured was an Australian woman 22 year old who befriended the Brit guy who was killed. My first reaction was, 'What the hell are you doing in Jordan at this time being a tourist!'

The Irish 'troubles' have been going on for hundreds of years, just taking different twists and turns.

I think talking over a Guiness is perfect!
When can we all arrange it?

Pete Bogs said...

croak - I've written on Abu G and Guantanamo before... it just wasn't where this post took me... the revelations of torture at AG changed me forever... lost my "innocence" in a way with that... I thought we were above that and I was sadly mistaken...

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs, honey, they DOES WANT it to continue. Stay up late an' watch C-span whar' these suited apologists "explain" the wisdom of jihad an' ya gits a clear pic of how they brains work.

First thang is it ain't level--WE think there' a reason ter live even iffin' the whole dern world doan think thangs our way...but they think that is a reason ter DIE? See? They will die happily to prevent you from thinkin' anythang different that Mohammed said.