Monday, August 28, 2006

There's Got To Be A Morning After (Pill)

After years of indefensible political wrangling, the FDA has finally agreed to make Plan B (aka the "morning after" pill) available sans prescription, albeit to those aged 18 and up.

Let the glut of unprotected sex with multiple partners begin! Re-open Studio 54! The good times are here again! Woohoo! What's there to worry about now that we've got Plan B?

Seriously, while Plan B won't prevent any sexually transmitted diseases, it will safely prevent a woman from getting pregnant if used within a certain time frame after the deed is done. It was determined safe for over the counter (OTC) use by experts some time ago, but the former head of the FDA put it on the backburber nonetheless. Could it be he had a personal issue with Plan B?

Probably. He reportedly was one of those "moralistic" types who think preventing pregnancy is tantamount to abortion, which is of course tantamount to murder.

Though Plan B will be available OTC, it will actually be BTC. That is, behind the counter. Pharmacists will keep it away from customers' hands, instead requiring them to ask for the drug. Kind of like cigarettes, I guess.

If it makes the FDA feel better about putting Plan B behind the counter, fine. If they think that they've in some way won a compromise, let them think it.

The fact is, whether a product's behind the counter or not, a customer still has to take it to the register to pay for it; in this instance that would enable the pharmacist to enforce the age restriction. Or are they expecting a rash of Plan B shoplifting incidents?

Perhaps what the FDA was thinking is that the potential embarrassment of having to ask for the product versus just putting your money down on the counter may discourage a few inhibited people from buying it. You know, the old teen-buying-condoms scenario.

Which begs the question: What's to keep kids from getting an adult to buy Plan B for them?


Bird said...

my daughter rang me up to tell me about this - she and i both are glad that plan b is now ,relatively, readily available. it is a back up (hence - plan b), approach to birth control. i trust that my daughter is responsible and has a better plan a, but i am glad to know she has access to this plan b.

funny thing is, more teenagers, i suspect would need plan b than women who are a little older, more mature and savvy about their birth control.

and saying that immature women shouldn't have sex - that's like crying over spilt milk or wishing the sun would rise in the west instead of the east.

i do find it funny, and ironic, that condoms are available outside the pharmacy counter(at my local long's drugstore they are in a quite an large wrack near the pharmacy counter - the wrack has quite an extensive collection of condoms)but plan b is not.

my daughter is sorry that women under 18 will not have unfettered access to plan b and so am i. however, this is a step in the right direction.

all of us wanton women having careless sex with multiple partners night after night, morning after morning, afternoon after afternoon need some protection from our thoughtless actions. there are so very many of us you know.

Bird said...

i meant having plan b available at all is a step in the right direction - not that having it so fettered is.

The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

Bogs, I have a question...

Murder is wrong.
Abortion is murder.
Preventing pregnancy is abortion.
It'w wrong to prevent pregnancy.
It's good to be pregnant.

Does that mean I'm allowed, nay, I'm supposed to kock up ad many people as possible?

Karen said...

plan b is a good thing but shouldn't have been age-restricted; we've got work to do.

Jack K. said...

There is no doubt in my mind that a vast majority of women have excellent plan a's. It is about time that they have a readily available back up plan.

I am forever nonplussed about the vocal, fundamentalist, anti-abortion, pro-abstinence approach that admantly opposes sex education.

I am sure they recognize the great plan that humans, like other creatures on this physical plane, are designed to procreate. What puzzles me is their holding on to their view come hell or high water.

Could it be that some of them are merely projecting their own foibles? In an effort to curb their own wanton, sexual urges they go on anti-sex crusades. What a waste of time and energy.

(Relax, Jack. Remember your breathing exercise.

Inhale, hold, exhale, hold


There, that is better.)

The pendulum will swing the other way before too long. And all will be right with the world for a little while.

rusty shakelford said...

Its not like birth control is so complicated now. People act like this is birth control for dummies. If your not bright enough to use present birth control I doubt this will make a difference.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - you go, girl! just wherever it is you go, give me the address... I want to meet these promiscuous women!

flab - if you're a Mormon, God wants you to knock a lot of wives up for sure...

karen - it is a good start...

jack - whilst I await the pendulum to swing back to the left, I feel as if we are stuck in a pit...

rusty ford - birth control is great when both parties consent... what about RAPE?

CROAK said...

So they want babies to give birth to babies?? Dumb reasoning!

Back to the old adage of "every child a wanted child" and for chrisssake, can these old farts keep their hands off women's rights ... talk about control freaks!!!

Finally we in Australia have access to RU486 but only through your doctor. Don't know if we will ever get 'over the counter' rights... gee we have just been able to get asthma ( ventolin) over the counter!

Lots more control here... but we are grinding ( pardon the pun) slowly forward.

Good post, yet again Bogs.

Keep it up ( pun intended!!)

rusty shakelford said...

I'm sure our nation has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the western world because of rape. Thank God they invented the "in case of rape break glass" pill

Pete Bogs said...

if we have the highest teen pregnancy rate it's because of our fear of talking about such topics in a frank, honest and objective way...

Bird said...

ok look you guys - it shouldn't matter why a woman gets pregant if she doesn't want to be pregnant she shouldn't have to be pregnant - plain and simple. that's her body that has to go through all those changes for nine months and labor and delivery. if she doesn't wanna, she shouldn't have to.

and nixo on the "if she doesn't want to be pregnant, she shouldn't have sex." are you kidding? what crap. who the hell only has sex orlovemaking when they want to become pregnant - get real.

and it doesn't matter whether a woman is pregnant as a result of lovemaking with her husband, a sex act with a customer, a rape, or dumb, naive, unprotected teenager love. the cause is irrelevant.

no woman or girl should have to go through a pregnancy if she doesn't want to.

now, of course, a smart woman, a wise woman, a responsible woman, an educated woman will take steps to insure she doesn't get pregnant if she doesn't want to be pregnant.

not all women are smart, wise, responsbile or educated. (not all men are either - hey a guy can help out on the prevention side you know).

and young women can be especially naive and ignorant. (lack of proper education contributes to that, as well as emotional immaturity and inexperience in matters of sex and love.)

and birth control is not fail-proof.

and even smart, wise, educated, responsible women occassionally make mistakes. (just like their male counterparts.)

most women prefer to prevent pregnancy rather than have to mess about with plan b or an abortion. it's easier and simpler and less complicated to prevent. but sometimes, alternatives are necessary.

sorry for going on and on here bogs. but you know this topic is one of my red buttons.

ok, off to have some wanton, unprotected sex now. my pharmacy opens at 7AM. ;)

Aunty Belle said...

OH Bawgs...grin...youse gotta know that even sudafed is BTC. Ya' think this pill ain't dangerous enough that "age-appropriate" is a fair and reasonable precaution. Does ya know that young ladies wif' various medical troubles ought not take this pill--it could kill 'em? DOes ya' care about the 15 year old who might take it and die like that poor california chile?

Looky...let go fer a moment of yore bias about unfettered sex, and think that jes' plain ole' birth control pills require a doc's script, but now here is this pill that is 10 times as strong in one dose--ought a kid git wifout a prescription? Do it make sense at all?

The reason that birth control pills is by prescription, honey, is that women can have conditions --or have developed conditions since last check-up, that is life threatening when combined wif' the multiply tha times ten for the MAP. It's dangerous enough as is, really unwise without a prescription.

Permiting the MAP OTC is a political decision, not a medical or humane decision.

ANd jes' fer the record, pets, in them countries whar MAP has been available, the rates of STDs have soared...why? Cause iffin' the MAP is available, fellas doan wanna use condoms..STDs are unintended consequence of MAPs.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - I feel like I have had a talking-to... but with me you are preaching to the converted...

aunt b - those guys who refuse to wear protection shouldn't be getting any... those women need to show some resolve there... and they all need to learn that preventing pregnancy isn't the ONLY reason to use birth control...

btw, peanuts are not kept behind the counter, yet eating them can be deadly to some people...

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs, ya' said:

"btw, peanuts are not kept behind the counter, yet eating them can be deadly to some people... "

Uh-huh, puddin' thas' right,and ya' choke ter death on yore own spit, but folks wif' peanut allergies knows it and doan buy peanuts. No comparison to a desperate confused 15 year old kid who has never been seen by an OBGYN.

An I agrees wif ya: Women oughta show some resolve.

Bird said...

i am red. yes, that was a lectury diatribe - sorry bogs! you know how i get with this topic - i am simply out of control (it's all that indiscrimminate sex you know...)

ab: so let underaged women buy Plan B through the pharmacy - with a consultation. and let's include a discussion of plan b in sex education (i am constantly amazed at how much accurate info my daughter got - and how much misinformatin as well- fortunately, she took a keen interest in her sexual health and did her own research. the girl, ahem, er, i mean, young woman, is a healthy sexual being, yet determined not to be a mom until she is ready.)

also, sudafed at my local drugstore isn't behind the counter.

however, we agree - women should show more resolve - but they don't always - and an unwanted pregnancy should not be the consequence of their lack of resolve (it's a rare woman, or man, who can say they have not had a moment of weakness when it comes to that urge to get it on). and men, as bogs says, should know that condoms aren't just about birth control. any guy worth his salt will use one - without being asked.

hats off to our gracious host - i shall lift a pint to him tomorrow evening at Neil's Irish Pub (but i don't know, bogs, if there will be wanton women there - it's a pretty straight-laced lot on trivia night - hahaha!)

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - yes, many young women are ignorant and lack OBGYN visits... so we need better education and better healthcare...

bird - hoist one for me! and don't delude yourself about trivia night - that lot are the oldest swingers club going!

CROAK said...

I am with Bird 100% on this one.
Leave it to women, guys, to make decisions on our bodies...ok?