Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mormon Sex Maniacs

A group of upstanding young people from Utah recently held a rally in support of polygamy. The kids were themselves the fruits of polygamous loins, and were defending the practice as an important aspect of their families' religious beliefs.

It must be good to know, as a young person, that God will reward your steadfast abstinence later in life with multiple mates (maybe this Mormonism thing is worth looking into after all
) and oodles of children. Orrin Hatch, you dirty old dog!

Seriously, can you imagine this: "Not tonight, you have a headache? Next!" "Having your 'monthly visitor?' Next!!!"

What convinces me that polygamy is bullshit is that, like so many other aspects of religion, it's gender-biased. A man is permitted to have multiple wives, whereas women are only allowed to be a face in the conjugal crowd.

There will be no divinely sanctioned sausage-fest for you ladies, I'm afraid. But the hubby gets to have him a harem. (Say that 10 times fast.)

Clearly, polygamy is not heaven-sent, but man-made.


CROAK said...

Gee it must be hard on you to be right so often.
Yet again you see the bias and the way woman are objectified.
You are my favourite feminist!

Pete Bogs said...

I must admit, it IS a burden... lol... I'm hardly a feminist, but I do know BS when I see it!

Mr Q said...

As much as I could fantasize about multiple partners in perfect harmony, I vote against it all, simply because the golden rule, "don't do onto others what you don't want done to you".
The problem here Bogs is in part to Natural Selection, those who agree with it, can justify the animal behavior of mating with multiple partners, because after all we are still "evolving" into Multuplus Fuccus; But funny enough, the religious aspect of christianism does not approve that practice.

There lies the dilemma, did we come from monkeys? if yes then poligamy is fully justifiable.

Are we godly creations? if yes then is not justified.

Oh, my hair smells burnt, i am about to get flamed.

Jack K. said...

Polygamy is not only practiced by some christians, some Arabs also practice it, I have been led to believe.

Regardless of who practices it, it is still subjugating women. And that ain't right.

Karen said...




Bird said...

well,i beleive the science supports the theory that we came from monkeys (and one can embrace the science and still believe in god), and no doubt we have "animal" instincts and desires. but that doesn't me we don' evolve past the animal tendencies and see that some animal behavior is not in our best interest.

in a fantasy world, i'd like to try a little polygamy - me with many hubbies. but in reality - oh dear - what a lot of fuss and bother. i like my men one at a time - even multiple dating gets way too complicated for my heart and brain.

but seriously, yeah bogs - solid post. i concur.

K9 said...


how bout if i geef u only one witte hond ...you having 15 childrens very quick van met less bitchings!

Mr Q said...

Birdie!. Sooner or later a times comes to choose heart or mind. I also try to choose both of course, but they do not agree.

The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

Bogs, I'm not sure if that would work...women tend to sync up their cycles when they're living together.

"Oh, so you're ALL experiencing PMS? Uh oh..."

Pete Bogs said...

indeed we are animals, but the main point I have about this is that it's one-way, and therefore is patriarchal society bullshit... whenever something is one-way, there's always one party that benefits from having it that way... male self-interest, not spirituality, drives polygamy...

flab - excellent point... synchronised ovulation could be a problem... the polygamous man would be better off rotating wives and making the others live elsewhere...