Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Is There Workmans Comp For Bloggers?

My writing seems to have hit a nerve – one of my own.

As a result of spending an increasing amount of time on a computer keyboard each day (work + blogging + surfing + music projects) I have developed either carpal tunnel syndrome or a pinched nerve; I think it’s the latter, while my doctor the former.

o, what’s the upshot of this profession-related ailment? BogsBlog will now be transformed into a forum for carpal tunnel awareness.

Yeah, that’d keep my interest for about two minutes.

Actually, what it means is that I should probably take a break from here
while I begin treatment. As I said, I seem to spend more and more time on a computer every day, and while I have no problem with it (I love it!), my body apparently does. And it hurts.

Add to that the fact that my livelihood depends on writing, and my course of action becomes clear.

This will be a short break. I am making some changes to my habits and taking medication, but my life is so computer-dependent that I can’t stay away very long. I just need to let the healing begin.

So, hope to see you maybe next week. Check back here for a possible guest post or two.

And now, the blog I had originally planned for today, "Chinese Democracy."

This post is about Chinese democracy. Not that long-hyped G-N-R comeback album, either. Chinese Wal-Mart workers have taken some time away from beating dogs to death to unionize.

Amazing. Especially considering that American Wal-Mart workers can hardly get a union off the ground.

Chinese Wal-Mart workers have succeeded where others have failed because – get this – their government is on their side. Indeed, the autocratic regime which I have criticized extensively in this space is looking out for its workers in a way that ostensibly democratic countries like the USA refuse to duplicate.

It’s pretty sad when China beats you on workers’ rights.

On the flipside, when Chinese or any Wal-Mart workers shop at their own stores, the merchandise is made in sweatshops. But for the Chinese, it is also manufactured locally, so that means they're supporting the local economy.

Hmm, maybe they're onto something there. "Buy Chinese Because Your Grandmother Worked 20 Hours A Day On It." That's kinda catchy!


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

hope the worker bees dont get crushed like tha falong gongs did...

for carpal tunnel i like the tight spandexy wrist sock thing better'n that full dress armor youve got on. more flexible and still supportive. it does hurt...been there. do all the exercises for CT they really help.


The Flabbergasted Heathen said...


I had a rather naty encounter with tendonitis before...I feel your pain.

Aunty Belle said...

Sorry 'bout that sugar..dern it!

Thang is, I was hopin' you'd hep us figure out what Chris MAtthwes coulda meant last night, callin' Lieberman a "schmaltzy ethnic, post nasal drip, Uncle Tunoose"...uh, all left right aside--isn't this anti-semitic in the extreme? ANd the Daily Kos--well, honey, Isn't this worrisome? Not attacking libs here, Bawgs, jes' worried about the raw anti-Jweish attacks---how is this understood from ya own perspective?

Jack K. said...

Carpal Tunnel is no fun. I have a smaller, less fancy device to wear.

It is rather ironic about the Chinese unionizing WalMart. lol

Take care. I'll continue to check in from time to time.

Hellpig said...

Bogs first you need to get off the blogging as the culprit and blame the job you are now currently employed at....then you will recieve benefits you deserve,one little white lie to get the treatment you deserve is OK,Shit millions of Illegal aliens are sucking the tit of american welfare systems dry get yours while you can......

Wish you well Sir Bogs

The Pig

Pete Bogs said...

k9 - the doc recommended a brace with a splint, and this is the one I found at the store...

flab - tinnitus is no fun, either...

aunt b - I don't follow the pundits and can't account for what they say... Lieberman is persona non grata for me, Jew or not...

jack - you feel my pain...

hell - no one told me having CTS would enable me to suck any tits! where are they? I hope they're good ones... no silicone!