Monday, August 21, 2006


Most women who get breast implants ostensibly do so to improve their self-esteem, thereby increasing their happiness. They feel robbed for never having really grown much in that department. They want attention. Other women get them out of pure greed; they have big already, but they want huge. (Good luck with that exotic dancing gig, by the way, "Chyna.")

The results of a recent study are interesting, however, as they indicate a possible link between breast implants and suicide. Apparently, instant happiness cannot a pair of jelly-filled sacks shoved up over your ribcage always provide.

Implants are a woman’s personal choice, of course (this is sounding like one of my pro-choice posts). But, even as a red-blooded male who can appreciate a buxom beauty, but who does not consider that a “prerequisite,” I have to say, if you haven’t already had the procedure, don’t.

Instead, treat yourself to a holiday somewhere. Go on a killer shopping spree. Jesus, how many pairs of shoes could you buy for upwards of $3000.00? Or quarts of ice cream, for that matter?

Breast implants can cause myriad physical and (apparently) mental health problems. What’s more, if you’re a woman who’s concerned about the progress of women in modern society, you may be interfering with it by getting a "boob job." I will explain.

Apart from reconstructive surgery after cancer or an accident (and I would like to clearly assert that none of my comments here apply to those situations), there is no “practical” reason to get breast implants. It’s vanity. It’s the desire for attention. And you will get attention, but not always the kind you want, or from the right people.

In taking this kind of control over your own appearance you are also perpetuating what feminists call the “objectification of women.” If you’re ok with that, then be my guest, but I believe you lose the right to complain about it once you get fake tits. (What the hell did he just say?) Read it again, if need be.

Some women have enhancements done to please a significant other, either to surprise him/her, or at that other person’s request. It sounds like a stupid aphorism, but you don’t want a partner who doesn’t want you for who you are. You are package of physical and personality traits, (not that some personalities couldn’t use a makeover) and should be accepted as such by those who genuinely care about you.

Many women may well say, "I didn’t get breast implants for anyone else, I got them for me." Is that an honest statement? The fact is, though we may enjoy looking good, smelling good, shaving regularly and having neat, clean, freshly ironed clothes, these things are done in large part for other people. Would you want implants if you lived alone on an island?

Who cares what I say? But I’ll say it anyway. If you got ‘em – natural or enhanced – enjoy ‘em. If you don’t have ‘em, learn to love yourself, because those men, at least, who love them are fascinated by them regardless of size; they’re something we don’t have. Well, typically.

The whole “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” of childhood, at least as I experienced it, was knowing what you had and wanting to see what the opposite sex had – and which you were not supposed to see. I don’t see that fascination abating in my own life decades later. I can’t speak for homosexuals, for whom it’s obviously not quite the same thing, though I welcome their feedback.

Listen, if I in all my insecurities and self-loathing can learn to love my bald head (which I initially dreaded, and for which, I must note, I too could get a type of implants), you can learn to love your own shape. So, if you’re thinking about having an augmentation, don’t be a boob. Other people, at least decent other people, will respect you for “keepin’ it real.”


CROAK said...

YES yes and YES!
Right on!

Oh and to give up the sensitivity and feelings not just in the nipples but on the skin and around the whole area would be devastating!!!

AND..not to be able to breast feed your babies would be disasterous for me. They say women who breastfeed are quicker to resume sex after birthing.

I didn't bother to wait the obligatory 6 weeks... 10weeks or whatever...

Good post Bogs.
Right on the mark!

Pete Bogs said...

croak - all great reasons there... nice to have a woman's perspective...

liberalbanana said...

As you may have read on my site, I've thought about it, too - only to decide that as you said: if someone doesn't like me for who I am, screw him. And NOT LITERALLY. ;) I'd be more comfortable with my body if it wasn't twisted from the scoliosis and I think bigger knockers would make that less obvious (you'll have to trust me on that one), but I'm not about to shove something foreign between my chest muscles just to appear more desirable in "society's eyes."

Pete Bogs said...

banana - I remember you saying something about a "lack of boobage," but don't recall you saying you considered the augmentation... good for you in giving it a miss! and no, by all means don't literally screw any man who doesn't love you for who you are... don't reward bad men - TOO MANY women do that!

Bird said...

curious - what brought this post on bogs?

though i do find it a little odd - a man lecturing on a woman's desire for breast implants.

by the way, even on a desert island, i'd want a shower and perfume. it is for me - hahahaha!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I've never understood breast implants, but let's just say that hasn't ever been an anatomy issue for me. But the silicone stuff is scary, and plastic surgery, except in very small doses, seems like a vain and dangerous procedure.

Sorry, been meaning to come by your blog. Here I am. Where are these lizards where you live?

Pete Bogs said...

bird - that first article I linked to, and my personal feelings about the issue, inspired the post... as I am part of the "target audience" for implants I wanted to contribute an alternate viewpoint... "accept people as they are" is a pretty good one, don't you agree?

and yes, hygiene is still important on a desert island! ;-)

enemy - welcome... lizards are all over the place down here...

Jack K. said...

Good posting.

Great posting.

Fantastic posting.

Choices and consequences.

Thanks for pointing out some of the consequences.

Now for a typical chauvinist male pig comment: "More than a mouthful is wasted."

Oops. Perhaps I shouldn't have said that. :-D
Personal hygiend is very important regardless of the locale. birds are lucky, they at least, can escape the desert island by taking wing.

Mr Q said...

Reality is that some of us are not only uncomfortable with how we look but others are just born with a lot of disproportion without medical problems. They don't make three leg pants, so I am despised when wearing jeans... JUST KIDDING!

What you said is true Bogs, as usual. But think if there was something wrong with the chick from Last Comic Standing
Not too social
Vs the winner who really had a disability but it was enviably happy. I think that if anyone makes the decision to get dem boobies is ok as long as they don't regret it later.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - or as the guys in "Weird Science" said, "Anymore than a handful and you're risking a sprained tongue..."

Q - it's certainly their decision... I just thing it's a bad one done for the wrong reasons... and I do believe any woman who gets implants loses the right to say things like "men are pigs who only think of one thing," or look down their noses at Hooters Girls... hypocritical once you get a procedure done that's purely about sex appeal...

Madame X said...

What I hate the most about being an A cup woman is that many many many people think that I am DEFICIENT in the breast area and yes they've said so to my face.
I'm not lacking anything. My breast are small, so is the rest of me as a matter of fact.
I have no problem with my A cup breasts but it seems that a large portion of society does have a problem with it.
Oh I could rant on and on.

Excellent Post

K9 said...


my cups is -aaaaaaa. all eight of them.
but they are helder with roze1


Bird said...

"...I do believe any woman who gets implants loses the right to say things like "men are pigs who only think of one thing," or look down their noses at Hooters Girls... hypocritical once you get a procedure done that's purely about sex appeal..."

have to take issue with that one bogs. i can have sex appeal, and do things to make myself more sexually appealing, but that still doesnt give a guy the right to treat me as a sexual object - he can think whatever he wants - but he damned well better behave himself whether i am double-d naturally or by assistance. i may do things to make myself more sexy - but that doesn't give men carte blanche - and i am more than just the sexy part.

here's where the real trick is - allowing for sex appeal and having that be ok, without turning it into a complete thing or the only thing. the thing that matters the most. now, you might say that if a woman gets implants, she is turning it into the only thing - but i would argue not. if i buy and drive, say a sexy, hot red del sol - in which i know i am damned fine looking in - well -am i only that? (that's one for you to field Jack -hahahaha!).

hmmm... i wonder if the del sol and the implants are near the same cost (i don't need the implants - but i wonder if the del sol will add to my, er ...profile...)


Pete Bogs said...

freya - do you want me to scratch your belly?

bird - I didn't say implants give men carte blanche to be sexist pigs, and I wouldn't... they still have those restrictions... however, it's purely hypocritical to get implants and then look down at your nose for men objectifying women... with implants, you are HELPING men objectify women... it's just something for implant candidates to keep in perspective... they lose some of their high ground on that issue...

as you recall, a while back I made a post about women wearing hip-huggers and having their sexy undies and even anal clefts visible - then giving me a dirty look when they notice that I've noticed... 100% their choice in clothing, not mine... they need to keep the fact that men will notice in perspective when buying those jeans, and not give ME flack about it...