Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You Don't Know From "Hot"

As I sit here sweating over my computer, I'm thinking about the news that much of the United States is currently going through a heatwave. All I can think is: You don't know from hot.

Sure, it's hot up in the Northeast and the Midwest, but it will go away. It's often hot in the West, but it's that so-called "dry heat" that spares you of the heavy humidity we have in Florida.

By the way, I know for a fact that global warming exists. Before I moved to the South, I imagined unbearable heat every day. I found it hot here, but bearable. It seems to get hotter every year, though, since that move 27 years ago, and is now verging on unbearable.

I like to walk and ride my bike, but there are only four to five months of the year I can do that without risking heat exhaustion. And I'm fairly healthy. So, my bike sits out on the porch getting rusty. Maybe I'll take it out around Thanksgiving.

Yes indeed, relief is on the way for you in other parts of the country, but not for me.

I understand that what will eventually happen doesn't help anyone who's dying from the heat right now. What was the death toll from that heatwave in France? 20,000, or something like that? I'd say that resulted from a lack of planning.

I think most places in the world, save the Poles (North and South, not the "How many does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" kind), should be prepared to experience a range of temperatures.

For example, I know many people in New York who have a heating system but no A/C. Those people are right now seeing the folly of their ways.

Power companies, take note. You need plenty of juice for all seasons. Homeowners, get out the penny jars and upgrade to that A/C. Sure, you may not need one all the time, but when you do, you really do.

Every home I've lived in here in Florida has had a centralized A/C and heater in one unit. Now there's an idea! Maybe some other places might benefit from such a technology? It's worth the investment, and the times of the year when you don't use it, well, you're not paying to use it.

As I said, I am sweating here at my computer. Not because I don't have air conditioning, but because I've just been on some errands and my body is taking its own sweet time cooling down.

Or maybe I'm just steamed because I just opened my energy bill. Jesus H!!!


Bird said...

we've been having some lovely hot weather - but usually after a spell of heat, just when folks begin complaining, the fog rolls in and cools everything off - natural ac in the bay area.

but i'll put my cowgirl hat on, round up some fog, and drive it across HI 10 to you.

Hooooga! Fog Drive.
Roll 'em, roll 'em, roll 'em!
Fog Hide!

Jack K. said...

bogs, I feel for ya man. You haven't been to Phoenix lately. The heat ain't as dry there anymore. They have irrigation canals throughout the area and when the heat gets above 100 it is unbearable. I had to leave a day early because of it. I did get to spend a little time with my daughter and grandchildren.

My next trip will have to be in cooler times.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

if air conditioning had never been invented florida would still be full of cowboys. those cracker houses, the florida architectural venacular, are amazingly cool.
designed to flow air through the house....lifted up on stilts to flow below as well.

but of course the euroinfluence on florida style has erased the common sense of those who pioneered the southern frontier.

air conditioning is a huge contributor to global warming...and energy consumption. now i understand we've got to be cool...however when somebody starts ragging on a guy with a big truck...

speaking of heat waves. what was it? 700 dead in chicago 1995? easier to fix than, say, a class 4 hurricane in a city below sea level ain't it??


Karen said...

yep! it's hotter than a *hoochie, coochie* here, as well!!

Pete Bogs said...

bird - sometimes it cools off a bit after the rain here... sometimes...

jack - sounds like the the climes, they are a-changin'

k9 - Hummers are about vanity... whereas, A/C is as much a necessity down here as heat is up North... no one criticizes anyone for wanting heat in their homes, but some people think of A/C as a luxury... not so... we've got to increase fuel standards in cars to support my A/C habit! lol

karen - oh, behave!

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

growlf! a truck is NOT a hummer.

hummers are for latte swillers!
it's hotter in jawja then fla. you've got some onshore at least.....

Pete Bogs said...

I didn't complain about any trucks, except for the ones whose tires shred in front of me...

Jack K. said...

bogs, you must know that everything we do and think is behvior. Please do not ask us to judge it. lol

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