Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Saddam On Trial Part IX: Lunch Break

Saddam Hussein's trial resumed yet again in Baghdad this week (it's in recess more often than the US Congress), but the Butcher of Baghdad himself was not present in the courtroom. He's been hospitalized after being on a hunger strike for several weeks, and has had a feeding tube shoved up his nose.

Perhaps Saddam is trying to make a political statement with his hunger strike. But this is a political statement that the likes of Gandhi have made, and Mr. H. certainly doesn't deserve to be considered as akin to Gandhi in any way. Don't give him the pleasure.

Perhaps he's trying to kill himself and become a martyr. We clearly cannot allow this. Especially since it will take away the Iraqi people's ability to execute his ass after the trial. Don't give him the pleasure.

Or perhaps Saddam's using prison as his own kind of sick weight loss program. This is not his first attempt at a hunger strike, but this one has lasted a good deal longer, meaning he's probably lost even more weight than before. The last thing we want is for Saddam to go around hearing, "Saddam, man, you look good! Have you lost weight?" Don't give him the pleasure.

Saddam's codefendants are making their closing statements to the court in Saddam's absence. But the main attraction himself is supposed to be there later this week. My advice for getting him off the hunger strike and out of the hospital bed: Wave a bag of Doritos in front of his hungry face. Now that's what I call torture!


Pete Bogs said...

UPDATE: Saddam says he'd rather face the firing squad than be hanged... who wouldn't?

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