Monday, July 24, 2006

Mixed Messages On Murder

The White House has been reluctant to condemn Israel's attacks on Lebanon, or call for a diplomatic solution to that conflict, or offer their own diplomatic efforts, and now it's clear why: They would look very foolish doing any of those things and then turning around and supplying Israel with advanced missiles to continue the attacks, which they have now done.

The timing of this couldn't be better for illustrating the unabashed, unrelenting hypocrisy of this administration.

Just days ago, as you recall, President Bush vetoed a bill that would have allowed the use of human cells for medical research under the reasoning that it would constitute "murder." Hmm. No word from him on what the deaths of all those civilians in Lebanon should be called. "Collateral damage," maybe? All's fair in war, I guess.

I haven't heard of many tourist deaths in Lebanon, but Israel certainly started the shelling when the country was still full of them, from the US and from all over the world. Many Lebanese civilians have certainly been killed. I've seen the footage of limp, lifeless children in their parents' arms. Truly sickening. And, sadly, too common a scene from the region nowadays.

Yet, we've taken our time taking any kind of action toward a peaceful resolution. Instead, we've let it play out in order to allow Israel to damage Hezbollah as much as possible. I have no issue there, but lots of other people are getting killed in the meantime.

John Bolton, Bush's man at the UN, said Sunday, "They (Syria) need to lean on Hezbollah to get them to release the two captured Israeli soldiers and stop the launch of rockets against innocent Israeli civilians." Bolton seems to have forgotten that Israel started the rocket volley, and that their rockets (which we are now augmenting with some of our own) have already killed scores of Lebanese civilians.

Bolton’s statements remind me of the older brother who hits you with your own hand and tells you to stop hitting yourself. The logic is certainly the same.

Bolton was rebuffing an offer by Syria to discuss the Lebanese crisis. This is par for the course for this administration, which seems to have "spare the rod, spoil the other country" as its foreign policy.

This policy has repercussions beyond civilian casualties. We have a leader who doesn't realize how assisting with the attack of yet another Muslim country compromises his own so-called "war on terror," and it's frustrating. We keep stirring up the hornet's nest, and the occupants were already poised to sting before we picked up the poking stick.

When it comes to diplomacy, Bush is the bull in the China shop. How fitting that he chose someone like Bolton - by all accounts a combative, browbeating hothead - for the UN post. But, I digress.

Condoleezza Rice has been dispatched to the region to do whatever is that she does. (Perhaps she's a "consultant" for President Bush?) But with the hard line the US has been taking on this - that it's all up to Syria, Iran and Hezbollah to end the conflict - her mission seems perfunctory and doomed from the start.

Rice is not going to speak with all parties during her visit, just select ones. But the key to diplomacy is involving both sides, you see.
The short story: The carnage will likely continue despite her halfhearted efforts. We've got to try much harder if we want to be able to use the word "murder" with any moral authority - and without hypocrisy.


Aunty Belle said...

Looky darlin, ya kin shur 'nuff take a contray position on the Bush gang...but please, puddin' let's be accurate about what'cha throw out as bait for comparison:It warn't "human cells" and the Bush gubmint did not outlaw/veto use of 'em

... what was vetoed was the proposal to use embryonic stem cells in research funded by the gubmint.

Thar's a heap o' difference. The use of embryonic stem cells by private commercial entities is not outlawed--in fact Berkeley and Harvard have huge, privately funded programs. The Bush veto only prohibts public funding of embryonic stem cell research---adult stem cells is jes' fine.

Now iffin' anybody cares, it is the adult cells that have provided the most astonishin' results and real hep for folks wif paralysis and other maladies. The adult cells is stable, ya see, whar as them baby cells is not succesful (yet?). So, since we git the best results from adult or "mature" cells, including umbilical cord and marrow under the baby teeth of a child when he loses a tooth, ain't no need ter create a new baby conception jes' to kill it, is thar?

Fer shur no public monies should be spent to make a chile and then kill it fer "research". All the same--morality asisde--the Bush gubmint ain't stoppin'no private use of embryomic cells. Corporate killin' continues at a furious pace.

I knows ya point, Bawgs, 'bout Israel and Lebanon (mah own folks is Lebanese!)but embryonic stem cells is a topic that most folks doan understand so mebbe it ain't a good comparison.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh, an Bawgs, sugar, I did go back an read yore dixiecrat post--talk about mixed messages!! Honey chile' ya didn't answer the Dawg's points--JFK squelchin' MLK, FDR, Howard Dean...etc. Nor did ya respond to the lack of freedom in the demon-crats party whar by a black man that doan tow the party-line is tarred (Swan, Keyes et al.) Well....Lincoln was Republican, but he warn't fer black men wither--he was fer political hay nothin' more.

Thang is, Bawgs, that politicks ain't a pure science-it gits real murky and they ain't much clarity. Doan try to paint demon-crats as white hats, chile' Aunty B ain't makin no white hats outa republicans either...pox on em both fer palyin' power games while the folks is trudgin' to work in the real world.

liberalbanana said...

"Bolton’s statements remind me of the older brother who hits you with your own hand and tells you to stop hitting yourself. The logic is certainly the same." - PERFECT VISUAL! I am totally picturing a big brother doing that right now and I can hear the voice in my head perfectly (I think it's Bart Simpson or maybe Nelson?)... "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!" Ha!

Anonymous said...

Your information sounds like you are quoting AL-Jazeera or the Liberal Rag NY Times both equally Anti-American

All Lebanese civilian deaths are the sole responsibility of the Hezbolla Islamic Terrorists

Bolton is the only thing in the UN worth a damn the rest should be shot

rusty shakelford said...

I think a peaceful solution should be worked out because no one has ever thought of that and it has never been tried. Israel has never tried to compromise, and I'm sure Lebanon will be more than happy to get its gorilla war fighters off the border. Now that I think of it I'm sure there is a perfectly rational explanation for having gorilla war fighters on the border.
Maybe Israel could call Lebanon (imagine this as the voice of Ned Flanders) Say ahh Lebanon(didly) did you know you have citizens firing rockets into our country. Ohh there is a perfectly rational explanation. Ok well we will just keeps a heads-up.

Pete Bogs said...

it's a good comparison when a person acts out if ignorance as Bush has... you can't object to the use (not killing, as you've stated) of human cells and send missiles out in the same week... it's a major point you seemed to have missed... inconsistencies like that take away a person's ability to make moral stances without hypocrisy... you say I don't understand the issue, but I think if Bush would watch those graphic videos of dead children in Lebanon, - he doesn't, because he doesn't like bad news - do you think he would understand that that's murder, too?

aunt b, your views on sex as sacred and birth control as bad mirror your views on stem cell research - you follow the company (church) line without question... I prefer to THINK for myself...

PS: there's no "baby" in the case of stem cells...

as for your second comment, I respected JFK until I learned about MLK and about the lies that started Vietnam (not the last such American conflict, sadly)... Cuban Missile Crisis? good job... pushing a space program? ditto... diddling Marilyn Monroe? vah-vah-voom! but no, I can't respect him for those other things... I didn't respond to the Dean thing because I didn't know what he was talking about...

the African Americans who took criticism for being consternative, well, talk to their critics... I don't care so much about Swan... Keyes is an ass, though... perhaps some blacks feel betrayed that they joined the party that's against so-called entitlements (read: social programs) for the poor but rewards the rich with tax cuts? I don't know, ask them... good thread jump, btw... I'm completely off-topic now...

Pete Bogs said...

liberal - that was Nelson... "Ha ha!"

anon - you've made my point for me about civilian deaths... in essence, Bolton is saying "You're doing this to yourself" to civilians... if you were one of them, you'd want to tell Mom, wouldn't you?

rusty ford - okely dokely!

rusty shakelford said...

Sorry im just not seeing how the unborn can be equated to a nation that is now paying the price for allowing (or promoting) terrorism to prosper and attack a neighboring country.
I guess you must feel like I do when I see liberals screaming for more abortions right after fighting for some tree's right to exist.

Anonymous said...

I hear the right wing noise machine.

Bird said...


as many of you know, i am pro-israeli, but this carnage in lebanon is, to use an understatement, distrubing.

however, i beg to differ with you bogs.we can indeed remember that israel started the rocket attacks - but let's also remember why - in response to Hezbollah crossing the border and kidnapping two israeli soliders.

while the response is not proportionate - it was not unprovoked.

lebanon has done nothing to control Hezbollah - and i'm sure that's a mixture of "won't" and "can't."

ab: no one is killing babies to get stem cells.

and yes indeed, private corporations can do all the research they want, but just as with climate change/global warming, when the government stops providing or greatly reduces funds for independent research, discovery and scientific advancement suffers.

Bird said...

p.s. to bogs - love the devils and dust video. i have never been a big springsteen fan, but i sure do like that song and i wonder why it wasn't well-received when it first came out - it sort of just disappeared. pity too, it's a powerful message appopos (sp?) to the times.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Earth and its life. All life will die.

Pete Bogs said...

I think some of you are misunderstanding my comparison between the stem cell debate and the Lebanese situation... for Bush to call one murder and not the other, where the one he's calling murder clearly IS NOT, is just insanely hypocritical... that's it in a nutshell...

this Lebanon situation was not unprovoked, but the response by Israel was rash and disproportionate, and put people like me in the unfortunate position of being on a team that supports the slaughter... I personally do not...

Aunty Belle said...

BAwgs, if the Church says the sun rises in the east, ya' gonna thow a tantrum and insist it is not so, jes' because youse anti-church?

Ya wanna live a life of debauchery and kill off babies fer ya convenience so ya gotta hate the messenger of reality --sex makes humans, biology 101, and corrupted sex makes social problems, sociology 101. The Church says the obvious that mankind has known since pre-history, but Bawgs dissents with a vengence?

Why ya wanna make this about the Church--iffin' ya left the CHurch , quit draggin' yoreself back to its teachins.'

The issues is stem cells and the wisdom and efficacy of usin' embryonic cells--no need fer Bawgs to drag in the Chruch. Jues' deal with the issue itself

Git it together honey--you ain't seen no research 'bout stem cells, you parrot the daily democratic drivel--so I'se applaudin' your idea of thinkin' fer yoreself--try it. Soon.

Meanwhile, if carnage in Lebanon worries ya, then youse the hypocrite by yore own tactic ---iffin' ya cain't see abortion as murder darlin', doan be squallin' over the babies in Beruit.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off belle.

Pete Bogs said...

stem cells aren't babies... the church has made you believe otherwise... ans stem cells aren't a Democratic issue, as the Senate vote showed us... and groups each day who bring up this issue in the context of medical research aren't necessarily Democrat or liberal... I don't hold allegiance to the party line; I frequently call Dems out on their BS, too, there's just less of it...

the issue here, btw, is not abortion but stem cells and bloodshed overseas...

Aunty Belle said...

Stem cells ain't babies, fer sure, an Aunty never said so...but to make babies --even at embryo stage-- in order to harvest stem cells is unethical--most of all, unnecessary
--the embryonic ones don't work, chile. Read up on it and see that adult stem cells give most results.

Looky--ain't got no tiff wif ya, honey--other than youse smart, so look at the issue in the whole:

what drives use of embryos iffin' best results come from adult stem cells? What itches the libs is that the very idea that ehtics or morals stops them from pure moral anarchy drives this debate on stem cells--not hope fer helping folks wif disease.

meanwhile the real hold up ain't the veto--it is a Wisconsin outfit -- The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)--claimin' they hold three patents that it says essentially give it rights over all of the human embryonic stem cells in the U.S.

Remember, Bawgs, private enterprise can experiment all it likes on embryos---nuthin' stoppin' 'em.

Lastly, the logic is the same honey--iffin youse sayin Bush is hypocrite fer the veto on respect fer life grounds, then yer own complaint over carnage in lebanon is equally hypocritical lessen ya have same compassion fer babies in they mommies' tummy.

Bush ain't donin nuthin' but what yer doin' too...jes' sayin'....logic is logic.

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - you've pegged me so well... I hate all children in their mommy's tummies and want them to die... how did you know that? don't tell anyone please, ok???

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