Friday, July 07, 2006

Kim Jong Mentally Il

"Sometimes I think men raise flags when they can't get anything else up."Berthe

Poor Kim Jong Il. The little tyrant and "Dear Leader" of North Korea is desperate for attention. How else to explain his recent and unprovoked test launching of missiles?

Well, I guess there are other possibilities.

He probably is certifiably nuts.

Or maybe he just needs to borrow some of Rush Limbaugh's Viagra, because like the unreliable organ that inspired them, many of KJI's phallic missiles have fallen flat without delivering a decent bang.

Such a shame. Right now the world is looking at KJI and saying, "It's OK, really. It happens to all puny dictators sometimes."

Just go ahead and keep drawing attention to yourself, KJI. Apparently you have no self-respect.


Bird said...

i think i'm turning into some sort of conspiracy crank or idiotic diabolic plot meister, but the thought did cross my mind - what if the test missles failed miserably on purpose - as a ruse?

except our intellgience says those missles are years and years away from being effective - so why has the press made such a fuss over this? why are we? it's all bullshit posturing.

Lil Bit said...


He's just singin' in an Elmer Fudd voice... "I'm so w-l-w-l-lonely..." LOL!

Hey. Not sure how ya found me, but thx for popping by to visit my last post.

Dude! You're playin' a tune of my FAVE bands over here!!! OMG... luv the Zep! Had to watch the video a few X & rock out w/ya. ;)

*walking away singing to self...*
"Catch the wind, see us spin, sail away, leave today, way up high in the sky..."

Fitting. *nodding*
Take care. =)

Hellpig said...

just nuke the mother fuckers,dont waste time talking or allowing the corrupt bullshit UN to interfere...just annihilate the entire country,then Iran ,then MECCA

We would save hundreds of billions in tax payer cash

and for good measure launch one at Venezuela

Pete Bogs said...

bird - I just think the little creep craves attention... back when the Iraq conflict started he got jealous of the attention they were receiving and started saying and doing all sorts of weird crap... he has to feel like a big man before the world, apparently...

LB - just doing my patriotic duty... America, FUCK YEAH!!!

hell - let it never be said that you are a rash man...

The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

Let's minimize him (after all, what is he, 1m tall) and start calling im Kiji!

CROAK said...

Just like the USA when they do their testing? OR how about the fact that the day after NK did this stupid thing the government in India did a similar test? Gee didn't get to hear too much about that one!

It is all stupid.
It is all men not being able to 'raise their flags'.

Goddam sick of it all..this blustering and buffoonery.

Chrissake. Go get laid and leave the world alone.

Pete Bogs said...

croak - I agree it is all stupid... it's just KJI looks even MORE stupid than most... I mean, come on, look at those glasses! the world is being threatened by a Yoko Ono puppet... LOL


QChique said...

The N.Korean gov is just like a spoilt little brat who throws temper tantrums whenever they want something or when they aren't getting enough attention. Since they know that it usually works and they usually get their aid and the US to talk to them or what have you by pulling little stunts. It would be interesting to see if the UN actually ever grew a backbone and gave them a bit of a spanking. Maybe Kim is feeling a bit left out with Iraq getting the attention, you know "Hey we're part of the Axis of Evil too!"