Thursday, June 22, 2006

Saddam On Trial Part VIII: Defenseless Defense Lawyers

Khamees al-Ubaidi, lead defense lawyer for Saddam Hussein during his current trial, was kidnapped and shot to death earlier this week in Baghdad.

Iraqi officials have narrowed the likely suspects down to three or four billion people.

Imagine if a Johnnie Cochran or an Alan Derschowitz had been kidnapped and murdered during the OJ trial. On second thought, don't - it's too much of a turn-on.

As much as I don't care for people who defend scoundrels as part of "just doing their jobs," I can't see any sense in this at all. Saddam will get new - and very brave - lawyers, and his trial will continue.

Essentially, people who ostensibly want to see Saddam brought to justice may have just delayed that very thing from happening.


Bird said...

but bogs, let's not forget that in order for our justice system to operate, we need lawyers to provide a rigorous defense of the accused - this is what helps prevent the wrong person from being convicted - it's what helps keep the system honest - or rather what helps TRY to keep the system honest.

i know that our system can be circumvented, that lots of times, the guilty do get away with murder and the innocent are condemmed, but i'm guessing, or maybe just hoping, that our system reduces the volume of egregious errors.

"defending the scoundrels" is a job - but it is an important one.

perhaps there should have been a change of venue for least, it might have kept his lawyers safer.

even at the nuremburg trials - the scoundrels had a defense, had counsel. that's what helped provide legitimacy to the proceedings, a sense of justice and fair play.

guess i'm sticking up for those dirty rotten, scoundrel-defending lawyers.

i see you post late afternoon, early evenings these days. i'll have to change my flight pattern now...

oh, twitter.twitter.


Pete Bogs said...

bird - don't mind me, I have a policy of disliking people who do bad things, including defending people who do bad things... I am all for defense lawyers, but when the defendant is so obviously guilty, I don't think much of his defenders...

fyi, post pattern depends on two factors: if I have work that day, and if sufficient numbers of people have read my previous post to warrant a new one... so, stop by regularly, but you can't depend on a specific time for the posts...


CROAK said...

I like the humiliation factor for these kind of people. Show them for being weak beings, pathetic in the extreme and not some powerful 'evil' force. The longer it goes on the more stupid and pathetic he looks. That is powerful stuff for his supporters... he isn't so great now. Proof too that democracy works in a way that is desirable...
You know, stuff like that.

Ben said...

Can't see how shooting the lawyers would help Hussein unless someone thinks they can prolong the trial by doing so, preventing judgement day?

OR ... will THEIR death somehow make HIM more important .. you know: they die "for him" so they are martyrs, so there will be a likewise image transfer to Saddam?

OR .... do the killers think that defense laywyers in a western style trial are TRAITORS to Saddam because they even take the job?

Or traitors to the Iraqi people because ....

Or ... are the lawyers services to Saddam considered not effective enough by his supporters?


no more.

Mr Q said...

This reminds me of the poor Colombian soccer player. Don't you just love Iraq's democracy,if you are not getting the best defense oil, errr!, money can buy, then get rid of them. Literally. I see it as a game that Sadman can play as long as no one takes him out, I'm not going Robertson in here but wouldn't be cheaper/easier at this point?
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K9 said...

/bark bark bark

he should have never gotten out of that spider hole alive. HOWL! funny ass link Q!! enjoyed it.


The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

Bogs, he's so obviously guilty? Come on my boy!

Yes, we've all heard for decades how awful a man he is, and all of the stories are probably right. I am, however, a big believer in the innocent until proven guilty part of the criminal justice system. If he's PROVEN guilty in the court, hang the bastard! Until then, call him the defendant and feed him Doritos.

Pete Bogs said...

flab - yeah, this is one of those rare instances where I don't play devil's advocate... he's guilty as sin, and in his case the trial is just a formality... still have to have one, I guess... but I still hate the bastards who defend bastards...

k9 - you will have to look to al-Zarqawi's death for that kind of satisfaction... I did!

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