Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rove Dodges Bullet, Nation Faces More Bullshit

It looks like presidential adviser Karl Rove won't be facing any charges related to the outing of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame. Suddenly I hear millions of anxious Republicants sighing in relief.

What I'm wondering now is that, since Rove is no longer in the hot seat, will the White House be willing to answer questions about him?

As you may recall, ever since Rove's involvement in the leak was made public, the White House has been tight-lipped. Standard operating procedure has been to say that any question with Rove's name in it allegedly (and conveniently) referred to an "ongoing investigation," and that he (then, White House spokesman Scotty McClellan) wasn't going to comment until the investigation was complete.

Ok, so now it's apparently complete. Here's the question at least one reporter asked that should now be answered:

Regarding President Bush's knowledge of what Rove may or may not have done, did the president ever just ask Rove if he had any involvement in the Plame leak? He sees the guy at work every day, after all.

My prediction about any questions current spokesman Tony Snow may now be asked about Rove is that we'll hear something like:

"Mr. Rove has been exonnerated of these baseless charges... old news... ready to move forward... valued member of the president's staff... looks forward to continuing his work with the president... blah blah blah..."

We'll hear all that in one form or another from Snow and possibly from Rove himself, but not a direct answer to, say, that question about what Bush and Rove may have discussed about the Plame matter.

How it works is, during an investigation the White House simply "can't talk about it." Once that's done it's "old news," so why bother talking about it. Clever, eh?

The president and his team hedged their bets and won. They stalled and never had to acknowledge anything damaging about Rove, no matter how true. Let it never again be said "obstructionism" is an exclusive tool of the left.

UPDATE: A few other sites are asking the same question.


Hellpig said...

Now Plame needs to stand trial and all will be well in the universe

Pete Bogs said...

hell - for what exactly?

this is OJ 2006... Rove is guilty as sin and we all know it, but he'll walk anyway...

Jack K. said...

Bogs, I am crushed that the White House didn't ask you to be the spokesman instead of Snow. You have the patter down pat.

The only difference between this and the OJ debacle is that with OJ we could watch, and wince at the proceedings. With this one we can only wince.

Damn, I may have to confer with a Black Russian to ease my anxiety attack. LMAO

I do hope the Republicans breathe a sigh of relief. Perhaps that will lull them into a false sense of security. Now if the Democrats could get their act together...

How close are we to the second American revolution?

We will survive, in spite of ourselves.

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs, Rove didn't out Plame, honey--she'd been "out" two years earlier. Her dupilicity sendin' her hubby to Africa as an "expert"--that doan worry ya'?

Pete Bogs said...

jack - thanks for the endorsement!

Aunt B - chile, please! Plame was working a desk job but was still had NOC (or whatever they call that) status... what worries me is you being more concerned about the spin than on her safety or her hubby's findings... anyone who speaks the truth automatically gets smeared by the right...

Bird said...

rove gets relief just in time to strategize for the mid-term elections. look out america - the rovian bushies will go on a radical offensive - and the nation will be subjected to a new level of spin, propaganda and doublespeak.

and yes, the dems will fiddle-faddle about.

jack - i'll join you at cocktail hour. think i'll have a mango madness cosmo instead though. then again, maybe just a regular cosmo- don't want to waste the mango. hahaha- they're awfully good right now.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

yeah she was so broke up she had to appear in a vanity fair spread as she and joe blow tooled around washington in their convertable as the martyrs du jour. yeah, they looked real worried about being outted!
and, you know, how were they endangered? by our brothers in al qeada? theyre not the big terrorist, Bush is!! and, he's probably not up hiding in the school book depository. buck up, chile.


Pete Bogs said...

any danger to the operative is only part of the problem in leaks... an operative may have a web of contacts who are impacted if they are outed... leaking classified info is illegal... if they are now going to put journos behind bars for doing that they should put politicos there, too...

Hellpig said...

Interesting side note Tancredo wins polls edges out McCain and Guiliano and Rice

Might have to vote Rep this time round

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

you know, you're right. so that cia chick that leaked the bogus euro torture sights story over dana-pulitzer should go down! talk about endangering all kinds of people! particularlly fightin' men and "wimmen"


rusty shakelford said...

Right now the left is only interested in information that hurts the war and the President.

Pete Bogs said...

Right now the right is only interested in information that supports the war and the president, even if it is all lies.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

wrong! W is lying his ass off on guest workers. its an amnesty for anyone who can walk on over. so as to keeps lawns and laundry lookin' good.

but africans getting chopped daily have no chance in hell of immigrating here though their case for political asylum is far greater than the economic desire excuse. makes me wanna howwwwwwl

on the war, everybody signed off on the intel. everybody. why do congress act like innocent bystanders? we've talked about this before. we tend to focus on the president, whoever he is too much. the bad guys are the reps and the senators. again and again.


Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs, honey, now really--from court procedings:

Lawyers asked Fitzgerald to produce evidence that Valerie Plame Wilson was a covert agent at the CIA. They had also asked for an assessment of the damage, if any, caused by the exposure of her identity.

In papers filed with the court, Fitzgerald (Plame lawyer)declined to provide evidence. Judge Walton wanted to hear Fitzgerald’s reasons.

"Does the government intend to introduce any evidence that would relate to either damage or potential damage that the alleged revelations by Mr. Libby caused, or do you intend to introduce any evidence related to Ms. Wilson’s status and whether it was classified or she was in a covert status or anything of that nature?” Walton asked.

"We don’t intend to offer any proof of actual damage."

There WAS no evidence for Plame lawyers to present.

CROAK said...

Gee Bogs. You argue so well. Wish I was as good at it. And you really do have the "Patter" down ie obfuscation.
You tell it how it is so clearly. Keep it up.

Reverend X said...

Not really news, we know he did it.
but he'd be pardoned or acquitted.
With all the cards up his sleeve
He's bankrolled fat just to deceive
But one day you'll hear the call
"Line 'em up against he wall."
Wake the people from their trance
An Invitation to the Dance

Pete Bogs said...

rev - indeed... whatever the case, Rove was always looking at a pardon... Bush would have pulled another Reagan/I-C thing as with Weinberger and friends... no accountability... ever...

Aunty Belle said...

Reagan pardon? Youse got amnesia over MArk Rich, puddin'??

Pete Bogs said...

no, I remember Clinton's little deed there - and was just waiting for someone to bring it up... some banker dude does not in any way compare to the architects of death and destruction who gave weapons to IRAN(!) and money to death and rape squads in SA...