Monday, June 12, 2006

Indecent Priorities

Well, Congress finally got something done. That's what happens when partisanship is set aside and lawmakers work together toward a common goal.

Congress' "accomplishment" was a new bill to increase broadcast indecency fines to protect the tender sensibilities of the American people. There's nothing like a little "wardrobe malfunction" or four-letter-word to get Congress off its ass and into action. I feel cleaner already.

The bill, which will raise the maximum fine for airing "indecent" content to ten times its current amount, garnered 379 yeas and 35 nays from Congress. That's almost every Democrat and Republicant voting the same way. Amazing.

All that's left now is for President Bush to sign the bill, and he undoubtedly will. He needs a win now and then.

I'm thrilled our elected officials have tackled issues such as energy, healthcare, national security, the deficit and presidential malfeasance, enabling them to give such strong attention and support to a fringe issue. They've really earned those six-figure salaries this year!

Pathetic turds.

Though Congress is finally united on an issue, and actually accomplishing something, it's unfortunate that this something amounts to nothing when so many legitimate issued remain unresolved.

Only in America.

PS: This week's Fragmentia 13 is now on the air.


Hellpig said...

I agree Bogs they always come together over non issues,at times I dont even care about the topic as long as they accomplish something other then attacking each other over who did what...we need a 3rd or even a 4th party

Jack K. said...

They seem to think the American public is nothing but a bunch of idiots. We may be, we keep voting them back into office. That is unless the vote is rigged.

Ah well, who knows what will happen the next time around

liberalbanana said...

Well, they need to collect money from someone somehow to pay for the war, you know! And with awesome shows like Family Guy on the air, now they just need to raise the bar on what "decent" and start slapping those shows with fines galore! It's a perfect plan!

Pete Bogs said...

lib - yes, shows like that with disclaimers in front of them could be a cash cow for the gov't... it's like lowering speed limits to increase ticket revenue for the city, county, etc.

I think you're onto something!

jack - too-shay there...

hell - as long as we only have two choices we'll never had good choices... it's like if there were only two phone companies, we'd all have to choose the one that sucks less... we need more "legit" political parties, as you say...

Bird said...

This must be the day that pigs fly - Hellpig and I agree on something - "we need a 3rd or a even a 4th party." Yup - I think we do too.

I too like to see our elected oficials working together, but I do care what they come together over -and this bill worries me.

Several months ago (maybe last year)PBS corporate was reluctant to allow one of its local (to me) stations, KQED, to air a documentary on the soldiers in Iraq. PBS worried it would be sued or fined for the use of "fuck" in the doc. KQED advocated to air the doc. PBS said go ahead - but we're not responsible nor liable. If you're fined or sued, PBS told KQED, it's all on you.

KQED stuck to its guns (so to speak) and aired the doc. And yup, there were a few times in the hour that some soldiers said "fuck." Because, well, soldiers say that word in combat. They also say it after battle, sort of like relief "fuck, we made it." "fuck, that was close."

Use of the word was not gratuitous nor out-of-place. It was appropriate to the subject matter and the timeslot (late evening). And it would have been a pity if the documentary had not aired. It showed our soldiers at their best; it showed them also as flawed humans - but with great sympathy and empathy - it was a positive doc. It was not political - it was about the soldiers. Helped me understand what our soldiers go through, how some of them think and feel.

Yet it was almost "banned" because the word "fuck" was used a few times.

So I guess we'll just have to see how "indecent" content is defined. If defined too narrowly, this bill could have a chilling affect on free speech.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - I worry about decency standards not being applied evenly... for example, Saving Private Ryan ran once on ABC uncut... Schindler's List ran on ABC with sex-related nudity cut, but not concentration camp nudity, violence or profanity...

(SPR aired again after Nipplegate, and scores of stations wouldn't show it for fear of fines, including my local affiliate)

I think "fuck" should be left in the documentary because it's what people say in battle... but they say it other times, too, and I don't think even the seriousness of the subject (see two Spielberg movies above, and watch for the same with Munich) should give anyone special treatment... what then would be the criteria? if it's historical, can it get away with some content other shows cannot?

I'm suggesting an either/or here, but only for fairness' sake...

Hellpig said...

Just a reminder a new blog is up and is being ran by a few of your regular readers it is a anti-pedophile site and non-partisan in fact no politics to say of.

All are welcome
Absolute Zero

Don't let my persona from this blog detour you from visiting the site,we are a community dedicated to this cause,all my politics are left at the STY

And thanks for stopping by Bogs

Pete Bogs said...

thanks, hell... stye - isn't that one of those painful things I got on my eye as a kid? ;-)

CROAK said...

Not 'only in America' this time. Australia is right on your heels and learning faster and faster.
You keep me up to spead at what is coming next down under.
Divert the attention of the masses with piddling little concerns and you can do anything.

I agree we also need more party's to vote for.

Pete Bogs said...

Croak - I hear you're having your own gay marriage scuffle down there now thanks to a consternative PM...

Anonymous said...

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