Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Disturbing Revelations For 06.06.06

On this Sixth day of June, of the Year Naught Six, I reflect on natural and manmade calamities, some of which you might say rise to the level of “biblical proportions.”

All profoundly altered my view of the world in general and of my own country in particular. Some revealed a side of us I never wanted to believe existed.

On 9/11/01 the sky roared and rained fire and human bodies down on us. This is some of that “biblical proportions” stuff I was talking about – much more to come on my 9/11/06 blog.

This happened, allegedly, because some fanatical religious people hated America and our “policies” so much that they felt we had to suffer in a big way. No detail was spared in the planning of this cataclysm, nor innocent life spared in its execution. (I almost forgot - there are no innocents among infidels.)

Oh, and it happened because a handful of nuts were able to get box cutters on a plane. That’s all it took to knock America off its feet, at least for a time. God, we suck!

So we eventually undertook an ill-conceived conflict in the Middle East (more biblical stuff) that was a detour from our original, legit mission over there: Get the fuckers who did the deeds I spoke of in the last few paragraphs.

Last time I checked, Osama was still running around taunting us whenever the mood strikes him, and the Taliban and Al Qaeda were still in business, albeit from mobile headquarters.

Oh, but we got Saddam! He's Han Solo encased in carbonite in Jabba's lair. Quite a trophy.

We strayed from our payback mission, and were inexcusably unprepared for our new operation.

I guess we get the war we have, not the one we might want or wish to have
. Destroy the infrastructure, disband the army, leave the gates open to the coyotes and send our people out in tin cans on wheels with no armor.

Not all those people are innocent, though. Those who carried out torture and killings on prisoners or civilians went seriously off mission. They’re Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, sitting amongst the severed heads of the natives. The horror. The horror.

The horror was very much my own; I honestly didn’t think we were capable of such base acts, especially in the 21st century. I was na├»ve, now I’m ashamed and disillusioned.

9/11 leads to Abu Ghraib: Evil truly begets evil.

Hurricane Katrina was a domestic disaster that was almost equal parts natural and manmade. We can’t control the weather, but we can plan, we can act, and we can care.

What I saw in the aftermath of that storm was many of the most disadvantaged, vulnerable people in this modern, sophisticated country of ours bundled together under ratty blankets and sleeping on asphalt for days on end. Others were just floating motionless down rivers that were once streets.

What I heard from many fellow citizens was that those idiots should have just hopped in their cars and checked into a four-star hotel somewhere inland before the storm. It was their own damn fault they were in this situation now. The words “poor,” “homeless,” “elderly” and “infirm” just don’t translate for some.

Evil is not cursing, fornicating, drinking and carrying on. Those are trifling details in the big picture.
Willful ignorance, indifference, hate – these are the evils that create disasters, or exacerbate them. How's that for a revelation?

The locus of evil is right here on earth, where misguided inhabitants make bad decisions that
immeasurably impact others every day, not with some mythological devil.

If we’re ever going to turn this thing around, we’ve got a hell of a job ahead of us.

Insert: The Last Judgment by Jan van Eyck
(My brothers used to scare the crap out of me with this image when I was young.)

More on van Eyck
Whoa, bitch, that kid ain't mine!


Bird said...


my niece called me early this morning (i'm sleeping and on vacation for crying out loud) to wish me a happy 6-6-6 day. hah!

what is evil?

evil is not my gay friends, nor even those soliders who ran amok "over there." evil is the lies we were told and evil is our own laziness and disaffectedness (wow - is that a word?) - our inability to force our elected officials to stand up, do right, and forego the bullshit. evil is the rumble of hunger in a child's belly (in the richest country in the world); evil is the lack of affordable health care for millions in our country (while some so easily can afford botox injections, butt and face lifts, etc.). evil is the school system that plops students in my class room who have beautiful minds - but must be taught to THINK because our culture doesn't value thinking and learning and doesn't value teachers.

thanks for your post.

and btw - i am highly insulted (i tilt my pinky finger at you sir) for your "too borgouise" (sp) comment -can't imagine bbq'd ribs and black bean and corn salad as "bugouise" (sp). hahahahahaha!

evil is english teachers that abandon correct spelling when blogging - a pox upon us all!

Pete Bogs said...

a pox upon all your blogs!

it was the pate that was too bourg for moi... a decadent food... but pass me that black bean and corn salad! that's a food of the people... of the workers... and of the vegetarian bloggers!

Bird said...

i forgot to mention eariler - your knowledge of brassieres is quite impressive - well done fine sir!


infinitesimal said...

Best post yet I'd say.

infinitesimal said...

I forgot to call you: A Clockwork Boggs...

Pete Bogs said...

many thanks, oh my bloogies...

Jack K. said...

bird, I totally agree with your comments re: evil. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

fatty ~ said...


thousands were killed and a democratic country overthrown to be replaced by a military junta to last over 20 years.

President Salvador Allende dead in his own presidential palace when surrounded, and thousands herded into the main sports stadium and executed for their previous support of the first democratically elected Marxist government in history.

Chile's September 11 is worth remembering, the bloodiest coup in history is not even known by most americans today.

[its the topic of my major history project - sorry]

Pete Bogs said...

fatty - one American knows a lot about it... Mr. Kissinger... that was a truly shameful period of US history, backing the overthrow of an elected government and supporting Pinochet! I fear more of the same scenario now that we are arguing with SA countries again... the "domino theory" of communism has long been disproven, so what are we afraid of?

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

forgive me for going off topic but OMG billy preston dead. thanks to da killer we know as blow as goodie mob says. appreciate the heads up bogs. i hate it. saw him play not too long ago with clapton in ATL. still sunny smiled gap toothed billy....

you cannot party like that for 4 decades! shit!

on your post today. i cant disagree with much of what youve said but i resist the america the evil empire meme. it is all of us in here too.

the world didnt end. guess i'll have to keep working.



K9 said...

/bark bark bark

forgot to say: that van eyck IS scary. all the netherlandish apocalptic visons are spectacular.

weve had paralell childhoods. my bro used to scare me with a picture of michaelangelos sculpture of moses. to depict light coming off his head he carved what looked like devil horns. the look on moses' face is very severe. my bro told me i was going to hell and moses would be waiting for me. i believed him.

also whenever we'd hear sirens he'd tell me they were "coming to take me away, ha ha, hee hee, to the funny farm, where life is beautifual all the time....."



Pete Bogs said...

k9 - Outta Space was THE great clavi tune, for those of us who love that sound... ok, Superstition is pretty good, but it's a vocal tune... Billy was great in the Harrison tribute and on the late Beatles stuff, too...

speaking of scary, that "Coming To Take Me Away" song was just menacing enough to scare me... novelty tune? ha! it was psychotic! The Streak was a novelty tune!

regarding the painting, I was a Catholic school kid at that time (1st & 2nd grade) and had a belief of hell as a very literal place... the painting made it more so... didn't help that my bros would show it to me and say I was gonna go there! nightmare city!

Pete Bogs said...

PS: yes, I know Superstition was Stevie, not Billy...

Bird said...

Billy Preston dead?

I have this picture of him in my head. huge afro. that gap-toothed smile K9 referred to and what seemed like an efferfescent (sp) vivance(sp - it's french - seem to be in a french mode - your fault bogs - for using "bougious" which apparently neither of us can spell).

My youth is fading. Damn again.

k9 - i know i sound like i might be on a "america is evil" meme - but i;m not really. i love the good ol' U.S. of A. I believe (like a naive sucker) in its highest ideals and it frustrates me no end that we have so many resources that we squander - think of what we could do - if only we would do it!

reminds me of my son - he is smarter than can be, charming, engaging, and if he ever gets his "shit" together - he could have the world at his command - eating out of his hand.

we, the US, are like that. we are so much better inside than what we do. we haven't even come close to to the greatness we could be.

how's that for red/white/and blue patriotism, idealsim and hubris?

gosh, i'm embarrassed...

CROAK said...

Brilliant blog Bogs!
Agree with everything (isn't that boring?)

I think Bird is wonderful to be able to see the 'splinter' in her own country's eye and still love its potential. That is TRUE patriotism. That is true love. Not that 'hand over heart' fakeness of some.
Loving your country and seeing its faults writ large is like loving your children, like the son she mentioned. If only our children could get their 'shit' together like with our countries getting their shit together, how wonderful would it all be.

CROAK said...

Oh and why concentrate on the 666 what happened to the 000?
(In Australia it is our 'emergency'number for help)??!!

Ben said...

Might get worse before it gets better. Change takes time.

But, Pete, as you have said, evil is created by human decisions. So, where does that leave us?

In charge.

We are entitled to decide where the world rolls.

Now I can vote for a new poltician or reject a restricting law. But I can't stop a war all by myself. Nor can you. And I can't stop hunger. Nor can you. I absolutely cannot stop fanatism, bigotry, lies, terror on a grand scale all by myself. Nor can you.

Summary: You, me, and you and you and you: NOT guilty! NOT to be blamed. If you think you are you might as well say: "Goodbye, cruel world!" because that won't change anything.

But I CAN do my part by having things different in my space, my world, with my neighbours, my friends. With the children. And so can you. You all.

And the beauty of it all:

Even coming here, you ARE already doing it. Connecting, sharing life, grief, joy, differing ways of looking at things and doing this WITHOUT bashing our respective heads in ... that is part of the way to go, don't you think?

And somewhere down the line, that I am sure of, WE will be the majority .


The people, who connect not in hate and fear but - how very old-fashioned, how perpetual - in mutual respect and for all I know: love.

Pete Bogs said...

ben - I think you're right... I am by no means saying we should give up... it's just that my belief in the possibility of good in mankind has been seriously rattled by these disasters... I am not ready to give up the fight, however... far from it!