Friday, June 09, 2006

Ding-Dong! The Dickhead's Dead

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has finally felt the big “owie.” Yup, it’s been confirmed by physical evidence that the man and his closest aids all bit the big one thanks to a pair of 500-pound bombs. Props (no pun intended) to the US flyboys who dropped them.

Al-Zarqawi is – I mean was, and it’s nice to speak of him in the past tense – the guy who started the beheading craze in Iraq. He‘s believed to have performed some of them himself; the cowards in those grotesque videos were always masked, so we can’t be sure.

By now al-Zarqawi & Co. have no doubt met the Virgin Nazi: “No virgins for you!” (The afterlife’s a bitch, eh?) Al-Zarqawi is no marytr, he's merely maggot-fodder.

I was in Dublin when the gruesome dead pictures of Odai and Qusai Hussein hit the media. This time my surroundings aren’t so memorable, but I will be drinking a few pints to mark the occasion (and also as a belated tribute to the late Billy Preston, who’s left this planet for outta space).

It's not in my nature to feel joy at the death of another human being. However, al-Zarqawi and his pals don't qualify for that designation.

Note: It was after I titled this post that I found this one. I'm no James Frey.


Bird said...


our posts today although of the same essential opinion, are somewhat different - come take a peek.

i do want to know why we decided to bomb rather than capture this beast. perhaps the only way - but i'll be watching/reading the news to learn why.

off to read al-jazeera - haven't had a chance to check out how that outlet is handling this story. always curious...

Hellpig said...

I used those same words on a post yesterday "Ding Dong the evil satanic worshipper is dead"

regardless on how the inept LEFT MSM portrays the death it is a good thing all around

Unless you are a supporter of "Springer or Rhodes" the newest traitors in America

Pete Bogs said...

bird - alive he would have just been a reason for his followers to take more hostages, i.e. "let him go or we'll kill the infidels"

he will be replaced, but knowing the things he did, he really deserved to snuff it...

hell - I have no idea what you're talking about...

The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

Capture if you can, kill him if you can't. Killing's a lot easier and cheaper.

Pete Bogs said...

flab - I stick by my comments just above your comment... however, OBL should be captured and paraded before the world in a tutu - in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions... I love it!

Karen said...

"Ding-Dong! The Dickhead's Dead"...

...beg to differ with you; the dickhead-in-chief and vice-sidekick dickhead are still kickin'!

Hellpig said...

Karen another America Hater

Well the majority of Americans hate you too and everything you stand for.

This has been proven in election over election and this fall another election

Because the left is all about hate and intolerance I have yet to see one topic about any agenda other then trash the Admin.This is the left platform...with such you are doomed to repeat history.

CROAK said...

It is disgusting to gloat and be in glee about the death of anyone. It demeans us all. What separates the yanks who are out there hurraying with any of the terrorists.
We are suppose to be better than that. You, America, are suppose to be leading the world in a way to do things differently and better than that.
Even the boys father who had been beheaded behaved better than anyone. It is from him we should take our example.
All you so called believers: aren't you suppose to believe in 'vengeance is mine saith the lord?"
Disgraceful reaction.
Disgusting to show a dead body and to gloat.
Makes me sick.
Lowers us to killers, murderers, psycho-paths of the same order.


Bird said...

what's been proven in election after election - that the majority of americans hate karen? wow!

the left is about hate and intolerance? what's the right about then?and the center? what the hell you talkin' bout pig?

Pete Bogs said...

croak - I agree for the most part, and I do not pretend to speak for America... just ONE American...

Pete Bogs said...

karen - true, but there are many dickheads, no? just look at Falwell and Robertson? they're still out there when they should be penniless and forgotten...

Karen said...

croak~ Absolutely agree with everything you said! In fact, comments like yours from outside of the U.S. hold more meaning in my opinion.

It's the reason hubby watches the BBC news every day instead of the talking heads from here. He said he wants to know how the rest of the world sees us. And, since the dickhead-in-chief has been in office, the worlds' reaction has been negative. hmmmmmmmmmmmm, wonder why!?!

Now getting back to the killing of the terrorist the dickhead-in-chief created... that's the very point! He created the atrocities in EYE-RACK so he should be the one to clean them up!!

And to dangle the dead body out there for everyone to see, is beyond despicable!! The only dead body I will gleefully cheer for is when you-know-who is dangling on the end of a rope along with his vice you-know-who!!

'k, rant over until his idiotship gives reason to create another one!! {now that's a dumb statement, eh? his stupidity is on-going)

Hellpig said...

Now getting back to the killing of the terrorist the dickhead-in-chief created... that's the very point! He created the atrocities in EYE-RACK so he should be the one to clean them up!!

Learn your history Karen you are so off base,know wonder the left spins in circles

And to dangle the dead body out there for everyone to see, is beyond despicable!! The only dead body I will gleefully cheer for is when you-know-who is dangling on the end of a rope along with his vice you-know-who!!

And yet Bird wonders where my statemnts come from,I have plenty of fodder when quoting Anti-Americans such as Karen.

And Bird the Majority if I have to spell it out to a teacher LMAO has proven it by electing and re-electing BUSH,thank GOD you are not a History teacher,stick to English,at least your rhetoric won't be passed on to our youth.

Pete Bogs said...

I'm not sure if they handed Zarqi over for quick burial, in the Muslim tradition... I think burning, dismemberment, dragging behind a car and stringing up from a bridge would be more appropriate... BRING IT ON!

(did I just say that???)

Hellpig said...

Karen Said: It's the reason hubby watches the BBC news every day instead of the talking heads from here. He said he wants to know how the rest of the world sees us. And, since the dickhead-in-chief has been in office, the worlds' reaction has been negative. hmmmmmmmmmmmm, wonder why!?!

Which world do you live in? If your hubby gets his news from BBC which is as respected as the Liberal propaganda NY Times,Know wonder you are clueless

"The killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is a major and rare success for the U.S. military... though the Americans themselves had over the years helped build up the reputation of Zarqawi, that focus probably ended up exaggerating his role."

Can you believe the BBC? Of course you can. That outfit wants the USA and their own country to lose in Iraq.

Bird said...

pig -
you use quotes from commentary by karen AFTER the fact - so while you're current quotes certainly support your previous claim - the commentary from which you drew them didn't exist at the TIME you made your claim- thus I questioned you. you made your claim before you had evidence. unless of course, you had previous knowledge of karen - but if so, you didn't bother to share it. think about audience when you write - what does a reader need to know in order to understand your point and find it believable? or perhaps you don't care if a reader understands or finds it credible? if so - what the heck are bothering for?

why don't you inquire if karen and hubby watch more than bbc? aren't you making a quite an assumption there? and frankly, bbc america is quite different than bbc international.

you still haven't answered the question about what the right and center are about.

and it's really time you stopped with the damn name-calling and personal attacks. is it ever possible for you to argue from a logical, rational position? you clutter up the ether with irrationailty. you and karen are cut from the same cloth - just alternative sides.

don't bother shouting "hypocrite" - old and cliche you know.

Hellpig said...

Bird if the shoe fits and in your case it always will

You dont think that her concern for a murdering satanic worshipping Islamic nutbag,over the President of the United States regardless of party affiliation is not Anti-American and Pro-terrorist you are truly dense

Bird your ramblings once again show your true side to the issue,and I will do and say any damn thing I want until Bogs deletes my ass

All my comments had justification
all were proven by her own statements.

The only dead body I will gleefully cheer for is when you-know-who is dangling on the end of a rope along with his vice you-know-who!!

What part of this statement do you not understand or need explaining

And you are clueless about world news go read Al-Jazzeera again

Hellpig said...

Bird said...
pig -
you use quotes from commentary by karen AFTER the fact

Sorry but I was on TARGET from the beging try re-reading from the start,terrible retention for a college english teacher.

Or do you just make blind comments because you are...what's the word?
"Intolerant" of the PIG

hey that shoe looks nice on you :)

Karen said...

LOL, Pete!

Quite a *firestorm* over here when emotions run high.

It seems that everyone has their opinions and they're not about to change them.

btw, we do watch Jim Lehrer News Hour along with BBC. And, News Hour does present both sides of an issue fairly.

Now back to Coulter... jussssssst kiddin'!! {grin}

Bird said...

i agree, pig, you were in some respects on target about k. i don't care for her point of view - and the expression of it lacks support and logic though i will not make the arugment that she is pro-terrorist or anti-american because of her statements (that's an incomplete argument - not enough support in my opinion). i suspect i could support a claim that her commentary is emotional, reactionary, and unsupported by logical evidence.

your claim however was also emotional and reactionary and unsupported - you didn't prove your point when you first made it - - you're missing the basic concept here - support your claim with info, facts that occur BEFORE the claim is made, not with info provided after the claim is made.

intuition and emotion are vastly different from logic and rational argument. you made your claim based on gut feel - not on logic. when asked to support it, you used statements k made after you had already expressed your opinion. you hadn't read those statements prior to expressing your opinion because she hadn't made them yet.

try this:

i run into you on the street and for reasons passing understanding invite you to my house for fresh baked cookies and you accept. upon arriving at my home, we see that all the cookies i baked are gone - none left on the cookie plate in the kitchen.

"just like a stupid liberal." you say. "invite someone over for cookies, but there aren't any."

my kid is sitting in the living room. an empty glass of milk in his hand, cookie crumbs on his shirt.

"my son has eaten all the cookies." i say.

"prove it,you whack-job!" you say to me.

before i can state my evidence, my son confesses: "that's right - I ate the cookies" he says. "Haha Hellpig - you're not half the pig i am!"

"Listen, you snot-nosed swine of a liberal dolt, i don't care." you snarl at my son.

I ignore your rude comments to my son (after all, I am pissed at him for eating all the cookies). "See Pig." I turn to you smugly and say. "HE ate the cookies. I am right."

"Yes," you say " you are right for a change - but only by luck you dimwit- what if your idiot son (who's probably a damn communist or socialist) hadn't confessed -what led you, before he confessed, to think he had eaten all the cookies? What possible evidence did your rambling, muddled-up anti-american bird brain stumble upon to make you reach that conclusion BEFORE he confessed?"

"Oh honestly Pig, are you dense or something "I say, "i saw that the cookies are gone, that he has an empty glass of milk in his hand and he has cookie crumbs on his shirt. I also know that he always drinks milk with cookies and that he is a member of AWHAAHC (Americans Who Hate America And Hog Cookies). Thus, based on those facts and my previous knowledge, I made a logical conclusion that he ate all the cookies. Even if he hadn't confessed, i could build a case against him for eating all the cookies with that evidence."

"Ok, You're right." you say. "You've proved your point with information clearly in evidence BEFORE your son confessed.But you're still an intolerant whack job."

yes pig, i am intolerant of your penchant for name-calling and hurling insults - rhetorical devices that in no way further a discussion nor build understanding nor help persuade anyone to see your point of view. i am intolerant of arguments that are not based on solid, rational evidence, intolerant of arguments based on half-truths, and illogical inferences, etc.

i am intolerant of all that because i see it as crippling rational and critical debate in this country - which in turn undermines democracy and leads us closer and closer to totalitarinism (sp). and as a patriot who loves her country, i am intolerant of and abhor that which undermines my country and moves her away further and further away from being a shining city on the hill, a beacon of freedom. yeah - all that sentimental, patriotic crap - i believe it. i want it. and i want my kids and grandchildren to have it.

your statement that if i don't think the same way as you do (regarding k)i must then be "dense" is laughable. maybe you're dense if you don't agree with me. now, isn't that a silly arugment?

CROAK said...

That's why I watch Jim Lehrer here in Australia, to get a more balanced view of what is really going on in USA.
BTW. The majority did not vote for Bush. The majority didn't vote at all. What kind of democracy is that? Of the minority that voted Bush got the majority of the minority. What does this mean in the greatest democracy in the world.
Karen can express herself anyway she wants and if she is showing her passion in an overt way that that is fine. I am sure if it came down to it she would not string Bush up... well maybe just a bit by the balls.

BTW (number 2) Just heard maybe Zarqawi was bashed to death by soldiers. Just suspecting that does not look good does it?

Pete Bogs said...

re: "whack jobs"

I understand some of the less reputable massage parlours will give you one of these for a few bucks...

I am caught here between wanting to protect my readers and wanting to protect their right to speak freely...

I get all my news off the Internet, by the way... TV sucks...

infinitesimal said...


you are appearing to be an utter tool.
Gore won the election. Bush cheated.
It's a fact, not a spin, or a wish or denial.
Black people were detained in Florida, they were either arrested, detained, roadblocked, and/or told that outstanding warrants would be checked at the polling place. Flyers were distributed stating the date to vote was Wednesday, and not Tuesday.
Entire neighborhoods were targeted. Black neighborhoods.
They would not vote for Bush, and were attempting to vote for Gore. They, we, America and the sacred freedoms it once held were cheated.
Looking back to the FEMA Bush nosepicking incident, wherein nobody cared about black people in New Orleans dying from hurricane damage aftermath...I can clearly see why the black people in Florida wanted to sway the 28 electoral votes in the Gore direction.

But they were prevented from having a chance to be Americans on voting day.

So the election was not won, and even if he would have won with numbers, the fact that there was so much cheating going on in a state that was run by his brother; Well, I don't consider it to have been an honest election in the slightest. The election was between honest, and dishonest, between rules kept intact, and rules be damned. Dishonest and rules be damned elected himself by cheating.

I think that Bush is a well-meaning fool, with an IQ of up to 120, and that he is being fed directives by God only knows who.

And PS:
What satan worshiping religion do they practice in Iraq, and how is it that you come to know this as fact?

just curious... don't bite me!!!!

Pete Bogs said...

yes, do not bite Infini... I don't want any cases of swine flu starting on this site...

Hellpig said...

Islam is satanic

And oh yes the entire country was duped by Florida,please

Dems are 10 times more corrupt then Reps.

Spin it anytway you want but the MAJORITY of Americans have a different View point

And it doesn't say much for the Dem Party if they could't even beat a G.W. Bush


And I agree I am a TOOL wanna guess which one?

Hellpig said...

Bogs a few of us in the blogsphere have created a new blog,still under construction but the girls got impatient so it is up now

Stop by Absolute Zero

Pete Bogs said...

hell - is that the anti-paedophile site I saw on Daydreamer's blog? good idea...

as far as tools, you can't be The Hammer, since that's already taken...

Hellpig said...

I said it as a joke but the more I think about which tool do I best represent?

The Screwdriver
The Awl
The Visegrip

Questions to ponder

Yeah Bogs it is the Anti-Pedophile blog,we will have the new design up by the end of the month,Oz has a friend working on it for us.

Hellpig said...

seeing how this post is a few days old and I once again thread jumped a topic I will enlighten thee about Islam

I am a firm believer that there are spiritual principals behind events in our world. I’m not a “devil behind every bush” type of person. However, sometimes in order to understand the present we must look to the past, to elements of faith and belief in a sovereign God. This is just the case with what is going on today with extreme Islamics. Many people do not understand just where the religion of Islam came from and why it is so similar yet so different from Judaism or Christianity. It is time for a Biblical history lesson found in Genesis.

Long before Christ, God spoke to Abraham and established a covenant with Him. Basically, “I will be your God and you will be my people.” God promised to bless Abraham with much “seed” or descendants. However, at the time he did not have a son. Even though Abraham and Sarah were very old, God promised a nation would arise from “the promised seed.” Now just like most people, Abraham and Sarah thought God was taking too long; so Sarah stepped in to hurry up the process. She let Abraham sleep with her handmaid, Hagar. Hagar became pregnant and Sarah was now angered. She sent Hagar away, to roam in the desert. The unborn child was Ishmael. While in the desert the Lord sent a messenger to Hagar, telling her to return to Abraham and also saying some things about her unborn child. God promised to make him a nation and told a little about his character, “He will be a wild donkey of a man, He will be against everyone and everyone will be against him. He will attack all his brothers.” GENESIS 16:12 Hagar returned and gave birth to Ishmael.

When Abraham was 86 years old, Ishmael WAS the first born of Abraham, but he was not the promised one of God. However, God did say to Hagar, Ishmael’s mother, that her son would become a nation and have many descendants. The lines of Ishmael, his 12 sons, were the leaders of the ARAB nations.
Ok, so what about God’s promise to Abraham? When Abraham was 96 years old God gave instructions for keeping the agreement between them. A sign of the covenant, the promise of numerous seed, would be circumcision. Then when Abraham was 100 years old, Isaac was born. And he circumcised him just as the Lord had instructed. Isaac was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel.

Ishmael was not part of the covenant with God, he was uncircumcised, and he was destined to lead a life of strife, as proclaimed at his birth, and be at war with his brothers, the covenant people, the circumcised, and the promised nation of Israel. Since Ishmael was the first born of Abraham, Islamic people consider him the promised one, a prophet of God. In Islamic tradition it was Ishmael that was laid on the altar for sacrifice, not Isaac. Mecca is the place in the desert where Hagar fled when she was pregnant with Ishmael. Therefore, it is holy. The Islamic religion is a flipped or opposite of the Hebrew tradition. Ishmael takes the “hero” role and Isaac is the outcast. Islam is a perversion of the covenant with God.

So what does that mean? Well for people of faith, we know that there are consequences for disobedience / lack of faith in God. This lack of faith in God set the stage for the rise of Islam. From the line of Ishmael the Islamic faith arose. Ishmael was the “Bastard” child, the one that was a constant reminder of disobedience, the total opposite of what God had in mind for Abraham, father of the nation of Israel. And that is evident in what is proclaimed by God at his birth. “He will be a wild donkey of a man, He will be against everyone and everyone will be against him. He will attack all his brothers.” GENESIS 16:12 His descendants today, the Arab nations, the Muslims, are in constant turmoil, in short terrorists! Doomed to forever war against the covenant people, Israel as well as all their allies. This war on terror is not just a physical war, but a spiritual one as well that had its beginnings 1000’s of years ago! Please read the story of Abraham for yourself
(Genesis 16-22 ) and may your eyes be opened to the spiritual side of the war with terror.
Pray for our nations, leaders as well as the troops. May God grant America victory!

This was writen by a fellow bloggers wife who is also a pastor

Pete Bogs said...

that was one sexy Bible verse you quoted there... I love all the sex, betrayals and rivalries...

I believe all religions come from man's imagination... therefore, all are false from that standpoint... however, I can overlook that if they live peacefully and do not interfere in the lives of others... Islam has gotten my attention in recent years because of the barbaric behavior done in the name of God... that't hypocrisy whoever does it, but Islamists seem to be excelling in that of late... therein lies my distrust of that particular faith... whereas, direct participation in others has put me off them... overall, your points Islam to me are moot, because as I said, they are all lies man tells himself to feel better...

Hellpig said...

Well said bogs,I am not a religious person,but in my opinion if satan does exist,Islam worships him or is the embodiment of him

They prey to a black rock not of this earth 5 times a day

Even a not so religious person as myself is able to do the math

Hellpig said...

*Pray* sorry

Bird said...

hey bogs,
pig and i have been going at it for quite a bit (always have i guess) but it heated up over at aunty belle's a while ago and of course, flared up again here on your blog. my apologies to you and others if the discussion got out of hand and if there was any, excuse the expression, collateral damage.

you are a gracious and thoughtful host.

regards as always,

infinitesimal said...

Hey pigs and pals,

what black rock do they pray to 5 times a day?

I know the story of Hagar and Abrahams doubt.

Ishmael was born of doubt, but why is there a racist slant?

God cannot be a racist. God likes Jews better than others and others better than donkeys of men?

This is my main contention with the Bible. So it makes no sense to me to say that the bible calls them satanic.

What's the deal with this rock?

Pete Bogs said...

bird - no worries...

infini - I think he was talking about Mecca, though I didn't know it was a rock...

Daydreamer of Oz said...

We did not get impatient :)

Sorry for my prolonged absence. As you know I've been a little *ahem* pre-occupied. You know from my blog that I agree 100%. And just for those who are not aware, Michael Berg's 'better behaviour' serves his political agenda.

infinitesimal said...

Seriously, I want someone to tell me the deal on the big black spacerock.


piggy piggy pig!
Do you know what it's called?

Aunty Belle said...

Contessa, sweet puddin', the rock is the Kaaba, --well, no, the rock, a large black meterorite, is housed in the Kaaba, a shrine over the rock. Before Mohammed, Mecca drew pilgrims who worshipped the rock and left minor gods /images to keep it company.

Mohammmed objected to this "pagan" worship once he began promotin' his own sinister version of God. This calumny against the Rock made Meccan city fathers a tad touchy, so they threw his derriere outa town.

Mo's retreat ter Medina (hijira) ter lick his wounds and plot revenge against Mecca included a clever PR move of keepin' the Rock fer the masses....Mo returned with vengence, but he wiped out only the junior godlets surrounding the Rock an' let the plain folks keep their Rock as evidence of Allah's presence.

So now--today-- Muslims are supposed to make it to Mecca atleast once in a lifetime to worship Allah at the Kaaba. A' course, chile', they doan let no infidels in ter see the thang. I'se read of a brave soul or two dressed in Muslim style tha's been in ter see it, but they say the show is more the folks in frenzy around the Kaaba.

Iffin' ya' ain't bored by all this,
they's a bit more--some pre -Islamic
traditions though that Adam and Eve landed in Bakkah (Mecca) when the angel booted 'em from paradise. Here, the Arab t radition claims, Adam adked God fer a place to worship--the Rock were it--but the Qur'an doan sat nuttin' bout that.

Also pre-Islamic, the Arabians thought Hagar (did 'ja read what Hail -Pig put there fer ya on Abraham and Hagar the concubine and their son Ishmail?)settled in Bakkah (mecca) whar Abe came ter visit periodically. (ain't no real record of such) Some versions say Hagar's house is the site of the Kaaba.

Now this ancient Arab idea was valuable to MOhammed, who wove it into his visions, ya see, makin' sure to hold tight to the status of being children of Abe....meanin' that Mohammed was able to give the folks a structured belief that justified their hope in being more thahn descendents an illegitmate son.

As I done remarked on mah Back Porch, Islam is a synthesis of Jewish and Christian heresies--the dissident priest Arian had followers who were prominent in MEcca circa 350-700 AD.

See, sweet potato, Mecca was a major trade center during days of Christ, and Jews who did not come all the way into Israel after the Exodus escape hung back in the Arabian at the time of Christ there was a real thrivin' community of Jews in Mohammed's day they was a swirl of Jewish, Christian and Arabic ideas yakked up in the Mecca town square where Mohammed scratched his flea bites. Ya' can see how he jes' took a bit from this, and a bit from that, addin' his own fantasies.

BTW, seems I'se seen an arial picture of that rock in some travel book--mebbe ya' can find it.

Pete Bogs said...

Aunt B - thanks for the lowdown on that Funky Cold Medina...

Aunty Belle said...

Ah, Contessa? Yore comment:

"Gore won the election. Bush cheated.It's a fact, not a spin, or a wish or denial."

Infini, this ain't true. All those points ya listed about the Blcak folk--that was shown to be spin--did not happen, other than the normal stoppin' of folks who tried to vote twice--whatever their color.

AN' ya knows that dems tried to pay blacks 5 bucks if they'd git on a bus that would take em to the polls? Police had to shut that down.

Now honey, what DID happen was "loss" of military votes from overseas --Bush votes of course.

The election was not stolen--it was close, we are a diivided nation...but it is Demo spin that explains their loss by yellin' "Cheat".

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs--violate yore principles like a good fink and take a peak at that sitemeter ya gots and see who/where this "Croak" comes from. Do it match another visitor ya gits sometimes?

Pete Bogs said...

Aunt B - I don't use it for that... I look at numbers visitors and their countries...

infinitesimal said...


Do you know many black people in the districts of which i am referring? Did they tell you it did not happen, or did rich people tell you that?

Why did you call Bogs a fink?


The 2000 election was rigged in florida and there was no "normal" voting there with hanging chads and all that rot and black folk WERE detained... Bogs, can you back me up on that one? just for posterities sake.