Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Death By COBRA

My current job is a temp position, so I'm not eligible for any insurance benefits from the company. That's left me with the options of either seeking private insurance, or going on COBRA coverage through my former employer.

I chose both. That is, I've applied for private insurance, and while I'm waiting to find out if I've been accepted (six to eight weeks), I've begun paying for COBRA coverage.

Though I'm relatively young and healthy, private insurance is no sure thing. They ask for documentation of every time you've coughed since birth. I filled out 20 pages of application paperwork full of many, many stipulations. It seems as though they're just looking to find a "t" uncrossed somewhere and reject me.

With COBRA, I enjoy the privilege of continued medical and dental insurance (we don't want any insurance gaps - woooo!!!) at just three times the normal monthly premium. That's a pretty penney.

It's absurd that people without full-time employment actually pay more for health insurance than full-time workers do. Those who make less pay more - a bloody brilliant idea! It's like tax reform on prescription steroids, paid for out-of-pocket.

So when I hear political wrangling about insurance issues in the media, all I can think is, who will save me from this deadly, venomous COBRA?


Mr Q said...

Don't cha wish Canada had dual citizenship rules?

Pete Bogs said...

I dated someone who had dual citizenship, but she was born there and moved here... nope, I'm stuck with shitty American healthcare...

CROAK said...

I remember when Hilary tried to introduce the idea of 'universal health care' that we had so well ( up until lately) and the Americans howled her down. She had visited Australia and found it to be fair and helpful.
Insurance is always a hell of a thing. Like betting on your own life.

Good luck with it anyway.

Bird said...

hahahah - i just applied for my COBRA (i'm entitled due to my new status as "divorcee" - hahaha!)

it'll cost a pretty penny less than a private policy.

i am eligible next spring for benes from one of the colleges at which i teach. can hardly wait.

but i will not go without coverage - i am too old to do so. they will pre-exist me on everything.

i did have a private insurance rep tell me over the phone that women's premiums decrease after age 40 because we are no longer in our "childbearing" years - which costs some money. i found that odd - because although out of childbearing years, it's now menopausal crap and body-falling apart crap - far more expensive than childbearing. and chronic too boot!

i hate insurance companies.

rusty shakelford said...

Why dont you join the Army? They have great healthcare.

Pete Bogs said...

they need it, with all the dismemberments and whatnot...

Bird said...

actually, vets get lousy healthcare - due to bush's cuts to the VA.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Bush to get his ass to work on the gas prices.

fatty ~ said...

COBRA also stands for Cabinet Office Briefing Room A
A room in the faculty from which the UK govt manages and directs action in the event of a national emergency or crisis.

the phrase 'death by cobra' is just as applicable in this case.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

all that doccumentation they are having you fill out is to find pre exsisting issues to not cover later -they'll probably take you but then it will be: "hey you had that before we started covering you"

theres some doctors that have set up practices where insurance is not accepted. you just pay them like the "good ol days" many cases, if its not a quad bypass or whatever, its a better deal. because it eliminated the massive admin costs.

canada. well yeah its a deal. but the waiting line for needed procedures is an its better if you are not really sick. americans cross over to get cheaper drugs, and canandians cross over when they are really in trouble and need immediate quality care.

in other words, dont get sick. or have an accident. or, just roll with it. ya know, times up!


rusty shakelford said...

Say what you want about
Bush cutting the VA budget. All I have to do is show my card. I think the bill for by daughters birth came out to eight dollars. CORBA must be great is you consider that lousy healthcare.

Bird said...

ah, i get it rusty - as long as you get yours, everything is ok.

glad your daughter's birth was so inexpensive. too bad most americans don't have it so good - in fact - don't have health care coverage at all.

and we have to raise money from private funders to create the kind of state-of-the-art treatment center many of our returning soldiers need. and our soldiers with blown-off body parts and brains do not receive the quality care they deserve - they earned - at the behest of bush - who sacked the VA budget - clearly a wonderful way to "support the troops."