Thursday, May 04, 2006

Spring Break ‘07: Woh, Mexico?

Mexico is set to legalize the possession of small amounts of controlled substances like marijuana, cocaine and heroine.

Holy frijoles!

Mexico’s “gain” may be Daytona Beach’s loss. Who’s going to head to Florida for Spring Break now that 18-year-olds can have a full-on freakout legally down in Ole Mexico?

If you’re driving from, say, Illinois, it’s not much farther to go.

President Bush, of course, tried to talk his Mexican counterpart out of legalization, and it may have worked. I’m sure Gov Jeb made frantic calls to his bro in DC on behalf of our endangered tourism industry.

Though we officially disapprove of them, we love those drunken, projectile-vomiting, fornicating underage girls and guys gone wild. They’re a boon to the Florida economy, what with the revenue they bring to hotels, bars, restaurants, convenience stores and bail bondsmen.

But the competition may one day be just too stiff South of the Border, where apparently the real party is.

Tough tacos for us, I guess.


The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

Ok, so we THINK about decriminalizing marijuana, and there's a diplomatic holy war.

Mexico plans on LEGALIZING cocain and Bush says: "Oh, please don't do that."


You Shatner stealing, Mexico touchers!

Hellpig said...

they are trying to balance the immigration

by legalizing they think all the druggies will migrate to mexico

Pete Bogs said...

I'm personally disappointed yet another foreign leader bowed to Bush on something...

Zya said...

wow... and I thought only the Australian leader was kissing up Bush :P

Jack K. said...

If I heard it correctly on the Tonight show, Fox said he would not sign the drug legalization law. So, Pete, you are safe for a little longer. You would have to have a good sattelite link to be able to watch the nude frivolities of college students gone wild if they went to Mexico.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - yup, W put pressure on El Presidente... he was afraid of "drug tourism," which as it turns out was exactly the point of this post!