Thursday, May 25, 2006

Saddam On Trial Part VII: Not Saddam

Saddam Hussein's trial continued yesterday in Baghdad, but the main attraction was not Saddam, but his former henchman, Tariq Aziz.

Borrowing a page from the Michael Jackson defense strategy, defense witness Aziz attended court wearing his jammy-jams. It wasn't the most eccentric appearance so far in this trial.

In his testimony Aziz claimed that it was not Saddam who should be on trial, but the current leadership of Iraq, who tried to take Saddam out a quarter century ago.

Why ever would anyone want to hurt such a fine gent as Saddam?

Any belief that by turning himself in to American military personnel in 2003 Aziz was going to become a witness for the prosecution is now in doubt.

What I remember of Aziz is mainly from before Gulf War I, when he actually seemed to be a charming individual. It's like those women who date complete assholes and you wonder how they can have anything to do with the guy. Aziz, you can do better!

Aziz himself is not on trial, but could eventually face charges if he doesn't cooperate. I'm sure they can find something to pin on him.

If Aziz is smart, as he occasionally seems to be, he'll cut a cushy deal with the prosection and then use his charms on a book tour somewhere. Now that's true democracy in action!


Jack K. said...

Bogs, I think you just may have stumbled onto Aziz's strategy. Make the prosecution nervous about your testimony, and they will give you everything you want. But, can they guarantee the safety of you and yours?

I wonder.

Just a thought.

The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

I fell in love with Aziz during Gulf War I.

Such a charasmatic politician. For some reason, he reminds me of Castro on that Simpsons episode...hehehehe, I love the Simpsons.

Pete Bogs said...

yeah, Aziz could pass for Hispanic... I can see him with one of those white button-down shirts they wear, but that may be a Florida or USA thing...

I like when they inadvertantly bailed out Cuba with that $1 million dollar bill, whrn the country was about to go capitalist...