Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kill, Kill, Kill!

You don’t want me for your corporate shill
That’s just fine, coz I’ll deal
But when you go and disrespect me
Well, I gotsta protect me

Y’all may say I’m mentally ill
And I'll forgive you for saying, “Man, chill!”
But all I can think now is kill, kill, kill

A quick drive over to your block
I see you, I whip out my Glock
Less than a second to pull the trigger
BANG! You’re dead, and I snigger

Nah, doin’ you won’t be no thrill,
But don’t think I ain't got the will
Coz now I know it’s time to kill, kill, kill!

Had some of you going with my psychopath-street-rhyme, didn't I?

For those who've been following along, I've had some job interviews lately. Well, I've found a new writing gig; it's temporary, and nothing exciting, but it'll pay the bills while I continue looking for a real job. Personally, I think I should be paid for blogging!

Thanks for your good wishes (and for not reporting this satirical post to the authorities).


Bird said...

no fair! state explicitly what the new, though temporary gig is.

yeah - you should get paid for blogging. you gotta hook up with some indie newspaper and become a peon writer - convince them to have you blog for pay (of course, the pay will be so little, you might as well just do it for free).

Jack K. said...

You don't have to worry about us reporting you. In case you hadn't noticed, the prez has authorized all kinds of snooping. They have probably found us all out by now. ;-D

Nah, they have too damned much stuff to keep track of. LOL.

Good luck on the temp gig. You do write well. Let us know where you are published. Who knows we might get curious enough to ferret it out and read it.

Pete Bogs said...

bird - it's just a non-creative corporate thing that I'm probably overqualified for...

jack - thanks... the Prez is probably monitoring my keystrokes anyway, the bastard!

Jack K. said...

Don't worry, he wouldn't recognize nuclear. Just don't type newkular.

Oops! Now we're both in trouble. :-D

Pete Bogs said...

no jack, when it comes to who's in trouble, "I am the decider..."

Hellpig said...

Paid for blogging

Got change for a dime

What r u de-ciding a house?

Bird said...

jack - just noticed you changed your pic to THE CAR. very cool. i want a ride.

bogs - so - you are a corporate, lackey writer for the capitalist regime? hahahahahha! i have a friend who is jack-footed thug for the capitalist regime - a cop. i believe i am a liberal mindsucker for the souless and elitist ivory tower. we all have our crosses to bear.

pig- your pun is so bad - it's good.

Pete Bogs said...

hell - penny for my thoughts? I don't need your chump change!

bird - we're all working for the man in some way...

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs, darlin! Wonderful to have new gig...but we's need to be concentrating on a Creative gig for the near future?? Is that what the former one was, non-corporate but creativve? Youse got it in ya fer shur.

I left yer a post on Darfur Catch 22--hate to be late on it, but left some yakkin' there for you and your responders...not jes' on Dafur but the new UN ...you'll se.

Oh an', Tell me yore dream job sugar and I'll ask St. Gabriel to arrange that fer ya (he is the archangel in charge of communications, yer know)

Pete Bogs said...

Aunt B - the former one was corporate too, but gave me more chance for creativity... this temp one is more "descriptive" than anything else: here are the facts, now present them in a digestible form, etc. they leveled with me about it, and I leveled with them - that I have aspirations beyond that, but that I could do the job and was willing... both parties seem happy... yes, my focus is on something far more creative, like advertising... I know I have it in me, but thanks for the vote of confidence!

Aunty Belle said...

Yep, youse got it in yer...willin' to relocate of youse married to finchy?

CROAK said...

Penny for your thoughts but more dollars for your writing them with such ability and clarity.

Pete Bogs said...

aunt b - finchy is already married, or at least engaged... he brings her here for the free grub...

croak - exactly!

Bird said...

hahaha bogs -
see how addicted i am to your blog? i wing by on my early morning flight path to find that you've not added a new post yet today.

that new job must be interferring with your "real" writing - hahahaha!


Pete Bogs said...

bird, you just missed me!