Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hot For Teacher

A school teacher in KY (the state, not the jelly) is in hot water over a porn movie in which she appeared. In fact, she’s out of a job.

The movie in question is a decade old, but that didn’t stop her bosses from sacking her after they found out about it.

It’s an unfortunate “quirk” of the US, but I really think we’re a “glass half empty” society. I will explain.

Where even the most uptight or upstanding citizen could look at this woman and say, “Well, I don’t approve of what she did, but that was long ago, and she’s really turned to a respectable profession now,” they don’t.

Some find the negative in anything and focus on that to the exclusion of all else. I know that as a teacher she was working with kids, but onetime porn actress doesn’t equal pedophile. And it was one time.

Some people’s ideology keeps them from seeing things in a reasonable, measured way. In fact, we've seen that some ideologies replace reason altogether.

I can understand, to a degree, why a political candidate might want to dig up and use info like this to harm an opponent (though I think it’s still shitty).

In fact, imagine that scenario for a moment: This same woman decides to run for a state office when this naughty tidbit comes out and quashes her campaign.

How about, "Look at how far she's come
(no pun intended) since then," instead of "She's history," eh? We certainly give former drinkers and drug addicts that kind of break, so why not former porn actresses?

Are we saying, in effect, that if this is what you are/were, it's all we'll ever allow you to be in our eyes?

Here we have a grade school teacher, whom no one presumably has a vendetta against, but who’s being penalized for something perhaps questionable she did years ago.

I think that, in a word, sucks.


pornstudent said...

A thousand-time porn actress doesn’t equal pedophile.

A porn actress can be a wonderful teacher. She can suck a bunch of dicks on a Saturday afternoon and be an inspired teacher cum Monday.

Pete Bogs said...

I think porn actress-cum-teacher is a way-cool dual profession...

Bird said...

bogs - have you changed your pic AGAIN???

about this porn teacher thing...
acting in a porn movie is different than ...say, writing erotica (ooh...i feel a double-standard rising up). i don't think i'd want my own kids taught by a porn star.

truly a good thing i don't allow my students access to my blog and thank goodness I am a college instructor - that gives me a little leeway for my erotica writing if i am discovered and viewed disparagingly.

Pete Bogs said...

if you're referring to my comment above, tongue was definitely in cheek on that one... however, this woman isn't an active porn star, but did one day of shooting one one film ten years ago... she shouldn't be denied employment because of that...

yes, I changed the pic... did you think I only drank one Guinness in my life and took that picture for posterity? this is an ongoing project, boyed! ;-)

Jack K. said...

bird, you have to watch out for those double standards. You have railed against them so eloquently in the past.

It is unfortunate that our culture is so afraid of its natural sexuality. (Pedophilia is not natural in my world.) If we were able to be more open about it things might just be a little better.

Sex over violence any time.

Aunty Belle said...

Bawgs wrote:

"Some people’s ideology keeps them from seeing things in a reasonable, measured way. In fact, we've seen that some ideologies replace reason altogether."

No kiddin'...

Uh, Bawgs, honey, the woman isn't "denied employment" . That is dramatic license?

She can scrub toilets, sling hash, or serve as an intern the next time they need one in the OO.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh, an' chile' I'se thrilled wif' yer new mug shot--the best yet. Youse handsome!

Pete Bogs said...

Aunt B - she's denied the employment she's trained for... are you suggesting that someone with her past should only be permitted to do menial jobs and not have a career? sure sounds like it... I am going to call you Aunt Beneezer from now on...

"Are there no workhouses? No prisons?"

thanks for the compliment...

Aunty Belle said...

Is ya suggestin' that OO internships is menial?

infinitesimal said...

First off,
What the hell is OO internship?
second, could you squeeze any more sexual innuendos into this post?
no really, could you?
Fuck those kids then, let a real pedophile teach them, maybe the parents would rather have a healthy sexual appitite human teach over a pervert after their kids get molested by one.

There is a reason why i am not going to be a teacher, and it those irritating stuffed shirts what fired her.

Not going to let a porn star teach your kids?
You want a dried up virgin who is so bitter that she power trips all day?
I mean, we need to know exactly what kind of sex was had by people before we employ them?
Maybe we can't hire the virgen, not enough sex!
Ooops, can't hire the homo, not the right kind of sex.
Uh-oh! not the gem with the canker sore... has unprotected sex!

"I am sorry Miss, we are going to need demonstration that you have normal, healthy, hetero, protected sex.
Ah! I see you have brought video demonstration with your resume, excellent..."

Errr.... wait a minute..... (!?!?!)

I dunno, whatever, I don't have kids, so who cares?
would not want to inflict this world on offspring intentionally anyways...

so how did those stuffed shirts find out, anyway?
Someone in the bunch must frequent the "curtained off" room in the video store?

infinitesimal said...

OK I just read the article
and it is seriously unfair
and against my very major in college,
but i am gonna say it:
Who cares if she was in a porno or not,
that chick is bi-polar!
Stability is important for kids,
I raise eyebrow at mental illness in the classroom, not promiscuity.

I am just FULL of piss and vinegar tonight i guess!
But maybe it's true,
in a small town
once it gets out
a teacher has no respect
if one has had opportunity to view her butt-hole up close and personal.

There is a reason nice girls don't do porn.
Everyone says it will cum back to haunt you.
looks like they are right.

infinitesimal said...


i never spell that one right!

Bird said...

the school board member (or whoever that was...short-term memory loss tonight)has a valid point - this teacher's past could disrupt the educational process

but only for a bit. if handled properly by administration and the teachers, the controversy would disappear after a bit.

i would not fire her. i wouldn't want her as a role model for my kids, but i wouldn't fire her.

i don't think performing sexual acts for money for public viewing is healthy. but i don't hold it against this teacher as her porn activity was a result of her untreated bi-polar.

Pete Bogs said...

I didn't mention the bi-polarism because I think that's just the icing on the cake - the story is ridiculous even without it...

I don't like the word "disruptive," especially in the context of school... that's the catch-all word they always used when they couldn't really explain WHY something was a problem... you can't wear shorts because it's "disruptive," or you can't chew gum because it's "disruptive"

disruptive = bullshit

I feel another post topic coming on!

infinitesimal said...

Belle is right, the new picture IS quite flattering.

Bird said...

how about attention-diverting?

of course, the attention is diverted by the way the administration handles the situation.

the bi-polar info is a critical part of the story - it explains why this individual ended up acting in a porn flick. of course, one could argue that it shouldn't matter how it came about, because it shouldn't matter that it happenned.

infini - you can't fire someone for having bi-polar.

BP is treatable and managable - to certain degrees. lots of folks with bi-polar move through their world fairly well (with occassional lapses - not all of which lead to acting in porn flicks). of course, some folks never get a grip - it's not the easiest disease to treat, nor to live with - for the person with it and that person's family.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

not specific to this teacher, porn star once and bi-polar now but speaking to the notion that you can never get beyond a past transgression.....it is uncharitable to never allow the space for someone to become a better person.

it bothers me because, applying this to american politics, who in their right mind would want to run for office? there will be a witch hunt every time now ensuring the most timid, programmed people will rise by virtue of having a skeleton free closet!


Pete Bogs said...

infini - better with eyeballs, eh?

bird - I don't know how the story got out, but I'm thinking damage control... people can cover up political shit, so why not this? the school administration ought to just pull a McClellan and say it's "old news" and refuse to talk about it...

k9 - I agree... as we all know, there are no skeleton-free closets!

infinitesimal said...


I seee-eeeed that it was agaist my major in school, I KNOW that it is not fair, and not legal to discriminate,
But, I have had experience with bi-polar bosses and professionals, and well, it is not something I would want young kids having to navigate....

We all have some form of prejudice, I guess mentally ill teachers teaching young kids is mine.

Did you SEE the look in her eyes?

I'd rather homeschool.

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