Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Guess Who's Ruining Dinner (BogsBlog Post #200)

When it comes to TV commercials, often completely obnoxious though occasionally amusing, everyone's got their pet peeves.

Some people feel uncomfortable watching feminine hygiene ads. Invariably, we see a mother and daughter chatting over tea about "female issues" when one of them produces a sample of the product in question from under the table. (Where was she hiding it? Ewww.)

Often the objection is that kids are watching and embarrassed adults don't know how to explain the purpose of a tampon to them. Hey, you signed up for the job, folks.

Then there are commercials which are too fleshy, too suggestive, or just show people doing stupid things that viewers don't want their kids imitating. I can at least understand the latter.

While I'm not easily offended, I can get disgusted with the right visual stimuli.

I don't ever need to see another pest control commercial during dinnertime or at any other hour. Footage of real insects - or even the computer-generated variety - does not belong on TV. Not even on PBS or the Discovery Channel. No exceptions.

There are still some kinds of commercials most stations won't show, like ones related to sex, or to political/activist groups. Some condom commercials air now, but during limited hours. PETA tried to buy some airtime during the Super Bowl; no dice. The networks were afraid of offending viewers with a spot that strongly challenged their lifestyles.

Well, looking at roaches, spiders and ants crawling around on my screen - anytime, but especially around meals - challenges my ability to keep food down and is way unacceptable. Who greenlights these 30-second yuckfests anyway?

I don't think I'm alone in my disgust here. Show condom ads, scantily clad, cat-fighting women, people swilling all manner of intoxicants or doing insane stunts, but don't beam bugs into my home.

Who can I talk to about this ongoing outrage? I want to open up a can of network-censor-exterminating-whoop-ass on them.


Bird said...

Bogs, Bogs, Bogs,

Turn the tv set off during meals - hahahahaha!

Play some music. LIght a candle.


I can't stand to watch that show fear factor because of the insect action on it.


congrats on post 200 - will you be syndicated now?


Pete Bogs said...

here's the thing: I am not a TV guy... most of the time I only have music on at home... but for the few shows I do watch, it's not even safe... good point about Fear Factor... that's a show that proves just how subjective "offensive TV" is... it's a hit, but no one seems to be complaining about it...