Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Finchy Home Now (Pass Me Them Seeds!)

Finchy's back, and this time it's personal. Up close and personal.

After considering several unorthodox bird-feeding methods (I had begun ladling piles of seed out my window onto the adjacent brick ledge), I finally broke down and bought a "window feeder." The great circle of strife is complete.

These feeders allow you a close look at the birds, as they are just inches outside your window. I have to peek between the slats of the blinds, though, or I'll frighten them off.

Finchy's feeder. The tape residue "X" pattern on the window
ensures God will spare my household from harm
when He passes over. Note the depressed-looking squirrel
at right, who seems to be wondering how the hell
he's going to reach the new feeder.

Yesterday afternoon after I returned home from the annual family outing I was at my computer and heard a familiar "voice." It was Finchy; he had found his new feeder. Then, this morning, I heard gleeful chirping again, and sure enough, Finchy had returned for breakfast with girlfriend Filly in tow.

Feeding the birds now means every time the feeder is empty I have to take the window screen out and pull the feeder down to fill it up. But they're worth the trouble.


Paddys_Gal said...

Tweet tweet ! Great solution, PB.

Jack K. said...

Good work, PB. Finch and Filly both thank you with song.

Do you really have to put the screen back?

Should we start a pool to determine how soon the squirrel will try the leap?

The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

Way to go Bogs!

Finchy and Filly going to get their own blog soon?

Pete Bogs said...

pg - you speak bird?!

jack - there was actually a crowd of people standing below chanting "Jump! Jump!" I didn't want any part of that macabre affair... I don't have to put the screen back but I know how apartment communities like conformity... sooner or later they'll make me put it back up...

flab - I may occasionally let them guest blog, though we will have find a way to translate their songs into English...

Aunty Belle said...

Yep, a blog fer Fnchy--iffin' K-P can have freya, why not Finchy?

Jack K. said...

Where there is a will there is a song to be sung and passed on. lol

Jump! Jump! Jump!

infinitesimal said...

FINCHY AND FILLY come for Breakfast!!

How delightful.

I once rescued two finces from Woolworths in the Village NYC

Yep, they had escaped and were bashing their heads to the window to get out, and making a bloody mess. ANd the salsepeople were like:
"Yeah, when they die, we send em back and get credit"

No I could not buy them as they were "Damaged" (Woolworths has/had a live pet departmnet in the basement)

So, I of course dug in my heels and refused to leave to the managers face, a STRIKE! until they sold me the escaped birds.

We lived a cage free lifestyle in my flat, finch food and water on my nitestand, and finch roosts in my closet. Finch poo... well, they were careful to not do it just anywhere, we had an understaning. They were VERY happy finches.

Untill my dumbass roommate left the window open.

Noe they are most likely hawk food.

But it was fun while it lasted.

Your story reminded me of them, they were a couple too. They made a break for it, I saved them, and eventually, they WERE freed!

Pete Bogs said...

infini - wow, that's something... it's great you were able to save them... I remember Woolworth's in NY, too, with the basements and everything... maybe that's where the toys were? I was young...

infinitesimal said...

That is where the toys were, bikes too, I think...
and fishes and finches and lizards and such...