Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco De County Mayo

Several years ago I went out for drinks with a coworker on St. Patrick’s Day. A chalkboard at the national bar/grill chain we chose announced an all-day special on Corona beer.

“Brian,” I said, “why Corona on St. Pat’s Day?” He just shook his head in disbelief.

I immediately made the suggestion that the following Cinco de Mayo, we go out to an Irish pub and drink only Guinness. It just seemed fair.

I've never looked back.

When it comes to drinking, Cinco de County Mayo is more my style, especially on St. Pat's! I don’t know, call me a “purist.” (“Beer snob” is the more common term.)

Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo, however you may celebrate it!


Jack K. said...

Cheers! A Black Russian awaits later in the day.

Bird said...

jack - you still have not sent me your black russian receipe. this has come up before. clearly, you are living fully, but you are not serving well. ;)

bogs: now, let me think, isn't cinco de mayo about mexican independence, not drinking?

but then again, most of the U.S.gets drunk on the 4th of july - so why not on cinco de mayo? equal opportunity independence days.

i had a corona last night - a little cinco de quatro. maybe i'll try guiness today. but margaritas seem appropriate - or just a shot or two of tequilla - straight.

!ai carumba!

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

two shots patron reposado with a frosty tecate or sol chasin' her down. repeat. and a coctail de camarron loaded with cilantro and limes. thats how i will celebrate.

now, how to develop a drinking holiday around the mexican invasion of el norte?

/howl (happy cinQ5 to all "my bloggaz" as bogs would say)

where the hell is Q?

Aunty Belle said...

I done asked about Q too...whar's he?

BAwgs...left ya a note back at Darfur.

Hellpig said...

every American should report 5 illegals to authorities in celebration of cinco de mayo,so hence forth the day will be known as the tequilia round-up

viva get the fuck out

Jack K. said...

I had the Black Russian times who knows.

Went to dinner with friends. Local Mexican restaurant. Maragaritas for all. Great meal.

Came back to the house for Kahlua for the ladies and Black Russians for the gents.

Buenos dias. or whatever would be spelled properly.

Pete Bogs said...

well, I got in just under the wire with a Guinness at around 11:15 PM... had work earlier, you see, and then was at a Celtic (yup!) concert... I am ready for la cama! (the bed)

Jack K. said...

bird, my poor, feeble mind has been overtaken by another senior moment. Certainly not by too many Black Russians. I was sure that I provided that recipe in a blog somewhere.

Since I can't find it there I will leave it here.

Black Russian:

two parts vodka
one part Kahlua
over ice.

I prefer a one to one mixture.

Enjoy. Skoal. Salud. Prosit. Bottms up. (No eroticism there.) And don't forget to appoint a designated driver. Please drink responsibly. ;)

Jack K. said...

Q may be on a secret mission. Or not.

Pete Bogs said...

Sláinte to all!

CROAK said...

New photo? New drink? Don't report anyone about anything. Not worth it Hell! One day it may be you.