Friday, May 12, 2006

The Asshole Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Well, we can guess where Mary Cheney got her potty-mouth and her penchant for insulting mothers.

Earlier this week she revealed that she considered John Kerry a “son of a bitch” for evoking her name during a 2004 presidential debate question, and mentioning the well-known fact that she’s a lesbian.

I was watching that debate. Kerry didn’t say it maliciously, he used it as part of a reasoned, salient answer to a question he was given. For the Democrat, you see, mentioning that someone is gay is not intrinsically insulting.

Mary claims Kerry made the comment for “political gain.” Let’s see…

1) All public comments made by any candidate running for office are made for political gain.

2) Immediately after the naming “incident” Republicants tried to create a political maelstrom about it to shore up their election day results. (A pathetic attempt, it died a quick death in the press.)

Dick Cheney, referring to the incident, called himself an “angry (at Kerry) father.” Yet later he showed no respect for one of Howard Dean’s family members when he said that he (Cheney) didn’t know anyone who liked Dean, but speculated that “maybe his mother does.”

That didn’t really insult Dean’s mother so much as the man himself. But the “Mary incident” showed us that, by Cheney standards, the mere mention of a family member is insulting and politically inappropriate. Dick set the bar, then limboed under it.

Of course, by calling Kerry an SOB Mary was actually insulting Kerry’s mother, saying that she was in fact not even human.

Echoing her daddy’s favorite expression, Mary also mouthed the words “Go fuck yourself” when John Edwards mentioned her sexuality during his debate with Dick.

Mary, Dick, I use the occasional “fuck” in conversation when I’m angry with someone, an even when I’m not. But lay off the mothers, ok? It’s nearly Mothers’ Day.


Hellpig said...

I have nothing against Edwards,now the communist sypathizer and traitor son of a bitch Kerry is another story.Kerry should be tried for sedition.He is almost as pathetic as Al (Whack Job) Gore with his pandering to Islamic Terrorists.

Bogs and Bogites have a great weekend.

Bird said...

a big streaming, green glob of bird poop is coming down on mary, mary (quite contrary)'s head.

what i find more interesting about little missy mary is that she squanders(according to the article you linked to in your blog bogs)more words on kerry and his reference to her than on the proposed constitutional ban against gay marriage. gee mary - doncha feel loved and accepted for who you really are?

oh - and some nice, wet bird poop to piggy-wiggy as well - how in the world do you arrive at the most bizarre conclusion that kerry is a communist sypathizer and a traitor?

oh,the heck with it! - bird poops all the way around and in advance to anyone who pisses me off right now.

gosh, i've been in a heck of a mood lately.


Bird said...

but no poops to you bogs - love yer blog, as always.

Hellpig said...

If I have to teach you history you are no teacher

1971 ring any bells?

Or do you just like to think it never happened?

I am more than happy to link you to his Treasonous dealings with the Viet Cong AKA the Commies

Learn your history so that we may not repeat it!

Oh and may SF sink into the abyss,
shit on me will ya.

And I hope it rains this weekend.

Hellpig said...


Here's a link to squelch that beak of your's Bird,oh here's another because you never believe the truth to be the truth

1.02 million

Imagine that!!

Blue said...

I agree - people who swear at other people need to be conscious of the words they use rather than using them out of habit.

Mary Cheney (& her dad for that matter) are both reasons for supporting selective breeding - or that the very least a licence to procreate.

Happy mothers day to ur mum bogs, Tell her from us she done good :-)

Pete Bogs said...

hell - typical you'd call Kerry commie for opposing the Vietnam War (he was in it, for Christ's sake) as it's the same logic of this hillbilly bumper sticker I saw yesterday: "100% of terrorists agree, anyone but Bush"

the consternative mind feels that any disagreement with your own country's policies is tantamount to support for the enemy... which is why consternatives should be forbidden from breeding...

bird - you folks always seem to be eating things you can't digest... there's always a big berry seed in the middle of the droppings I find on my car... feel free to vent - I'm just glad it's not at me!

bb - amen to that, and thanks for the Mum's Day wishes! I will be posting some tomorrow as well... nice to see you again, luv...

The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

Boy am I even happy that I don't give a rat's ass about American politics.

Hellpig said...

Bogs his record and actions speak for it's self,he did commit acts of treason they are all well documented,the fact that he served is all the more reason to convict the bastard,he aided and abeted the enemy we were at war with.The law is quite clear in this regard,don't get pissed at me I didn't elect him as the front runner for '04.No wonder he lost he was a commie and had a GPA lower then BUSH!!

As for breeding if this is the case Liberals should have their dicks cut off and their pussies sewn shut! OH and their asses too!!

infinitesimal said...

Uh OH!

True to form,
You must now collect a boar's head.....

he used liberal as a negative.....

Pete Bogs said...

time to get me some Boar's Head Brand cold cuts!

Hellpig said...

No need just putting the Bird to rest