Monday, April 24, 2006

Should You Kiss On The First Interview?

Last week I was once again reminded just how similar a job interview is to a first date.

Think about it: You put on your best clothes, and check your hair (if you have it) obsessively before the meeting. It’s all about making a good impression, right?

It can be a little awkward as you sit across the desk or dinner table from this person; you don’t always know what to say, or how to answer their questions. Those dreaded uncomfortable silences!

You look over at them as you talk and wonder if you’ll be seeing them again, or if this is a one-time thing.

A few days pass, and you wonder if they’ll call you, or if you should take the initiative to call them.

Finally you decide you'd better call, and you find out they have no interest in seeing you again. And you thought things had gone so well!

Anyway, wish me luck.


Jack K. said...


Jack K. said...

One of the things I do for my real estate students is to prep them for their upcoming interview with prospective brokers. It is always good to have a plan. After all, the broker (potential new boss) is also being interviewed for suitability. It is a two way street.

I suggest to my folks to go in with several questions:

Training program
Policy and procedures manual
Fee structure
Affiliate expenses, etc.

I also suggest they have a goal statement and a business plan.

This probably has no connection to the things you are doing.

Just some thoughts to go along with the luck.

As if you needed luck.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - thanks for the advice... it's much appreciated!

ardlair said...

I disagree.

But what's new.

In the area in which I work I always advise .......Never ask any questions in an interview.

It doesn't make you look keen or interested, it makes you look like you haven't done your homework.And see it from the interviewers point of view........they maybe have 8 to see...all with their goddamn questions.

And as regards kissing?
Should be OK.
As long as you keep tongues out of it.

Pete Bogs said...

ard - if she's got eight more after me, I'm no longer interested... it's too dangerous these days, you know?

I can see both sides of the questions issue... I read the company's history, find out who the big players are and exactly what the company does - but not everything you need to know about working for a company can be found on its Web site...

Jack K. said...

To each his own. Whatever works for you is the thing to do.

I haven't got time to waste on companies that do not meet my needs. I want them to understand that I am a person to be reckoned with. If that doesn't meet their mold, cool. I shouldn't be there.

Doing as much research as is possible lets them know that I have an interest in their company.

It is a two way street. I am telling them what I have to offer. I want to know what they have to offer. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit.

Bird said...

have you checked to see if your skull is gleaming, pollished, etc?

just giving you a hard time there bogs - actually, bald men are very attractive. and can be powerful and persuasive in an interview (man, i am just digging my hole deeper and deeper here much room to be misinterpreted - ah hell - it's all anonymous anyway. you haven't a clue who i am - thank god this isn't a job interview!)

i have always understood that asking a pertinent and insightful question or two (one that can demonstrate that you know enough about the position or the company to ask a deeper question - thus showing you've taken inititiave and done your research) is a positive thing to do - but don't overdue it.

is it a writing job? must be - right? you do make your living writing, right? if not - why not? you should be!!!!!!

so i eagerly await the update!

Hellpig said...

call them,call them ,call them,and call them some more,I once nailed a prestigious job after 2 months of calling every 3rd day,the human resource mgr. got tired of taking my calls,and gave me a job

good luck and persistance gets the job

Pete Bogs said...

thanks for the advice, everyone... it is most certainly a writing job I'm after; I've been doing that professionally for a dozen years...

Lady Lux said...

well..goodluck on the first kiss...and the job interview..

Daydreamer of Oz said...

Jack & Bird are right. You ask questions b/c you also need to know that the employer is *right for you*. As Bird said, asking questions can show initiative & even innovation assuming that the questions are carefully planned before hand.....Good luck Pete :)

Jack K. said...

Oh, btw, a handwritten thank you note after the interview used to go a long way in adding to your good first impression.

FYI, I used to work for Bernard Haldane and Associates. We helped folks manage their careers by teaching them job hunting skills. It was a real kick, unless they got caught up in the dance of the process.

Blue said...

Goodluck Bogs - hope it goes well :-)

Course, if I get offered any interviews I'll want the luck returned lol

Pete Bogs said...

lux - I have been thinking about this, and now realize kissing the interviewer could be misconstrued as "sexual harassment" LOL... thanks!

day - I always have a few questions for them, even if they're ones that come to mind as we're speaking... thank you!

jack - the follow-up... brilliant... thanks...

blue - luck right back at you!

Jack K. said...

You will make the choice that is correct for you.

Kissing on any interview might be construed as sexual harassment. Not a good plan. Used to teach folks about that subject, too. It was kind of like setting a fox to guard the hen house. Oh, well. It was fun.

Pete Bogs said...

jack - careful, "fox" is sexist language... LOL

Zya said...

Good luck!!

Sorry I wasn't here to wish you good luck *before* the interview, but hey better late than never...

Pete Bogs said...

zya - that's ok, I'll have more...