Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Iran: Beneath The Planet Of The Apes

The prospect of Iran with nuclear technology is frightening. Sure, they say they want it only for the peaceful generation of energy, but dare we buy that?

Iran is a country where extremist ayatollahs command the unquestioning, self-flagellating faithful, and the current president is a nutcase with the same taste for psycho-rhetoric as Hussein, Qadaffi, Marcos and Noriega.

Preferably, we’ll seek a diplomatic solution with Iran on the nuclear issue, though they insist they’ll continue with the development of a reactor.

How unfortunate that we focused on finding phantom WMDs in Iraq while their next-door neighbors were already at work on the technology to build real ones.

Even if we did have the resources to attack Iran, we sure as hell don’t need another war in the Middle East. The world doesn’t want it or need it.

If there were a way to enable Iran to create nuclear power with no chance of weaponization, maybe this wouldn’t be an issue. But then, Chernobyl wasn’t a missile plant and it did plenty of damage. All a nuclear plant needs to become deadly is a few misguided individuals.

Which brings me to the 1970 film Beneath The Planet Of The Apes.

In the second installment of the Apes film series, mutant humans possess the last nuclear bomb on earth. As the descendants of victims of a nuclear war, they know the bomb’s frightening power. So, like people do, they make the object of their fear a god and worship it.

They see the bomb as a holy instrument, which they will use in a war with the soon-to-invade apes. They show no hesitation taking someone else’s life or giving up their own for their beliefs. They can’t be reasoned with.

Literal worship of a nuclear bomb was a thinly disguised commentary on the arms race and mankind’s seeming obsession with self-destruction. And just a few decades later we’re in a situation in which a fearless, radical religious sect may actually get a hold of one of these dandies.

You know, people of the kind who shout praise to their god just before killing themselves and others. Should people like this be allowed anywhere near nuclear technology? Or even safety scissors, for that matter?

Now, before anyone throws a tizzy, I am not comparing Iranians to apes. Got it? Are we clear? OK. (In this scenario, in fact, Americans are the apes and Iranians are the mutants.)

What we have in Iran is essentially a radical theocracy that’s trying to develop nukes. Their ranks have a stated belief in holy war, in which there are no nonexpendable lives, including their own.

I don't think the people who developed the first atomic bomb for the US envisioned it getting into fanatical hands. We wanted to end a war quickly and, right or wrong, we did so.

No sooner had we used our big new toy than others naturally looked upon it with envious eyes. Now many others have one, and still
others are developing one. Hopefully none of us will use it to end a world quickly; that would definitely be beneath the human race.


presidentbobo said...

Now that we've won the war in Iraq and the wars on terror, drugs, hunger and poverty, I don't see why we shoudln't take on a bunch of well-armed fundamenatlists too. And when they're under control we should probably tackle Iran ;)

Pete Bogs said...

you so crazy, Mr. President!

The Flabbergasted Heathen said...

You damned dirty ape!

Who do you think will nuke Iran first, US or Israel?

ardlair said...

Hello Peter

I think you are trying to be provocative and beat your blog comment record, so I will help you along with a generous helping of reasoned Anti-Americanism.

a) As you point out the USA is the only country, of all who have or do possess nuclear weapons, to have used one. And they used it against a country that didn't have such weaponry. That has to tell us something.

b) (Some) Americans may be happy to see themselves in the role as the world's policeman. Good versus evil and all that crap. But much of the rest of the world doesn't see it quite that way. It's all something to do with absolute power corrupting absolutely. When the USA limits its own economic expansionist policies and adopts a more balanced and self-effacing attitude to its foreign policy then it can start sounding a bit less self righteous than it currently does.

c) Iran doesn't have the corner on having a "nutcase" as a leader.

d) For as long as the entire Islam nation is portrayed as being the great satan by the West, esp USA, we will have an insoluble problem.

e) I wouldn't fear a nuclear holocaust even if Iran does arm itself. If you want something to worry about, then worry about the holocaust that will be caused by global warming. I read today that the USA continues to escalate its toxic emissions and flagrantly disregard the globally expressed concern about the harm that is being done.

So if you really want to sort a country out, sort out the USA!!.

Have a nice day!!

ardlair said...

And by the way...I see the Lightning have made the playoffs, so looks like we will get that pint together!

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister

1954 - CIA install Shah of Iran, who uses his secret police SAVAK to kill hundreds of thousands

1979 - Shah is overthrown, granted asylum to the USA. Iran asks he be returned to face trial. US refuses. Iran retaliates by taking over embassy.

1980 - Reagan works out a deal with Iran to delay release of hostages until his inauguration day.

1982 - US shoots down Iranian Passenger jet with 400 people on board.

1983-1986 - Ollie North sells Iran weapons.

But we're the good guys. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Google "Iran Oil Bourse" and you'll see why the drums of war are really beating.

Pete Bogs said...

ard - you've read my blog for some time and you know I've never hesitated to criticize my own country... so when you tell me America is guilty of "X" and needs to get its act together, I already know it... but I'd like to address your points:

a) yup, we started this whole mess in the first place... we invented them, are the only ones to ever have used them... some calls have been made for the US to apologize to Japan for it... I doubt we'll agree... however, I think we should if it's in tandem with a Japanese apology for Pearl Harbor... no, they're not the same, but they pulled us into something we didn't want to be a part of...

we're also one of the last countries to make slavery illegal, and I am ashamed of that, too...

b) we do play world police to much... what I'm unsure of is where to draw the line... Saddam was certainly an ass but no imminent danger to us... Darfur is no danger to us, either, and we've done so little to help them out... if we were to help, would it be "imperialist America" or "compassionate America" doing so?

c) no, but they're the country seeking nukes right now...

d)ahh, I have waited for just such an opportunity... I think Islam has caused its own demonization with brutal, and I would say prehistoric, practices... I'm talking about your suicide bombings, sharia law, stonings, beheadings, rapes and mutilations, etc. there are many good Muslim people, but unfortunately they are not making themselves known to the world... they need to shout above the radicals and be heard...

e) global warming is serious, but I don't see an either/or to my concerns... global warming is a real, but gradual phenomenon... whereas, religious zealots getting a hold of a weapon of the apocalypse could be over REAL fast!

you come all the way to FL for hockey? I look forward to the pint!

Pete Bogs said...

anon - you forgot a few... Reagan not getting impeached for Iran-Contra... Reagan pardoning the bastards who were part of it, allowing them to pursue their book deals and radio shows, etc.

I think the shooting down of the Iranian plane was around '87, with the Pan Am/Lockerbie thing happening late the next year in "retaliation..."

ardlair said...

its not so far.

i have a good friend closelt involved with the club.
so if they do well i will appear.

Hellpig said...

Ah a topic close to my heart

Last night on the Discovery Times channel they aired an informative show "Nuclear Jihad"

Islamic nukes compliments of the USA via Pakistan

US wasn't paying attention in the 80's and 90's and Pakistan developed nukes with billions in US funding,then their rogue nuke specialist "Khan" started a black market and did business with N.Korea and Libya and Iran,CIA followed movements and busted the shippment to libya.But Iran already had their shippment

I find it hard to believe that Iran with the second largest oil reserve in the world needs nuclear power for energy purposes.

Irans intentions are crystal clear to me and they are not good intentions.

I believe that Isreal shoud take the lead on this personally as far as initial first strike.

U.S. should not worry too much,from what I have been reading as of late
ground troops are not in the works?

But just remember we did in under 2 weeks what Iran could not accomplish in 8 years

What I am affraid of isn't Iran it's Pakistan they already have 50+ nukes.Their Leadership at the moment is somewhat stable,but it is a Islamic Country with 8 coops attempts made in the last decade.

Also Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. are the puppet masters of Pakistan they too sent billions in aid to Pakistan and built the largest mosque in the world there as well.We are talking football stadium size room for a 100,000+

Bogs I agree with you the Muslim community needs to be very VOCAL at this time in history,because if and when the time comes there will be little time to sort through the good and evil ones.

fatty ~ said...

i'm more scared of USA having nuclear technology personally... but thats just me.

Pete Bogs said...

fatty - it would be better if no one had it... that said, the scenario I outlined in this post is less likely here... not impossible, of course... we could have a bigger thumper than Bush in office who has the same view of holy war as other radicals... that'd be real scary...

Hellpig said...

I am saddend :(

No RE after I tried to post a clean family freindly comment,given my current state of mind on this topic.

so be it

Bird said...

Of course oil has a lot to do with it - not just Iran's oil, but it's natural gas, and it's strategic location to mess with other oil fields in the area. Iran has demonstrated its hostility toward Israel - I have no doubt that if they could, they'd nuke Israel. And Hamas would dance in the streets.

But what to do? Are we not marching down another UN road here? Can we afford to do anything? Can we afford not to? All that BUsh has squandered in his wasteful and useless efforts in Iraq - and all that he has reaped - the distrust of the world and of almost half his own country - will come home to roost over Iran.

Here's an interesting read on Iran:
- a discussion of the geopolitical situation regarding Iran and from which some of my info earlier in this comment hails.

Damn - I was in such a fine mood today.

Bird said...

By the way Bogs - I am relieved that you cited the 70's Beneath the Planet of the Apes - all of the Planet of the Ape movies were so bad they were good - but the remake - when the heck was that - gack and eek!

Pete Bogs said...

hell - I did not fail to notice your reasoned, cogent comments on the Iran situation... we seem to agree on this, except for your last comment...

bird - well, there have been times when you've shown up here in a bad mood and gone away happy... I cannot please all of the people all of the time... however, did you look back at the nudist blog? the weather here is not perfect anymore...

fly by again soon!

Hellpig said...

Bogs I was being a smart ass,most of you I assume? no this.

I really don't ever want a nuke exploded anywhere by anyone at anytime during or after my existance dispite my constant rhetoric,everyone needs a release valve my although not PC works for me personally.

Hellpig said...

"mine" not "my" sorry

Pete Bogs said...

no, I want to nuke Iran... radiation containment is an issue, though... I imagine Israel's proximity to the country worries them a good bit... I think we should help our friends, but I also think both sides are wrong in the Middle Eastern conflicts... we should not be beholden to Israel...

as bird pointed out, we can't afford to do anything here, and we can't afford not to do anything...

Anonymous said...

Um, Pete? You might want to worry a little bit more about PAKISTAN, pal. Musharaff is barely hanging on to power at the moment and they ALREADY have nukes..not to mention the fact that the crazy mullahs will not sit idly by and allow the USA to attack a fellow muslim nation with NUKES. Musharraf will be overthrown the minute we make that move. Are you insane?

Pete Bogs said...

anon - the fact that I worry about nukes should indicate to you I am not insane... as far as worrying about one over the other, Pakistan may be the topic of a future blog... Iran is the topic of the day... should we just ignore the Iran scenario?

I do not truly want to nuke Iran - that's just me expressing frustration and a desire to find a quick solution to this... nukes hurt everyone...

crusader bunnypants said...

Why would Iran nuke Israel or the USA? Are Americans really that stupid! The best way to stop the blowback of terrorist tactics is to stop fucking around with other nations supporting Tyrants and Terrorists like Saddam and Usama! If we are going to nuke a country in the middle east that has WMDS, sponsers state terrorism, bullies its neighbors, and ignores the UN, which sucks, we should nuke Israel! I look forward to seeing Republicans AND Democrats swinging in the gallows for their warcrimes! No Government is permanent? Fluff up the feather pillows, heat up the tar! BOOM!

Pete Bogs said...

crusader - the "why" is thoroughly explained in this blog... as for the US supporting of dictators and terrorist states, I am in 100% agreement with you... it fascinates me that people use this as an anti-American forum, as if they're telling me something I don't know... my blog clearly states how I oppose most American foreign policy - preemptive war, torture, extraordinary rendition, meddling in elections, etc. I guess I am as good an American as any for others to vent on... I certainly invite it by generally allowing others to post what they want... so be it!

Anonymous said...

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