Thursday, March 02, 2006

Startling Revelations About Bush

Some time ago an entrepreneur (strip club mogul/rabble rouser) from my area decided to hang a huge banner from a vacant building he owns. The banner read:

Is Bush The Antichrist?

This unattributed query was visible to the tens of thousands of people who visit our convention center and sports arena. I’m sure this is why he put it up – for maximum exposure.

When I saw it I thought to myself,
There he goes stirring up the locals again. Gotta love that Joe!

But then I considered the logic of that question, and came to a startling conclusion.

Ask your average consternative Republicant who, between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, is more likely to be the Antichrist, and most would say Clinton without hesitation. They had him pegged as Satan before he hit DC.

But the Antichrist has always been described as The Great Deceiver, the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. Would he really be someone the faithful already detest? Doesn’t seem likely. Too obvious. I think The Great Deceiver would be better at deceiving than that.

Now some experts are saying that an all-out Middle East war might be on the way, what with the Iraq and Iran situations deteriorating, and widespread turmoil over there. Just such an expansive war in the region is described in Revelations as a sign of the End Times, if I recall correctly.

Bush as the Antichrist also makes a whole lot of sense when you look at his presidency overall. Considering all that he’s gotten away with unscathed, there must be some dark force watching over him. My guess is his Daddy – not George H. W., but

If the Bible turns out to be legit, we probably won’t be able to stop the prophecies regarding the Antichrist/Bush in its final book. Unless we impeach his ass.

But disaster often befalls those who attempt to stop the Antichrist, which you already know if you've seen The Omen. It might be tricky, though there’s certainly no shortage of legal grounds to remove him from power.

Hell, between Iraq, NSA, the ports deal, Downing Street, Plamegate, Abramoff and the rest, we have at least 666 legitimate reasons to get rid of the guy.


Jack K. said...

Pete, you've done it again. Congratulations. You have a way of raising important issues in a marvelously provocative way.

I haven't taken the time to do the research, (being a lazy so-and-so doesn't help much), but the thought of Nostradamus came to mind. There was something he prophesized about WWWIII, or its equivalent, beginning around this time.

I have also read elsewhere, Michael for the Millenium, by Yarbro that there are very few individuals in the world who wield world-wide power. Dubya is not one of them. He is a pawn who is bright enough to pander to the religious right and the very conservative among us, but not bright enough to plan things. Hell, just look at the recent video tape revelations about Katrina and FEMA meetings. I may have to retract my previous statement about being bright enough. Yes, I will do just that. He is one unbright person.

I, too, applaud the chap who hung the banner. Now there is a great example of freedom of speech.

By the way, any comments about the poll indicating that most Americans can name the five members of the Simpson family, but not the five freedoms of the first amendment to our Constitution?

We need to take a closer look at the freedom to redress grievances. Anti-christ or not there are sure as hell plenty of grievance that need redressing.

Bird said...

And yet, despite these legitimate reasons, Bush will not be impeached. Of that I'm convinced. If only he would have sex with some young woman. Can we send in some super femme spy? Someone to entrap him?

Any volunteers?

Pete Bogs said...

thanks Jack... I just call 'em like I see 'em... I did a blog a while back comparing Bush to the last Czar of Russia, too... I thought the similarities were surprising...

on the Simpsons, I'll share some correspondence I had with a friend on the issue:

"the Constitution is something that's there all the time, operating behind the scenes as it were... the Simpsons is on daily on several stations... if the Constitution had been turned into a sitcom 17 years ago we'd all know it just as well..."

(my words)

Joseph David Chase II said...

I have inside info that armagedon will not happen.I have read reports that state that bush thinks he is an agent of armagedon on a mission from god.while it's true that bush serves satan,their evil will not spread much further.failure to IMPEACH and IMPRISON the bush/cheney usurption could lead to armagedon so we will not fail.The future WILL prove the truth of my words!REMEMBER MY NAME!
Check out get the free DVD and sign the petition!

Paddys_Gal said...

Very well said, Pete. I can't imagine how any other country can take the USA seriously anymore, with such an extraordinary asshole as our "leader".

Pete Bogs said...

bird - it's worth trying... we need some woman to step forward and "take one" for the team...

even then, Satan will be watching over Bush I'm sure...

jdcii - I hope you're right... it seems as though nothing can stop them... they've already accrued a mountain of impeachable offenses and their party is sticking by them...

pg - we are a laughingstock because of him...

Hellpig said...

I must have missed all the Bush is the anti-christ at the meetings(rituals)that I attend weekly.

Doesn't one need genitalia to have sex? Bush lost his long ago.

As for the countless amount of crap that the President is getting away with, is it not the resposibility of our elected officials to prevent, if not what the hell are they doing?

rusty shakelford said...

The Anti-Christ is going to come in the name of peace, I think Bush proved our enimies dont deserve peace.

Bird said...

I am procrastinating - not doing my essay grading - your fault Bogs! haha!

hellpig raises a valid point - no instruciton at religious services on bush as the antichrist.

so we need our own church and some new rituals. perhaps we can then induce some brave woman to, in a fit of religious ectasy, take one for the team and do bush. we can promise to raise that woman on high.

but wait! it doesn't have to be a woman. how much better if it were a man!

oh dear, bogs...i fear i may have jeopardized us all. what if this blog and comments are monitored? are we not talking treason here?

shh...whisper now. let's work out a code.

Pete Bogs said...

peace, freedom, democracy - those are one in the same, rusty... it's a semantic difference as far as I'm concerned whether Bush's current attempts at creating democracy are in the guise of peace... he uses the word in every speech (right after "nuke-u-ler") to describe his goal, which is an onstensibly good one... just like the A-C will initially appear to have good motives...

anyway, I see the parallels... I leave it for everyone to judge whether or not Bush is the counterfeit article... his government surely is...

Pete Bogs said...

bird, you know I think I am hearing some clicking and beeps on the line...

Hellpig said...

his government surely is...

Is it not OUR government?

Pete Bogs said...

ideally it is, hellpig... but with all the bold (illegal and unethical) measures Bush has undertaken and gotten away with, that no longer seems true... our lawbooks and all our resources are available to the highest bidding lobbyist, company or foreign entity... Bush controls the rest, and at this point seems untouchable... I want it to be our government again, but at the moment I am not proud of that body and don't wish to be associated with its deeds...

Hellpig said...

I stand squelched,in total agreemnet.

Well if thier is any justice Bush will be his own demise

Jack K. said...

Pete :-)

What we really need is some guy come in and take it for the country.

You sexist you!

I am not volunteering!!!!

Not my proclivity.

Hellpig :-)

You are right it is ours. Perhaps too many folks have taken time from watching what is happening to spend time with the Simpsons. What a great smoke screen.

I still think We, the citizenry shall overcome!

K9 said...

i sorry to tell you that i know who is the AC and it is not bush! is barbara striesand. look at those nails bogshond!!! beside, the AC will be loved greatly and also to look goede. so......

K9 said...

bogshond!!!!!!! no you maak me have jungle song stuck in my head! i took out a werd now cause of it.
grrrrrrrrrrrr (ha ha just pretend)

Mr Q said...

Bogs, Bogs, Bogs.
I conducted a poll in the cubicle prairie with all the dogs and not surprisingly most of the pricks support El Presidente, only a few analytical minds were pro-appleachment.
Just FYI to all, the typical characteristics of Bushlovers are:

- Egotistical, Self Centered Bastards
- Bachelor's Degree, Major in Math
- Church Goers, Not Doers
- Owns more than 5 acres
- Plays in Real Estate....

Heck! should I just do a post of this? Hmmm...

Pete Bogs said...

jack - you said it! I'm ready to start singing right now...

freya - well, South Park did turn Streisand into a real monster once... hmm...

mr q - no surprises there... let's get freya to go take down those sheep, eh?

post away!

fatty ~ said...

and suddenly everything clicked!

i am so startled by your words that nothing else seems to make sense outside the simple revelation you make!!

now we just have to revolutionise the world =P

ffff said...

Wow what a man what a man what a man... I mean the banner hanger.(not the Anti Christ)
Anyway Mr Q you forgot one other name in the list of Bush lovers and he is the whore of the land downunder. He has sold our soul to dance with the White House band. He took us out of our peaceful ancient land and lead us by the hand to the great man himself in the land of the free.
And now your Main Man is upping the nuclear arsenal you already possess but no-one else is allowed except : Israel, India, France, etc, so that it will be more efficient and more powerful.
So here we are at the end of the earth. Mmmm Sad to see it go so easily.
Could we start a revolution... you know like..."Let's stop war. Let's make love. Let freedom ring". You know the kind of thing.

Ahh the Anti Christ. Thought I knew him once but he was just a poor drunk in a park. Now I realise he is in need of a good root to see if that touches any part of his brain.
Go to it Pete, or Jack or anyone.
I agree with bird. A man would make more of an impact. ( pardon the pun).
Keep up the good works and you shall overcome, Pete. We need your words of encouragement more now than ever. WE need to feel we are not alone even all the way down here in OZ.

Blue said...

Oh damien - you crack me up :-)

Does that make little Johnny a duke of hell?

Suggest you read Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman.

Pete Bogs said...

I guess I'm onto something here!

Michelle Fry said...

I personally think Condie is the antichrist.

Pete Bogs said...

Michelle - she certainly sits at the right hand of the father, at the very least... and she's got .666 mm of space between those front teeth!

Jack K. said...

Pete, you know how it takes a while for some things to become obvious? Well today it all fell into place for me. I was listening to NPR on the way to work and they did voices in the news. Our beloved Dubya was speaking about nuc-u-lar arrangements with India and Pakistan, when it hit me. It is possible to put a small radio in one's ear to have instructions/statments fed to you in a fashion like Steve Martin's character did in the film Roxanne. If you listen to W, he pauses at the most interesting times. They can only feed him 3-4 words at a time or he really fucks it up.

Now if this is a possibility, who is reading the script, and more importantly, who is writing the script?

Having taught public speaking, I know that pauses can be very important in any presentation-serious or comic. Pauses must be taken at the proper place, not willy-nilly. (That's a professional orator's word.)lol :-))

Just a thought.

Jack K. said...

Condie as the Anti-Christ. An interesting thought. Perhaps she and W could be caught inflagrante delicto (sic) in a 69 position. Nah, she does have more sense than that, doesn't she?

Pete Bogs said...

Jack - he was accused of having an earprompter in his debates with Kerry... it's a possibility... I imagine the man feeding him his lines would be Karl Rove - Bush's so-called brain...

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