Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Awards Show Has A First Name – It’s O-S-C-A-R

Some random thoughts about the 78th Annual Academy Awards, which I finished writing well before the final awards were given.

This was Daily Show anchor Jon Stewart’s first time hosting the Oscars; I’m not sure if he’ll do a second. Jon’s hilarious, but it wasn’t his format. Timing problems, maybe.

But don’t listen to me – I thought Chris Rock was hilarious as host, and I even liked Letterman.

Stewart did manage to get in a few decent political jibes, as one might hope and expect. He got a “Cheney hunting accident” bit in, and said democracy would come to Hollywood if they would just bring down the giant Oscar statue behind him and hit it with sandals.

There was some talk that this wouldn’t be a political Oscars. Yet, most of the Best Motion Picture Of The Year nominees were politically charged and/or socially challenging.

Plus, a Jon Stewart hosting gig without political commentary would be like a David Copperfield hosting gig without magic tricks. Shudder. Well, I did it to myself.

George Clooney won the first award of the night – Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role for Syrianna. Jesus if these category names aren’t getting long and politically correct sounding. What happened to Best Supporting Actor???

In his acceptance speech Clooney said he was proud to be “out of touch” with the mainstream in making the films he does. George rocks! Seriously, Batman And Robin is forgiven. I want to have his baby, even though “I ain’t no queer.”* Clooney is one of the greatest, most unapologetic liberals alive.

Damn, Aussies are some fine-looking people! I mean, Naomi is female sexuality incarnate. I’ve been in love with her since her hot lesbian scenes in Mulholland Drive. And when I learned she was "close friends" with Nicole, well, my imagination... I'll leave it at that.

Hell, even Eric Bana is looking good. Though as I already stated, I ain’t…

Russell Crowe, well, he's just an asshole.

As Will Smith read the nominees for Best Foreign Language Film, he was framed by an image of a swastika on one side, and an image from a film about Palestinian suicide bombers on the other. In "Jewish" Hollywood of all places! Hmm.

Nope, no politics. No politics at all in this Oscars.

*With thanks to the writers of Brokeback Mountain for this dialogue.


Aunty Belle said...

Hey bawgs,
Love yore O-S-C-A-R joke. Real fine.

Ain't got nothin' to add to yore thoughts (other than Brokeback Belle on the Front Porch), but I thought you'd jes/ get a real kick outa this news snip:

"Monaghan said Friday on ABC's "Good Morning America" that he has a vision for the university -- not the town -- and that he's trying to make
the institution world-class.

His comments are in contrast to statements he made last year, when he said that pornographic magazines won't be sold in the town,
pharmacies won't carry condoms or birth control pills, and cable television won't carry X-rated channels. Monaghan said Friday that those
comments were "out of place" and added that the town is open to anybody.

The community will be set on 5,000 acres with a European-inspired town center."

He must'a read yore blog, Bawgs--youse influential, I'd say!

Toodle loo,
Aunty Belle.

D'artagnan said...

The oscars will be screened here in C4 hours, so ta for not divulging the winners,some of us have simple lives and even simpler joys.On behalf of all aussies, I accept your accolade, we are indeed a very pretty people, thank you for your very handsome compliment.As a nation, we claim all successful aussies as members of our own immediate circle,even if they come from New Zealand-so I will pass your comments on to Nicky,Naomi and Heath

Pete Bogs said...

Aunt B - I read that too... he's backpedaling a bit... reality may be setting in for him... it's not as easy to run things your way as you might like when an entire town is involved... he's saying all that stuff won't be available at the university, but the implication is it will be elsewhere...

thanks for stopping by!

d'art - no worries... I never intended to do a play-by-play on the Oscars... those details are available on many other sites...

Pete Bogs said...

oh, and btw - Nicky and Naomi make up my "Down Under" fantasy... in more ways than one...

ffff said...

Gosh I could have learnt more from you than having to sit through the interminable American Bullshit that the Oscars has become. Poor ol' Russ is a neighbour of mine ( well 20 minutes drive away) and is forgiven all his stupid behaviours for having secured, generously, a swimming pool for the local little bush school near his property. He also helped a local pub that was burnt down and got it back and running. Along with Jack Thompson they are our local celebs who are generous and know they are safe from paparrazzi in our little neck of the bush.
Hope they along with "Our Nik" and "Our Naomi" never sink into the stupid pretences that stamps the pathos that is Hollywood.
Alas I think Heath is lost to us. But that is ok. Makes room for more of the talent busting to get out.
Eric is an old hat actor from the comedy scene here from way back and has a droll and unprepossessing air.
Hope they all can stay away from the 'fake-school-of-beautee' abundant in California.

fatty ~ said...

woot! more aussies!

[go george clooney and eric banna too]

Blue said...

Bogs, I'm afraid you'll have to queue for George's baby - I've been waaaayyyy ahead of you for some time now. Can't say I'm in the same class as Nic & Naomi - but thanx anyhoo.

I quite like Russ - for all that he has that ego thing happening. Eric was a funny guy long before he became a 'serious' [sic] actor - but he's pretty good too.

Jack K. said...

I almost never watch the Oscars. I find the acceptance speeches unbearable. How many ways can you say "Thank you"? I seem to remember someone saying. "You can see my complete list at some web site."

The best presenters of the evening were an animated chicken and duck. Could they get an Emmy for their performance?

As for Naomi and Nic, I wondered who that shadowy figure was mucking about in my fantasy land. Thanks for admitting it.

Catch you on the flip side.

Pete Bogs said...

Russ is a great actor, no doubt... I loved him in LA Confidential and Gladiator... it's his penchant for getting in trouble (and not just the phone thing - he's had many "incidents") that has put me off of him...

those charity works are fine, but are you sure he didn't help rebuild that pub just so he could have a place to scrap? lol

Mr Q said...

Mullholland drive, yummy... Thanks for the reminder Bogs. Totally agree with Jon Stewart's timing.

Pete Bogs said...

bb - if Clooney ever decides to run for office, he's got my vote... and, even if he suffers Clinton's "weakness" I don't think people will hold it against him, nor his female companion...

mr q - always happy to hook a brother up...