Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State Of Delusion

Shut up! Just shut the hell up and sit down. President Bush has done nothing to earn such applause, or a standing ovation!

The traditions of the annual State of the Union address make me impatient.

One news report mentioned 58 interruptions for applause. I think the SOTU should be like a symphony performance; you hold your applause until the end. The audience stood up and sat down again more times than a devout Catholic at an ADHD convention.

I want to get right to the lies!

I say that not just because Bush is our president, but because if you take these speeches at face value, the state of our union is always “strong.” And that’s bullshit.

Especially right now.

We’re in a devastating war with no clear exit. We’ve got one of the most corrupt Congresses in history. We’re reviled worldwide. And we’re fast on our way from a democracy to a dictatorship.

It’s no surprise that none of these were the focus of this year’s speech. Because, clearly, we do suck right now.

Framed by VP Dick Cheney and House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who give the term “fat cats” a literal dimension, Bush admirably began by honoring the late Coretta Scott King.

Much like the obligatory “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” introduction, the president eventually worked his way around to, “Tonight the state of our union is strong, and together we will make it stronger,” before launching into national security.

Bush said terrorists want to “use (Iraq) as a safe haven” and are using the “weapon of fear” to accomplish their aims, without noting that he’s the one who made Iraq their safe haven, and that he too uses fear to his own benefit – in last year’s election, for example.

He accused Democrats of being defeatist on Iraq, even as he said “responsible criticism” of the war is valuable. A man shielded from criticism, he cited no examples of this.

During this portion of the speech, the camera showed a close-up of a young female serviceperson, whose disfigured face and quivering lips indicated an unfortunate sacrifice in Iraq.

The president spoke without irony about Iraq needing “accountable institutions” of government, and touched on the nuke-u-ler threat from Iraq.

He said we “remain on the offensive against terrorism” at home, omitting the fact that while airline security has been beefed up, seaports are still widely unsecured.

He touched briefly on his illegal NSA wiretaps, stating again that if someone in the US is talking to Al Qaeda, we want to know about it. No shit, Sherlock. We all agree on that. The issue is using illegal wiretaps when legal ones are fast and easy. He still hasn’t made the distinction.

Finally, he ominously admitted that we are in a “long war” with a determined enemy, terrorists.

On the domestic front, Bush stated unequivocally that the “economy is healthy and vigorous.” He spoke of wanting to raise the standard of living for Americans, even as his own party refuses to raise the minimum wage above its 1997, pre-oil crisis rate. And he mentioned $880 billion that his tax cuts put back in Americans’ hands. I looked at my hands – none of it was there.

He again urged Congress to make his tax cuts permanent. This comment drew the loudest, most enthusiastic applause from Republicants. They really get excited when you talk about putting more money in their pockets! Helping the rich get richer is going to benefit only the rich.

That was followed by rousing applause from Democrats when Bush mentioned his failed Social Security reform initiative. Looking out for their man, Republicants countered with loud booing.

Both sides were united in their enthusiasm after Bush’s call for “affordable healthcare.”

In the evening’s biggest shocker, Bush said, “America is addicted to oil.” His proposed “Advanced Energy Initiative” would involve the development of alternative fuel sources such as corn (a moonshine-based economy?), and the return of old favorites like nuke-u-ler energy.

His talk of “opportunity and innovation” was straight out of EPCOT, without the ticket prices and long lines.

Bush also wants to change “how we power our automobiles” within six years, his ultimate goal being to “move beyond a petroleum-based economy.” It’s a great idea that’s overdue, but do we believe for a minute that his record profit-making pals in the American oil industry will ever allow that to happen? And why are we still trying to drill in Alaska?

The president made a fleeting, oblique reference to the Abramoff corruption scandals, acknowledging that some Americans are concerned with “unethical conduct by public officials.” He went no further.

In introducing his two new Supreme Court Justices, Bush said judges “must be servants of the law.” Meaning himself, presumably.

Speaking on cloning and other controversial procedures, he stated, “Human life is a gift from our Creator.” It’s notable how far this point was separated from any mention of the war in his speech. Putting them close together would quickly reveal Bush’s inherently contradictory policies.

Finally, Bush tacked on a mention of the $85 billion in federal funds pledged to Gulf Coast residents since hurricanes ravaged them last year. With so many people still homeless, and no plan agreed upon for their permanent housing, the money’s not yet doing its job.

On his way out of the chambers, Bush shook hands, signed autographs and posed for pictures with his groupies. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist shadowed him, seemingly attached to him by anal plug. The president feels no need to distance himself from officials under investigation for criminal and/or ethical offenses.

Bush has SOTU follow-up speeches already planned for several states. If they’re anything like last year’s Social Security speeches, the audiences will once again be comprised of people who don’t need convincing. No criticism allowed, “responsible” or otherwise.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

On a brighter note, Senator Kennedy only stood up and sat down 8 times, which now that I think about it, is probably the most exercise he has gotten in about 15 years. (I about fell off my dog bed when during the Alito hearings Spector mentioned he and deadly teddy went to the same gym.say what?)

I think the giant pink floatation device from Hyannis could give Cheney (my master!) and Hasert some competition for the most chunkiest of them all.

and yes bogs, dear God please learn to say it right W! just say new-clee-er. repeat until you gets it. Why doesn't Laura help him??????!!!!!!!!!


Paddys_Gal said...

Excellent synopsis of the annual BS-a-thon.

Pete Bogs said...

indeed, k9... Kennedy is looking more and more like those caricature drawings of himself every day... I'd say jowls are ugly, but since you're a dog...

Pete Bogs said...

oh my god, I skipped a period... in the second to last paragraph... what could it mean?

I've fixed it now...

infinitesimal said...

Unbelievable as it seems, I am about to defend Bush.

Being from Texas, (Houston) myself, I must inform you of the general idea (among Texans only) that Texas is a soverign nation. For example, you may shoot to kill if a person steps off of the sidewalk and onto your property. Generally it is considered proper defensive ettiquette to shoot to maime, and leave the actual slaughtering for the event that someone breaks into your home, but, you MAY shoot to kill, particularly if you are having a bad day. And that's OK with Bush.

In NYC, Houston street is pronounced HOWSTEN
In HOUSTON TX, you can get shot for saying it like that, or at the least, drug behind a pickup truck for a piece.

People say things differently, and in the soverign nation of Texas y'all, it is in fact widely accepted as NUK-U-LEE-AR.

But you would imagine a president would know the gen. pop's preference, or just not want to sound like an illiterate twit.

Regardless Bogs:

Ever see the movie: "A Christmas Story?"

A+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + .......

Pete Bogs said...

I'm aware of both Texas' fondness for the Second Amendment and the pronunciation of Houston St. in NYC... while they may say nuclear that way there, I also know all the kids I grew up with in NY and FL who said "nuke-u-ler" also said "liberry" and "pisgetti;" an "education president" should know better!

do you have any regional or ethnic connections I cannot offend? ;-)

Christmas Story is phenomenal... I've seen it dozens of times... Bush would approve of the Red Ryder BB gun, whether or not it would cause Ralphie to shoot his eye out...

Anonymous said...

Pete, a couple of issues.

You say that Bush made Iraq into a terrorist haven. Are you suggesting that people who wanted to harm America weren't welcome (dare I even suggested supported and encouraged) beforehand?

You also attempt to compare Bush's comments about sacredness of life, which clearly referred to stem cell research and abortion, to war. Every major religion allows for war, and recognizes that at some point, shit will hit the fan.

While I think your writing is intelligent, I have to disagree with most of your points.

infinitesimal said...

The wealthy are open game.

I am PMSing
also attempting to dominate you? ^^

please help yourself to bacon.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark


the wealthy are open game?
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl thats insane.

used to be an admired quality, you know, think something up, develop the idea, execute it, reap the rewards of your hard work. It was called the
"american dream".


infinitesimal said...

Pete asked me:

"do you have any regional or ethnic connections I cannot offend? ;-)"

As far as I know, my peeps is all po'.

so I am not affiliated with "the wealthy"

down boy....

Anonymous said...

Bawgs dear,
you wrote:
"No shit, Sherlock. We all agree on that. The issue is using illegal wiretaps when legal ones are fast and easy. He still hasn’t made the distinction."

Now puddin', that sherlock cliche is as grating as "nuke-you-ler." And it's, well, vulgar. Spirited, but crude.

And sugar pie, the distinction YOU forgot is that the surveillances are not wiretaps at all, just little ole' electronic traps--they don't tap into or listen to a thing-- only catch the cell numbers of those dreadful men sneaking around in HERE with us and their cohorts over THERE in the sand who want to blow you and your whole cute bog into dimmest rim of the cosmos.

And see, the thing is, why, those traps are not illegal at all! Isn't that a relief, now? They have the same authorization as surveillances under uncle clinton, captain reagan and cousin swilly carter. Oh, you know I know it was Jimmy.

You have always been one of my
Fay-vorites, such a nigh-ce lad, but I'm not sure I follow you, darlin'--whatever did you mean with that Catholic thing? (Or did you mean to say Catlickers?) Did you mean they just stand up so cheerfully, with confidence, while those sad ole' apostate Catholics and dissident Catholics suffer supination due to spinal malformation? Why, the poor flat things! Mercy. Well, you're such a sweet thing, child, I know you'll whisper a little bitty prayer for those lost souls tonight. You're mamma will be pleased to think so.

Aunty Belle

Pete Bogs said...

anon - while I doubt Iraqis were singing God Bless America before we invaded, they weren't actively trying to kill us either... Bush's words about life being a gift from our Creator are patently hypocritical - Bush and other supposedly pro-life people don't have a problem with war... your reasoning is true, but it's also a little too convenient... it allows people to drop their ideals as they see fit... thanks for reading...

infini - no bacon for me, thanks... I'm off the pig...

k9 - wealth is a wonderful thing... it's just how we sometimes acquire it, and how it corrupts us, that makes it undesirable... just look at Washington, DC and all the corruption scandals - both of those points clearly apply...

Aunt B - I knew that Sherlock was a cliche when I wrote it; on the other hand, nuke-u-ler is not a cliche but a learning disability, and I don't think the prez knows that... I've written extensively about the wiretaps, and we will never agree on that issue... the Catholic comment was referencing the fact that they sit and stand frequently during mass, as the SOTU spectators do... ADHD people tend to do things over and over again - hence, Catholic + ADHD = one fidgety individual...

thanks for the compliments... your recipe for buttermilk biscuits with red-eye gravy has always been one of my favorites, too...

infinitesimal said...

Bogs, you crack me up.
I love a blog with meaty comments.
your readers are a stitch as well.

I have quite a bit of respect for those that maker something from nothing, but I admit some distain for some wealthy people who come from old family money.

Because some of those people are kind of real ass-holes.

Pete I do not eat pork either, but I like to put it out for my friends.

Your tofu recipe sounds delightful.
Last night I ate felafal.
it was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Sugar Bogs wrote

"The Catholic comment was referencing the fact that they sit and stand frequently during mass,"

Bawgs, honey, don't those Catlikers hopping up and sitting down and hoppin' back up just remind you SO much of yourself, Daisy and Dim and Wit, last week watching the playoffs? One of you was up hollering every few mintues, Lordy, if it didn't almost look like a revival! (Course, the Cathliks never have a good old revival, bless 'em. I don't know but that they have just too many of their saints days to save up for good thrashing revival)

So glad you young'uns enjoyed the dip and chips, though there is still mite of chip bits under the cushions. But uncle Aloysius said it'd be fine to have y'all back to enjoy the big screen HDTV in his home theatre, seeing as its the least we can do for our young kin in this fine generation who boycott wealth making in the name of High Principle.

Speaking of higher things, I did not know darlin' that you had sworn off poa-rk. Those were Uncle's famous poa-rk rinds ya'll ate with the bacon dip--I am SO sorry, sugar. He just puts thm out with everything from tea to toast, in respect, you know, for his famous recipie rinds being the source of our nouveau riche status. (you must get by to see the new factory--it is plum shiny with all that stainlees steel everywhere.)

Funny thing how those yankees took to poa-rk rinds once they had a nibble. I guess you can sell a pig in a poke after all. That's capitalism, as they say.

Isn't it grand? Who'd ever thought two shirt-tail kids on the wrong side of Main Street would be "riche" some day after years and years of boiling rinds. Next thing you know, they'll be saying our grandbabies are "old money" cause the shiny nouveau will be all rubbed off.

Well, we'll be looking for you cute things on Sunday, and I'll save some biscuits and red-eye from breakfast just for you.

Oh, and Sugar, your mama called to remind you that tomorrow is St. Blaise Day, she said if you go get your throat blessed it'll it cure whatever is sticking in your craw.

Your loving Aunty Belle

infinitesimal said...

Dear Auntie Belle,

I know you be writing to your nephew, but I feel like we are family.
Can I have some money?


Just wondering if you would consider making your own blog. You are cool.

and when I say wealthy, I mean control the state of world commerce wealthy.

But I will bring over a bucket of backfat and some cornbread if you do create a post.


Thanx A. Belle

Dr. Diggler said...

I wish they still mailed the SOTU.

Pete, you are right on with your analysis of Dubya's SOTU. I have been fairly irked by Democrats over the last few years. I thought they should have been speaking up much more. I thought they should have been more aggressive. Hell, Howard Dean can come across the wrong way at times, but at least he's speaking up.

However, I think "Repubicants" have actually hit the self-destruct button. Now, I don't think Dems have to do anything but just sit back and watch.

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and leaving a comment. I have to disagree with what you said, though. I could not have a Guiness in your hands that quickly. I would take the approximately 4 minutes required to properly pour a Guiness. I venture to guess that you, however, could imbibe such a fine pint in 0.03 seconds...



Pete Bogs said...

true that, Dr. Dirk! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Contessa Infinitessima,
Darlin'! You are just the sweetest little ole' thing to ask Aunty Belle to come join in the fun ya'll are having.

Trouble is honey-bun, I'm just not up to it. I mean, I'd LIKE to, but...oh dear, keep it delicate, Aunty's ears and eyes are a wee bit tender, if you know what I mean. I do love a good jaw, but ...tsk, tsk.

I am trying to get to know Bogs' friends, and they are fine young folks, truly they ARE, but Lordy mercy, they do have salty tongues and use cunning double entendre and if I catch some of the meanings....well, a lady of my age can still blush, though I know blushing is a lost art amoung your set.

(Just bewteen us girls, I am still shocked, SHOCKED, at what I read --those words!--in the Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood...and when they made the movie? LawDY...but Sandra Bullock played her part swimmingly--never once acted like a snotty rich heiress (it was her mama who was the Nouveau).)

Soooo, Aunty Belle is a might worried that a blogpen might invite unsavoury items, you know, irreverent reverends, and with big black dogs running loose leaving hot steaming...YOU know. (I kinda' like that K-9, despite his leavin's) How does one keep one's yard inviting for all sorts of visitors and not just for those wearing hip boots? (does Manolo even make hip-high boots?)

And truth to tell, sweet pet, it isn't just those famous poa-rk rinds...I myself am a ..a...a...
Capitalist Pig! (There--I said it! It feels sooo good just to git-it-out in the open and not hide my essential self a moment longer.)

I may not have been born with a silver spoon where a lollipop ought to go, puddin' but I know enough etiquitte not to force miscegenation on the unenlightend. And we Capitalist Pigs are not tolerated well in this part of the wasteland. Didn't you yourself say you had sworn off Poa-rk?? It's so in fashion these days--abstaining from poa-rk. Is it solidarity with Muslims? or the Jews? (Or is just hatred of Capitalits?)Thank goodness the Muslims and Jews violate that prohibition or Uncle Aloysius and Aunty Belle would be only be Nouveau sans Riche.

But I'll stop by, Contessa, once in awhile to see how ya'll are doin'

Anuty Belle

P.S. Sweet pea, you ARE family, and Aunty B will whistle for that cornbead and FAT-back if she DOES figure out how to have her blog cake and eat it too.

As for giving you some money, Why of course, honey, what didn't you SAY so sooner? Knowing you wanted it for some less fortunates, I just sent a check in your name to that cow thing --you know, where you buy a cow for a village in Nigeria and it feeds them for a whole year.

Are you just SO proud of ole' Aunty? I AM learning from ya'll, aren't I? I call it the High Principle Effect. It was sent in the name of
Contessa V.Infinitessima
so be on the lookout for a thank you note addressed to Noblesse Oblige.

Bogs dear, you are SUCH a doll. Precious thing. Thanks for letting your lovin' Anuty Belle flop on your futon for a spell.

Pete Bogs said...

miscegenation? I ain't no woman-hater!

Anonymous said...

Pete bogs wrote:

"miscegenation? I ain't no woman-hater!"

Tracking back this thread...your poster pal was talking about mixing, not hating. ("miscegenation" is not synonymous with misogyny--look it up. )

Pete Bogs said...

that was a JOKE, anon... like people like Archie Bunker who mix up similar words... irony is harder to convey via Internet than in person...