Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is There A Cure For Male Pattern Stupidity?

“You know, I work a long time on my hair, and you hit it. He hits my hair.” – Tony Manero

Hey, Captain Comb-over, you’re not fooling anyone. And Mr. Toupee Shakur, neither are you.

Genetically predetermined male pattern baldness is something countless men face every day. It may not be the most desirable of “afflictions,” but it’s not an excuse to lose one’s dignity either.

We “follically challenged” men still have a lot to offer. Like pretty much everything other guys have to offer. We just spend a lot less time and money on the “’do.”

Personally, I like it shaved. It's smoove as hell. And women can use it to fix their makeup.

You hirsute poseurs out there with your plugs and your rugs embarrass yourselves and the rest of us.

Bald is beautiful. Embrace it, don’t disgrace it.

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