Sunday, January 29, 2006

Year Of The Dog?

Today is Chinese New Year, a unique tradition that involves each year being named for one of 12 different animals; after the 12-year-cycle is complete, it starts all over again.

This is the Year of the Dog. Sadly, though, for many dogs, this isn’t going to be their year.

Across China, multitudes are celebrating their holiday by dining on man’s best friend. Dogs are a culinary staple in several Asian countries.

I’ve learned about the concept of cultural relativity, but I have to say “fuck that” here. I make no apologies for my views, Western or otherwise.

I’m not sure how dogs taste, but I know they’re pretty amazing animals.

Dogs can ensure blind people get across the street without being hit by a car. They can warn a person of an impending seizure. They help can find a bomb inside someone’s luggage before it gets on a plane. They work tirelessly to find survivors and bodies after disasters. They have an incredible range of emotions not unlike human children.

But perhaps the best thing about dogs is how they are the most non-judgmental friends a human can have. They give us the proverbial “unconditional love.” Ginger here did that for 13 years.

Don’t eat our friends. They deserve much, much better.


Frosty Snowbro said...

I agree, totally. Why couldn't it have been the year of the dragon? Much cooler.

Pete Bogs said...

yes, dragon meat is much less "gamey," too...

infinitesimal said...

As if canine munching Asians are reading this and suddenly moved to vegetarianism.
I am part Asian...well, by marriage, a step child of real lif Asians, from CHINA!!!

And it is true, it is sad, it is really bad if you have/had a pet dog.

But it is also kind of offensive.
Put: "Hey Asia, Quit eating your dogs" and it is less so.

I have to take a stand on this one. Do you eat dogs? is the #1 question that people ask my family and other Asian Americans. It can be real annoying esp. if perpetuated.
Come on Bogsy!!

SUP QT? said...

i agree.
i saw this disgusting thing on peta.
now i want to be a vegetarian.
but i can't.
because of
many reasons actually.
that are far to difficult to explain.
unless you'd like to sit down and listen.
if any tried to eat my dog,
i'd kick the shit out of them, and then shoot them in the head.
alot of times.

Pete Bogs said...

I'm not stereotyping here... I linked to a story about it, which is just one of many I've read... then there are the people I know who've been to China and told me stories I've walked away from in mid-sentence... the Year of the Dog is the perfect occasion to talk about this... I mentioned Asia in there, but China's the country that has the Year of the Dog! I don't think all Asians eat dogs... nor do I think anyone who did would continue that on this side of the ocean, seeing as it's taboo... it disgusts me that people would ask your family and others if they eat dog... those people are ignorant...

I don't believe anyone will read this and change their minds about their diet... it was something deeply personal to me, and I felt compelled to write about it... seeing that guy toss the dog in a bin by its neck kinda prompted me... I've seen worse... my actual message is, hey, people who eat dogs, cut it out... you should not take it personally...

besides, wasn't Ginger SO CUTE?!

Paddys_Gal said...

Dogs rule ! (but don't tell my cat I said that)

Pete Bogs said...

don't worry - cats can't read... but I understand they can paint...

Mr Q said...

The are other countries in Asia that eat dogs, China is the biggest consumer to date.

I have been around dog eaters, could not go for it myself, the love connection to that species is far more powerful than my exotic appetite. Is it wrong to eat them? I think not, because people that do, eat them for survival, just like many other species are near extinction in China becuase they have nothing else to eat. Although I do not condemn the practice, I do not encourage it. I come from one of the poorest countries in the world and during the hardest of times dogs were next to us and they were never an option on the "menu" but the same was not true for beatiful birdies, rabbits, racoons, posumms, armadillos, porcupines and cats. I say, lets help China find another source of subsistence. Those who eat it as a "delicacy" will always be around us, without them there would be no Dr. Lecter.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

growlp slurp grrrriiii can't comment until I finish this *crunch* chinaman on a stick.

Ginger is (was) a fox! To lose a dog is the heartbreaker of all time.


Pete Bogs said...

yeah, I do mention other Asian countries in there... the Year of the Dog was the reason and the impetus for mentioning China specifically... timeliness...

Pete Bogs said...

"Ginger is (was) a fox!"

yup, a lovely brown-eyed blonde!

presidentbobo said...

Random comment -
This reminds me of a story by Tobias Wolff about his time in Viet Nam. I think it was in the book "In Pharaoh's Army". Anyway, you get the idea... So, its not just China...

Pete Bogs said...

"Dogs are a culinary staple in several Asian countries."

that's from my original blog... I knew someone who was stationed in Korea... they mentioned going through the markets and seeing a woman slaughtering and hanging up puppies... they wanted to give her a hard time about it, but her large cleaver discouraged them... it's their country, though, not ours... we're just using it...

infinitesimal said...

What I mean is this:

Your blog is in English it is read by a lot of Americans, some Asian soime Chinese, some rednecks who will now ask the Chinese-Americans (like my family) how they eat their dog.
(BB-Q or lite lemon butter?)

And that is my point, write a blog in Madarine if you want to effect a change, otherwise, I AM sorry to say, you are perpetuating a stereotype, and that it shocks you that the people here prejudice against others on the basis of ALL CHINESE EAT DOG just makes it worse.
Cultural Competency dude....yyyyyaaarrrggglleee....

Basically, I get the message, I just argue the venue.

Seeing your Ginger reminds me of my Cinder, and even tho the Mouse is here now, I still miss my soft sweet fuzz. (Tearing up)....Ginger had the same good look in her eye, I know why you had to write this blog down.

Don't mind me, tits are swollen like melons, PMS in full swing, gained 2 pounds over the weekend, and the zit count is up to 7 this month. I am PHENOMINALLY ripe for fighting....or something else that begins with an F.

Besides that, how in the hell do you cook armadillo?
I hear it tastes like chicken, but it smells like dragon

Mr Q said...

Armadillo, South of the Border style.

- Trap armadillo with a net between 12 AM and 2AM.

- Get 3 gal of water boiling in big pot.

- Take creature's life away with a single swing of the machete to his head. (Females not eaten)

- While water boils, place uncooked food neck down to drain as much fluid as possible.

- Dip raw food in pot of boiling water. Let it rest for 15 min.

- Take it out of pot and start peeling shell from the abdomen area.

- At this point meat will be only cook on the surface.

- On separate pot start to melt butter with mashed fresh garlic cloves, onions and culantro (Not cilantro) Cut the meat into small cubes and sautee with butter, garlic and cilantro until cooked.( Low heat-No browning)Slowly pour sour-orange juice, potato cubes, tomato paste, salt and pepper as you stir. cover and let simmer for about 15 more minutes.

Enjoy with fried plantains, white rice and highball. Whew! is harder for me to write than to cook. I aim to please.

The texture/flavor results to be like a chicken breast stew, similar to the one Mexicans use on their tacos ( No joke here).

Don't ask me for more recipes where I have to go catch my own food, please.