Sunday, January 29, 2006

They Say That Jack’s A Bad Murtha… SHUT YO MOUTH! Talkin’ ‘Bout Jack!

Pennsylvania Democratic Representative Jack Murtha, a Vietnam vet who last November called for President Bush to immediately begin pulling US troops out of Iraq, now says the Iraq situation has degenerated into a civil war.

This essentially means that after we kicked Daddy Saddam out of his palaces back in 2003, we left the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds, who have long-simmering conflicts, without the adult supervision (i.e. iron fist) that had kept them in check.

The insurgents, a lot of whom seem to be from outside Iraq, also noticed that the folks weren’t home next door in Iraq, and headed over with kegs – not of beer, but of gunpowder.

Domestic disagreements and opportunistic neighbors were just a few of the Bush War Team’s serious misunderestimations about what we could expect in Iraq. And they’re the primary reason our presence there has fomented terrorism rather than stifled it.

Some key questions now are:

Will Bush admit to himself and the world that Iraq is a serious mess that won’t easily be cleaned up?

Will Busheroos quit trying to Swiftboat Murtha?

How soon will the US be able to get Iraqi military, police and other security personnel to a self-sufficient state, so we can start bringing our people home?

And, perhaps the most important question – 100 years from now, will there be annual meetings of an Iraqi Civil War Re-enactors Society? Or will their civil war still be raging?


infinitesimal said...

Funny qustion, until you think about it.
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Paddys_Gal said...

Very clever title !