Friday, January 27, 2006

They Call Me Mr. Bogs

Clarity, it’s what I provide
When Bogs in the house the truth can’t hide
The world’s a sewer, I see right through it
Dark as Guinness, but that don’t make me quit
Because the G give me strength
Some people afraid of the dark
But I take it by the pintful
Knocking back G’s like they Popeye’s spinach
And elucidating to y’all at length
Like I’m Dennis Kucinich

I run with the crew called Los Liberales
We against hate and abortion in alleys
Have no love for hypocrites or homophobes
They was born with no frontal lobes
Trying to better me with they beliefs
My shot of truth hits them like a fist in the teeth
And they be dropping like panties at spring break, yo
My wisdom too potent for lightweights to take

Some punk-ass bloggers wanna diss and berate me
Let ‘em try – shit, they can fellate me
With practiced precision I halt their derision
My words slice like a guillotine
As I pour the foam from a 20 onto the curb
They heads roll, quick and clean
And I exclaim, while gaping jaws watch,
“Get a Got-damn dictionary, beyotch!”



infinitesimal said...

OK so,

WE = Los Liberales...and Dennis Kucinich?


THEY = Lightweight punk-ass bloggers, hypocrites and homophobes??

Sorry Pint-Face, you should pour another, cuz I need a chorus to help figure this out. (Shakesperian or otherwise)

Frosty Snowbro said...

Word to your mother.

Pete Bogs said...

infini, this post is not my answer to your two questions... it's just a new entry... I posted your answers on the previous blog entry... but here it is, too:

InfiniSupaB - "we" are people like me who are tired of hearing that people of faith are "under attack" in this country... that just because there's no prayer in public schools, we're somehow taking away people's right to worship as they wish... this is what Justice Sundays I, II and III were all about, but from a legal perspective... their idea was to foment anger at "liberals" and "activist" judges who are allegedly trying to put an end to faith in America... it's a ridiculous exaggeration that would be funny if so many followers didn't buy into it... people who think that way are "them"

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

oh no you di-ent!


/howling laughter

infinitesimal said...

Oh, Thanks for the Clarification.
I missed the other answer.

(the eyes...)

infinitesimal said...

Mr X posted the link in a comment on his blog and I followed it and posted the link as "Want More?"
twice in the bush post.

He IS cruel to humans. Ever catch the Jon Stewart Bush impression?

Heh heh heh heh heh.....

infinitesimal said...

nope, actually, I cannot link it up, but I listed it. You should go there.

infinitesimal said...

Uhhh...You need to go to SnoBro's spot. He actually made a Superhero character for you, and it is VERY COOL!!