Thursday, January 26, 2006

Survivor: State Penitentiary

Richard Hatch - the naked gay guy from Survivor, not Capt. Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica - may be going from the big prize to the big house.

Apparently Hatch didn’t pay taxes on his $1 million prize from Survivor, or for a radio host gig he had, or for a rental property he owned.

No doubt the survival skills he honed on Survivor - eating disgusting food and forming alliances - will serve him well in the joint.

Maybe Hatch can share a cell with Jack Abramoff, another greedy schmuck.


infinitesimal said...

That news came out when he still had time to make ammends I think, and THEN he did the radio gig and maybe rental prop.?

I dunno... I am using a new browser and blogger does not acknowledge the old one, so there is NOTHING no photo icon, no spell check...on explorer. and I am getting pissy over it and am maybe just going to start I dunno going OUTSIDE more, and not sitting in front of a lousy 1,500 dollar computer any more than I have to because it is very THERE.
AND I have maximum security settings and Hello photos wants do not EVEN go there with me, because I am sick of them.

That is why I need help with photos.

Paddys_Gal said...

Richard Hatch is gay?

Pete Bogs said...

that one is, yes...