Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Soy Americano

Widespread, um, obesity among American youths has led many schools to ban soda machines from their property. Now some are also beginning to look at the foods they’re slopping onto students’ plates.

Not only are major restaurant chains – including some fast food burger joints – serving soy- or vegetable-based burgers and other vegetarian foods, some high schools are now going veggie.

The upshot is that school cafeterias can now stop pretending to serve “real” hamburgers and sell them for what they already are – soy-burgers.

At least, I always heard my high school’s burgers were made from soy. There was possibly some meat in them, but not of bovine derivation. (I now suspect the Bureau of Land Management were supplying schools with meat through their wild mustang culls.)

Seriously, if I were in high school, I’d compare the veggie burgers side by side with the fleshy ones. Maybe run them down to the biology lab, or something.

I wasn’t a vegetarian during high school, but I believe some of my classmates may have been. What did they have for lunch? Probably ketchup. It was a vegetable, according to our president.

Today kids have more choices when it comes to their lunch menu. With all the backwards steps being taken in high schools these days – public school uniforms, censorship of newspapers, etc. – at least a few of them are taking a few steps in the right direction.

Still, I’d watch what I said if I were a kid in the veggie lunch line. “Rabbit food” eaters have been under federal surveillance of late. In 2006 America, a meat-free diet is still considered too unconventional not to be suspect.




Miranda said...

There's a reason some animal rights groups are under survelliance.


The government does have a tendency to go overboard on things, and so I wouldn't doubt that it follows groups that
haven't yet exhibited violence,
but violent animal rights supporters aren't doing their side any favors.

There are two sides to this particular issue.

Pete Bogs said...

a small percentage of animal rights supporters believe in these radical tactics... they aren't planning any 9/11's, I can tell you that... judging by who's having their phones tapped (and now their mail opened) by the government, this is a war against differing ideologies, not terrorists... anti-war groups are by their nature peaceful... can you explain why they would need to be infiltrated by federal agents?