Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Saddam On Trial Part IV: Daughter Of A Whore

And the 2006 Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Personification goes to… Barzan Hassan!

Hassan, the half brother and co-defendant of Saddam Hussein, proclaimed Sunday that the trial itself was a “daughter of a whore.”

It’s hard to visualize that – perhaps it’s a cultural reference – but it certainly is creative wording. In fairness, though, no one can be held responsible for their parents' line of work.

The comment came during a spat with the trial’s new judge. Saddam and friends didn’t like the tough stance he took; the previous judge had let Saddam walk all over the court, then he quit.

Faced with the indignity of having to behave in court, Saddam and his defense team instead chose to take their toys and go home.

The oft-delayed trial resumes later this week. It’s unclear whether guest-of-honor Saddam will be able to lift himself out of his funk long enough to show up.


infinitesimal said...

My clothes dryer is a real daughter of a whore.

The rain leaking into my mailbox is a real daughter of a whore.

Navigating my schools PDF website is a real daughter of a whore.

Hey, I am getting the hang of this insulting abstract and inanimate objects.

Our prison system is a real daughter of a whore.

You know the daughter of a whore, sits right next to the son of a bitch on the schoolbus.

Pete Bogs said...

wow, multiple awards for you!

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

I know you are a peace loving head collector, Bogs. But the butcher of Bagdad shouda been shot in his spider hole so he could now be enjoying virgins in Allahs milk and honey afterlife along with uday and qusay and dooday and booray.....well you get the idea.


presidentbobo said...

Well, I just wanna know when do we get our damn "Awl"? That ol' Iraq is supposed to be plum full of awl just waiting for some enterprising oilman to come scoop it up. On another note, I think SH should take a page from Arrested Development and hire Mattlock...of course that didn't help them any did it? Rambling today...I must be off my meds...

Pete Bogs said...

k9 - I want Saddam dead, too... but I want him executed by his own people... that was actually in Saddam Part I, back in December...


PresBobo - I think Bob Loblaw would do a fine job for Hussein...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

yeah in a perfect world that would have been ideal. but now he has an international forum to spew BS in front of nine billion cameras, and that kangaroo court is a joke! If the iraqis get to take it all the way I will be really surprised. so far, the only satisfaction they have received is hitting statues with shoes.

infinitesimal said...

Care to come and comment on the latest cut and paste job?