Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canada In Reverse

Canada is officially the Great Red North. Yesterday our cousins to the north elected Conservative Stephen Harper as their new Prime Minister.

Could the end of gay marriage, abortion and legal marijuana be far off for the Provinces?

That remains to be seen. But what’s clear is the Conservative government was brought to power after years of corruption scandals within the reigning Liberal government.

It should be noted that the Conservative party is still a minority within the House of Commons, and so has not fully taken over the country’s political agenda. In Yankee terms, the new president of Canada is a Republicant, but the Congress is still controlled by Democrats.

This situation is worth looking at, because it may be an indication of what’s going to happen in US politics in ’06 and ’08.

Americans are sick of the culture of corruption that has sprouted and flourished under our greedy, gun- and God-obsessed, consternative Republicant government.

Our Legislative and/or Executive may flip parties in one of the next two election cycles, leaving us with a situation similar to Canada’s – only in reverse.

It’s also likely that the Supreme Court, which has been middling-conservative in recent times, will jump to the right after the impending confirmation of Sam Alito. This would have an interesting side effect, however.

With ultra-consternatives running the Supreme Court, moderate Americans will begin to understand how important it is to have legislators on their side. A consternative Supreme Court, while ostensibly a consternative victory, may result in another shift of American political tectonics.

Most Americans value civil rights, reproductive rights, clean air and water and other ideals too much to let them go easily. The only way for us to temper a radical Supreme Court will be to elect a reasonable Congress. I’ll take it!

But I’d still rather not have that memory-impaired atavist Alito on the Big Bench.

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