Tuesday, January 03, 2006

70s Flashback: Barbarino Advocated Torture

With all the claims of secret torture prisons, and some not-so-secret ones alike Abu Ghraib, dogging the Bush White House, it’s important to keep the issue of torture in a historical perspective.

Vinnie Barbarino, that lovable 1970s icon and half-witted student of Brooklyn high school teacher Gabe Kotter, openly advocated torture on numerous occasions.

For example, when embroiled in a disagreement with a fellow student, Barbarino would often retort:

“Up your nose with a rubber hose!”

Another common Barbarino jibe was:

“In your ear with a can of beer!”

It should be noted that, unlike Bush, Barbarino suffered no loss of popularity as a result of his views; on the contrary, they seemed to endear him to the American public.

Some of Barbarino’s lesser-known calls for torture include:

“Through your sack with a sharpened tack!”

“In your eye with a pound of lye!”

“On your tongue with a piece of dung!”

The CIA was apparently watching Barbarino way back when, and even adapted some of his methods for use in their interrogations. To this day these techniques are referred to as “Barbarinoan.”

But the support of torture isn’t the only predilection that links Bush and Barbarino.

When confronted with a question he did not want to answer, or could not answer, Barbarino would typically say:

“What? Where? When?"

Bush says much the same thing in different words in most of his press conferences.

And Barbarino also said aloud what Bush must surely be thinking most of the time:

“I’m so confused!”

Before anyone criticizes Bush’s tactics in the War on Terra, they ought to take another look at their beloved 70’s sitcom star.


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