Friday, December 16, 2005

No More Goodbyes

Earlier this week word came down that the US military has been carrying out surveillance on peaceful activist groups.

On the heels of learning that Big Government is watching us, we’ve now learned that in 2002 President Bush authorized the National Security Agency (NSA) to perform wiretaps and listen to us without judicial warrants.

If you’ve made a phone call (or sent an email) to an overseas party within the last few years, someone in your government may have been listening.

I’ll leave it to the ACLU and others to launch legal challenges to this practice. But I would like to suggest a simple but satisfying countermeasure to this unwarranted invasion of our privacy.

From now on, when you finish a phone call or email, instead of signing off with the customary “Goodbye” or “See ya,” use one of these phrases in its place:

- “Oh, I almost forgot, did you know 'NSA' stands for Nut-Sucking Assholes?”

- “(Former National Security Adviser) Condi is a c*nt.”

- “Bush is a moron, and so are you, dear listener.”

- “Federal agents are big, fat doodie-heads.”

Or, if none of these float your boat, try:

- “Stay out of my business, you fucking fascist mother-fuckers!”

They’ll get an earful, and you’ll get a modicum of cathartic revenge.

Of course, you can use your own ideas if you like. Get creative! Then get in touch with your elected officials and let them know that this practice is unacceptable in a democracy.

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Anonymous said...

I am a random surfer from Google...

Instead of saying 'goodbye' or 'hello' just go for it and actually break federal law:

"I want to kill George Bush"