Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mr. President, Are You Listening?

Though my preferred meal is a pint of stout, I am sometimes known to eat solid foods. When I do venture into that realm of sustenance, though, the fare is strictly vegetarian.

Does the fact that I don’t eat animals make me a national security risk? At the very least, it must make me look suspicious.

In addition to eyeing suspected terrorists, the FBI has been conducting surveillance on animals rights advocates, peace activists and environmentalists.

Are these groups really a threat? Possibly, but their threat is only to conventional thinking:

It’s wrong to eat/mistreat animals. It’s wrong to wage war. It’s wrong to destroy the environment.

These notions ain’t exactly Ozzie & Harriet, but then again, they ain’t exactly Osama & Zarqawi either.

Still, our federal government, under President Bush, has deemed it necessary to watch and even illegally listen to the phone conversations of peaceful American citizens in an alleged attempt to root out terrorists.

Throughout history, dictators have rationalized extreme and illegal actions against the “rebels,” “guerillas,” etc. as being for the protection of the people. (In this instance, you could substitute the words “activist groups.”)

Bush made the exact same claim in his press conference yesterday morning. The thrust of this is, I’m the president and I’ll do whatever I see fit to protect the American people.

This kind of rhetoric is the sphere not of the leader of a democracy, but of a dictator. And some of these actions – i.e. illegal wiretaps – are impeachable offenses.

Are you listening, Mr. President?


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