Thursday, November 10, 2005

Unintelligent Decision Part I: The Problem With ID In General

On Tuesday the Kansas Board of Education, after a 6-4 vote, implemented new policies regarding the teaching of evolution in that state’s public schools.

The new policies call into question previously accepted evolution curricula and pave the way for the teaching of Intelligent Design (ID), a sort of “not your mother’s creationism” creationism, in science classes.

While many scientific studies are incomplete, and many theories unproven, there are a few things we know for sure:

· ID = Creationism
· Creationism is based on the Bible
· From a strictly scientific point of view, the Bible is full of holes

Some of those Biblical holes are so big they could fill a museum – the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan for example, which is full of prehistoric creatures called “dinosaurs.”

The number of dinosaur species that have been unearthed is enormous. These creatures also seem to have lived over a very long period of time before going extinct as the result of some cataclysm.

Don’t bother looking for references to dinosaurs in the Bible, though, because they’re not there. That’s a, um, mammoth oversight for a book that’s supposed to cover life on earth from its creation through to its demise.

Then there are the many types of hominids that have been discovered, some of which look more like apes than man, and some of which look like something in between apes and modern man. No mention of this documented evolution of man is made in the Bible.

And while the Bible has its Great Flood, it makes no mention of the Ice Age.

Who’s editing this book, anyway?

If the Bible were ever made into a DVD (if it hasn’t already been), I’d hope the DVD extras would include the lost books/scenes, where dinos, homies and ice ages are covered. I hate feeling like I didn’t get the full version just because it was too long to be commercially viable or because it was too racy (there is a lot of “begating” in the Good Book).

Until we get that newly updated, expanded and remastered Bible, the book has no place replacing science as the basis for teaching the natural history of man and of life on earth.

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