Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Race Relations Takes Another Beating In New Orleans

Does public drunkenness justify the beating of an elderly man, in New Orleans or any other city? If so, throngs of Mardi Gras revelers would go home every year with a lot more than just beads and some great nudie pics and video – they’d all be black and blue.

From victim Robert Davis’ description of the incident, some very storm-weary cops let their tempers and superiority complexes get the best of them. You can see and hear the frustration and anger in the officer who roughed up the journalist. These guys ought to go cool off in those newly reopened strips clubs, and not use whatever aggressions they’ve built up to re-victimize hurricane victims.

Though Davis himself does not believe the beating was racially motivated, it can’t help the image of the area where the health and safety of blacks was seemingly forgotten during Hurricane Katrina.

This is also a nation that’s seen deadly riots result from the acquittal of police officers who were videotaped beating a black suspect. Let’s hope the only outcome of this latest incident is punishment for the guilty, and a renewed commitment from law enforcement to respect the civil rights of all Americans.



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