Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Don’t Get Catty With Me

Note: A blog series on Saddam Hussein's trial was to begin on BogsBlog today, but since his trial has been delayed until 11/28, so have those blogs. Other blog sites are handling Plamegate admirably, so I'll move (temporarily) to some lighter fare:

Why is it that the people who tell you having a cat de-clawed is cruel are the same people who tell you the first thing you should do to a male cat is have his balls sliced off?

Ask a male of any species which “set” he’d rather lose and the answer will be the same every time.

To those who do think de-clawing is cruel, let me point out a few facts:

· Cats are put under anesthesia when the procedure is done. You send them to a vet to have their nails pulled out, not to the Vietcong.

· De-clawing wouldn’t be necessary if cats wouldn’t use our skin or our furniture as scratching posts. Remember, those are the real victims here.

· The random, unprovoked claw swipes some cats dole out are unjustifiably cruel to their victims, so de-clawing is really proactive self-defense. (Why must some people focus on the perpetrator instead of the victim???)

I must also say I don’t buy this notion of de-clawing indoor cats only. The argument that cats won’t be able to defend themselves in a street fight misses the important point that they shouldn’t be fighting in the first place. Do you make sure your kid has a switchblade before heading out to school? Putting cats out on the street armed with two Freddie Kruger gloves only encourages cat-on-cat violence.

Also on the topic of indoor cats, and to return to my original point, why does anyone need to neuter an indoor cat? Who are they gonna knock up, your kids’ stuffed animals? Indeed, they may practice on them, but the chances of “Hello Kitty” dropping a litter are infinitesimal.

So, to sum up, castrati cats bad, clawless cats good.

Now, if only someone could develop as simple a procedure to deal with cats’ OCD, ADD, hyperactivity, paranoia, bi-polarism and stimulant abuse.

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