Thursday, August 11, 2005

Weeding Through A Seedy Issue

So the Supreme Court has refused to allow marijuana for medical use. How incredibly crass and small-minded.

Like it or not, marijuana seems to help victims of cancer, AIDS and glaucoma. Who is anyone else to stop them from relieving the daily pain they experience in whatever way they see fit?

Unfortunately, the substance was demonized in the American psyche long ago, thanks in part to propaganda films like Reefer Madness, so effectively that it remains a taboo until this day.

Many draw a clear distinction in their minds between good (legal) drugs and bad (illegal) ones. While there are many BAD ones – heroine, coke and meth for examples, when it comes to drug health benefits, not everything is so clear-cut.

One recent article from a mainstream news source says amphetamines like Ecstasy may inhibit Parkinson’s(!) Can’t you just see Grandma’s shakes going away and being replaced by horniness that’d make Pat O’Brien blush? On second thought, don’t attempt it.

Here’s an indisputable fact: Drugs more powerful and addictive than marijuana are available at your local Walgreens. Just ask Rush Limbaugh if you don’t believe me.

Part of what keeps the marijuana taboo alive, I believe, is that opponents still remember free-loving, infrequently bathing, draft-card-burning hippies, for whom they’ve always held disdain, and they associate marijuana with those people. They also think of the shady guy dealing on the street corner. They can’t imagine an elderly, half-blind woman roaching a splif to alleviate her glaucoma symptoms. But it happens

One of the unfortunate side effects of marijuana use is that it sometimes makes people act like idiots. But, among the narrow-mindedness opponents of medical use, NOT using marijuana may be a leading cause of idiocy.

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